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Unsolved Mystery Club: Ancient Astronauts Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Opening cinematic
Title and main menu
He gives you your assignment
He also gives you the Black Sun so you can collect the crystals.
Your first investigation will be Sarah Brightside.
Her case file. She went missing in Mali, Africa.
First you need to reach the shore from the boat. The boatman is too scared to land the boat ashore.
Maybe I could swim it. Then again, maybe not.
He runs the boat. You can trust him.
I need to translate what he says.
Rotate the circles so all the outer circles are one color and the correct color.
This is what was in the box.
I need to find the parts for the grappling gun.
A note from Sarah
Searching the cabinet in the storage area
I found these items.
I have received one crystal for the Black Sun.
I'm on the shore, now I need to get into the temple.
Another language I do not understand.
I need to get that pick from the monkey.
Help him and he will help you.
The graveyard is trippy looking.
Use you glove to gather the various glowing insects.
Now you have a grub.
Searching the area next to the shaman.
I have received these items.
I have completed the stain.
Paining a Nommo
I have opened the temple doors.