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Gaming Nexus (Feb 02, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg is an enjoyable tower defense game, that is a visually entertaining to watch as it is fun to play. I really like the idea of movable towers but feel it limits itself a little too much by telling you “where” you can build your towers initially. There is a ton of fun to be had here for both tower defense fans and gamers in general.
Calm Down Tom (Feb 06, 2012)
I would highly suggest this game to quite a lot of people. If you like tower defences, get it. If you like 50s style games, get it. If you’re looking for a game well designed, get it (ok this one only really applies to those in game dev I suppose). If you… ok I cant think of any other examples at the moment, just get this game.
Gamers Daily News (Jan 19, 2012)
The quality of this game really speaks to Futuremark’s ability to put out a good product. Anyone who has tried out their benchmarking software knows that they have the ability to put out one heck of a program. Unstoppable Gorg takes a popular sub-genre and throws in some unique gameplay options with a vintage story to make up a wonderful game. People should be playing this game for hours upon end trying out new satellites, snagging achievements, and trying to push the limits of the highest score possible. For $9.99 on PC, this game is a great example of the term “best bang for your buck!”
ZTGameDomain (Jan 23, 2012)
For ten bucks, you get a pretty enjoyable tower defense game. The cut scenes are unique and full of 1950s goofiness and hot pin-up girls that give off a nice charm. The game itself is rather enjoyable as well, even if the later story levels get rather difficult. If you’re into tower defense games, you should really check this game out. It’s fun, strategic and really charming.
Game Vortex (Jan 31, 2012)
Despite its frustrations, Unstoppable Gorg is a fun game, but only if you're a strategy-minded player that doesn't mind numerous, futile replays just to figure out what works best. If you're a casual Tower Defense player, this probably isn't an undertaking you'll want to take on, though if you want a little more action, it's something you'll likely enjoy.
83 (Feb 02, 2012)
The makers appear as if they may have spent more time on the other parts of the game than the game itself but all that being said, I genuinely enjoy playing Unstoppable Gorg. It is important to note the graphics are not going to blow you out of your chair, it’s just pure fun and highly addictive.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jan 19, 2012)
Kenties jotain lisuketta peliin olisi vielä kaivannut, jotta sisältö tuntuisi vielä monipuolisemmalta, mutta toisaalta alle 10 euron hintaisena Unstoppable Gorg ei kuulu kalleimpiin latauspeleihin. Sen vahvuus on lopulta siinä, että jopa kaltaiseni harvemmin torninpuolustuspeleistä intoutuva pystyy täysipainoisesti tempautumaan peliin muutamaksi illaksi ja viihtymään sen maailmassa. Vaikka pelimekaniikkakin on funktionaalinen, suurin kiitos tästä kuuluu mainioille välivideoille, hauskalle musiikille ja yleiselle tunnelmalle. Nämä antavat pelille persoonallisuutta, jota kaikista suuremmistakaan peleistä ei löydy.
GamingXP (Feb 05, 2012)
Die Möglichkeit, die Verteidigungstürme in Orbits zu verschieben, hat mich als Gameplay-Neuerung überzeugt und auch die Grafik stimmt. In Kombination mit seinem 50er-Jahre-Charme ist „Unstoppable Gorg” ein wirklich empfehlenswerter Tower-Defense-Titel.
80 (Feb 22, 2012)
Letztlich hat Futuremark also ein kurzweiliges und sehr unterhaltsames Spiel geschaffen, das sich nicht nur durch seinen ganz speziellen B-Movie-Charme auf gelungene Art und Weise vom Tower-Defense-Einerlei abhebt, sondern auch durch ein dynamisches Gameplay, das mehr Anpassung und Planung von euch verlangt als nur ein paar Verteidigungstürme aufzubauen. Anders gesagt: Unstoppable Gorg ist eine lohnenswerte Investition, wenn man ein Faible für dieses Genre und auch für (trashige) Science Fiction hat.
Destructoid (Jan 20, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg is a challenging, loveable, and interesting take on the tower-defense formula. It may have a somewhat limited appeal for anyone but the genre enthusiast who is tired of building mazes out of turrets, but once you switch your micromanagement mindset from passive to active, you'll find yourself coming back time and time again.
Unstoppable Gorgs is a surprisingly satisfying game to play, thanks to its quirky presentation and smart use of satellite placement. While it certainly requires a bit more skill to master than a traditional tower defense game, it has a smooth learning curve and eases into the difficulty by level 6, so you have plenty of time to learn the ropes and which satellites to use. The team have put together an addictive and fun game, and it’s definitely worth a look at.
Game Over Online (Jan 19, 2012)
Look, Unstoppable Gorg is a pretty good tower defense game. The graphics are flashy, and the mix of towers and enemies are good, but I often found I was playing the game to get to the cutscenes, not to enjoy the game. That’s the wrong way around, isn’t it?
Ironhammers (Jan 20, 2012)
Overall, Unstoppable Gorg is certainly a lot of fun. With the usual unlocking of new towers, researching of upgrades and various difficulty settings, there’s certainly a fair amount of gameplay in there — and while the rotation mechanic doesn’t completely break the ground of the tower defense games that came before it, it’s certainly a nice little twist that freshens things up a little.
Absolute Games ( (Jan 30, 2012)
Стильно, сложно, оригинально и глаз не режет (хотя зрелищности не хватает). Жаль, что Unstoppable Gorg чересчур коротка — из обещанных 40 уровней половина благополучно перекочевала в раздел «Challenges» с дурацкими заданиями вроде «Используй только ракетницы», «Не двигай орбиты» и т. д. Режим «На выживание» тоже не блещет, да и оружия маловато — что такое четыре вида для игры «башенной» тематики? Тем не менее, новизна идей искупает незначительные недостатки.
3D Juegos (Jan 24, 2012)
Una vuelta de tuerca al popular género de los juegos de defensa de torres en el que se mantienen las bases, aunque añadiendo un gran componente estratégico con la posibilidad de modificar las líneas defensivas. Si te gustan este tipo de géneros y sientes predilección por la ciencia ficción, no puede faltar en tu colección.
76 (Jan 26, 2012)
Wenn man schon mit Klischees spielt, dann aber auch bitte richtig und bis zum Exzess - genau diese Maxime wird hier nicht nur gelebt, sondern zelebriert! Die wunderbare Präsentation vereint alle bestehenden 50er-UFO-Stereotypen in sich und ist eine wahre Fundgrube für Trash-Fans. Das Spiel ist deutlich weniger spektakulär, auch wenn es interessante Ideen aufzuweisen hat: Die drehenden Ringe und stark begrenzten Bauplätze sorgen nicht nur für unerwartete taktische Tiefe, sondern auch jede Menge Bau- und Kurbel-Hektik - was im Endeffekt für ein teilweise sackschweres Spiel sorgt, wenn man sich nicht gerade auf dem niedrigsten Schwierigkeitsgrad blamiert. Ein Plants vs. Zombies wird dadurch also noch lange nicht von den Tower-Defense-Lorbeeren geschubst, aber Unstoppable Gorg bietet einen interessanten neuen Blick auf das Genre.
Worth Playing (May 20, 2012)
In the end, Unstoppable Gorg is a fun tower defense title. The orbit mechanic provides something fresh for those who've grown tired of the genre's often-used grid system while the old sci-fi aesthetic provides some good laughs. The game thrives on being more challenging than most other games in the genre, so those who don't like a challenge will find the title frustrating. Nevertheless, there are enough good elements here to make it a solid recommendation to both casual and hardcore genre fans.
Meristation (Jan 23, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg ya se encuentra disponible tanto en Steam como en la App Store a un precio de 9,99 euros y 3,99 euros respectivamente. Durante este primer trimestre de año, el título llegará también a Xbox LIVE Arcade, a un precio todavía por determinar, pero seguramente más próximo al de la versión de PC y Mac. Quizás más recomendable para ser jugado en iPad que en compatibles -ya que el tower defense funciona a las mil maravillas en pantallas táctiles-, Unstoppable Gorg se destapa como un título muy recomendable para los aficionados al género, aunque los que todavía no se hayan acercado a esta clase de videojuegos también pueden encontrar un buen nivel de desafío y grandes dosis de diversión intergaláctica. - Jugabilidad desafiante y adictiva- Gran variedad de situaciones, elementos y enemigos- Genial ambiente de ciencia ficción de los años 50
Impulse Gamer (Jan, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg is one of those games that keep my faith in indie development high. Sure, there are a lot of losers out there being developed every day, but there are still plenty of nuggets to be found, games where the design team has clearly put forth the effort to make something worth playing. The tower defense genre has been growing strong and if you're addicted, I suggest you check out Unstoppable Gorg on Steam and give it a try.
GameSpot (Jan 20, 2012)
It's unfortunate that Unstoppable Gorg doesn't find a way to turn its exciting variation on tower defense gameplay into a competitive or cooperative multiplayer mode, but you get a reasonable amount of game for your $9.99. This endearing tribute to the future of the past is a rewarding game that challenges your wits and your reflexes. Despite the game's title, you can stop the Gorg; and although it isn't easy, it's certainly worth doing.
72 (Feb 03, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg interpreta il sottogenere dei tower defense in modo da unire novità e tradizione, proponendoci una campagna in single player piuttosto impegnativa e carica di situazioni complesse. Queste ultime vanno risolte al momento se si dispone della necessaria prontezza, altrimenti bisogna rassegnarsi ad affrontarle attraverso una serie di prove ed errori. La gestione delle unità, i potenziamenti e i pattern d'attacco dei nemici appaiono di stampo classico, mentre sono innovative le meccaniche che regolano il movimento delle orbite. Troppo poco, però, per rendere l'esperienza imperdibile per gli appassionati del genere. Intendiamoci: il titolo sviluppato da Headup Games non fa nulla di sbagliato, semplicemente non riesce a spiccare in un filone dove la concorrenza è piuttosto forte (e lo sarà ancor di più su iPad). Se vi piacciono i tower defense, comunque, dategli un'occhiata.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan 27, 2012)
Klar, weder revolutioniert Unstoppable Gorg trotz seiner frischen Ansätze das Genre, noch ist der Indie-Titel spielerisch besonders abwechslungsreich. Nichtsdestotrotz liefert er mit seiner zwar kurzen, aber soliden Kampagne sowie den Herausforderungen genug Futter für Tower-Defense-Freunde und/oder Fans der 50er-Jahre-Science-Fiction. Sollte einer der beiden Punkte auf Sie zutreffen, sollten Sie nicht lange zögern und Unstoppable Gorg umgehend bestellen – beziehungsweise bei Steam kaufen. Denn für die fairen 10 Euro Kaufpreis kann man die diversen Längen und Unzulänglichkeiten locker verschmerzen.
Hooked Gamers (Jan 21, 2012)
The game was touted by Futuremark as a revolutionary tower defence game though, and I was willing to be dazzled. And revolutionary it is, if by revolutionary, you mean ‘turns in circles’, rather than earth-shatteringly new. And it’s this play on words that the developers will attempt to gain customers. But they needn’t have worried, as Unstoppable Gorg, is a whole heap of fun to play, despite it being just another casual tower defence game. The retro 1950’s style B-Grade movie theme used in the between chapter cut-scenes really suits the game perfectly. The music and news-reel type commentary too, complement the visuals. The controls are simple and due to the medals and challenges, the game certainly has a decent replay value. For the purchase price, gamers are definitely getting value for money.
70 (Feb 03, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg est un tower defense hautement tactique qui se distingue grâce à son ingénieux système d'orbites. Les amateurs du genre devraient en apprécier le gameplay pointu et le challenge particulièrement relevé. Enrobé d'une ambiance fidèle à la science-fiction des années 50, pourvu d'un contenu généreux, il pèche hélas sur le plan de la jouabilité, qui accuse quelques errances, ainsi qu'au niveau de sa bande-son bien trop répétitive, qui finit par se montrer assommante.
70 (Jan 28, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg è un originale Tower Defense che grazie al sistema delle orbite aggiunge una certa dinamicità al genere. L'ambientazione e la realizzazione tecnica di tutto ciò che fa da contorno ai livelli di gioco è poi assolutamente geniale e non mancherà di far contenti gli estimatori del genere fantascientifico. Siamo sicuri che sarebbe piaciuto anche ad Ed Wood.
70 (Feb 02, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg er et av de mest spennende tårnforsvarspillene jeg har spilt. Siden du hele tiden må flytte rundt på satellittene dine kan du aldri lene deg tilbake og se på at forsvarsverkene dine lager hakkemat av fienden, i stedet må du konstant arbeide for å utnytte ressursene dine best mulig. Dermed blir det veldig intenst, men nivåene er såpass korte at du aldri blir direkte sliten.
Thunderbolt Games (Feb 08, 2012)
There’s plenty of style to go around, with an excellent foundation. Unstoppable Gorg provides a fresh new twist on the expected system; however, its limited selection of combat mechanics keeps it from truly taking off.
Game Watcher (Jan 20, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg is a compelling, challenging, addictive game with a neat ‘50s B-Movie' style and an innovative tower-twisting gimmick, but it’s let down by a few silly points that could’ve been avoided. It gets way too hard too fast, the levels are too fast-paced for the strategic thinking the developers insist on, and despite introducing new stuff every round it does get awfully repetitive. Shame, but that’s the way it is. It also has a crap title that really needs an exclamation mark, but I won’t dock points for that.
If you’re a fan of tower defense games and you’ve already played through Defense Grid, Plants vs. Zombies and Orcs Must Die!, consider spending some quality time with Unstoppable Gorg. You’ll likely be pleased by the challenge that awaits you, even if the production values and occasional control issues leave you unimpressed. Genre newcomers should probably start elsewhere, perhaps with the less expensive iPad version. How’s that for a twist?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Feb 29, 2012)
Unstoppable Gorg is een Tower Defense game die tegen alle verwachtingen in helemaal niet zo welkom is op aarde als verwacht. Eens te meer het bewijs dat echt goede TD-gameplay zeldzaam is.
IGN (Jan 24, 2012)
The idea of rotating orbits and fantastic aesthetics make Unstoppable Gorg feel striking and unique to start, but the rest of the game doesn’t live up to that great first impression. The levels don’t switch up the gameplay enough to make them worth the numerous replays you need to do to get the mileage out of it, and the brutal difficulty is enough to induce a good keyboard thrashing. If the same love and creativity the team so clearly put into the cut-scenes and set up would have been applied to the level design, Unstoppable Gorg could have been something great.
Gamereactor (Italy) (Jan 30, 2012)
Oltre alla presentazione davvero splendida e all'audio più che piacevole (da elogiare il doppiaggio in stile RKO), il gioco ha una grafica passabile e una giocabilità più che sufficiente. Nel panorama dei tower defense, Unstoppable Gorg è certamente un titolo di buona fattura, ma non eccezionale. Un maggiore sforzo da parte degli sviluppatori avrebbe probabilmente portato a un gioco più completo. In ogni caso, per il prezzo a cui viene venduto il titolo è certamente interessante.
GameSpy (Jan 24, 2012)
Even if it does look really cool with its robots, aliens, and model spaceships, Unstoppable Gorg is just an unbalanced mess of a tower defense game. It seems to spend more time setting the player up to fail, than to offer a compelling reason to keep playing.