Uprising: Join or Die Credits


ProducerHelmut Kobler
DesignerHelmut Kobler
DirectorEvan Margolin
Project LeaderDon McClure
3D / Graphics ProgrammingHong Park
ProgrammingDoug Banks, Jon Cortelyou, Patrick MacKellar, Houman Meshkin, Todd Powers, Doug Scheier
Additional ProgrammingJohn Byrd, Eddie Chan, Jeff Landauer
Graphics / ArtworkMichael Janov, Michael A. Khoury, Maarten Kraaijvanger, David Lauck, Stephen Lauck, Greg Savoia
Additional Graphics / ArtworkEddie Carbin, Theresa Redfield
Lead Level LayoutDaryl Allison
Level LayoutJustin Bates, David Dodge
Product Marketing ManagerJesse Stirling
Public RelationsTuesday Uhland
Artist Lead MarketingShane McGarvey
Web MasterJoshua Milligan (Guthwulf)
Marketing AssistantDan Verrico
Quality AssuranceBrian Gilmer (Mr. Rico)
Office ManagerFlower Taliva'a
Production ServiceGerald Azenaro
Lead TesterMikael Herauf
TestersSean Davin, Arthur Datangel, Craig Gansheimer, Eric Halkens, Ian Oberholser, Jason Wildblood, Morgan Weiss
Manual Author/LayoutTed Chapman
Manual ArtistDanny Montenegro
Grand InquisitorMaria Toepfer
Special Thanks ToRich Brown, Phillip Co, Jamie Cook, Niel Day, Michael Devine, Steve Fowler, Ted Greer, Trip Hawkins, David Kazanjian, Yujin Kiem, Ron Little, Nick Myerhoff, Greg Richardson, Alan Ross, Terry Schmid, Rich Shane, Matt Stipecevich, Adam Wolff, Ralf Wirsing
Tech SupportTom Bazzano, Frederico Corpus, Greg Amor, Sean Davin
OrchestrationGregory Chun
Sound EffectsOpen Door Productions, SoundDelux Media Labs
VoiceoversThe Music Annex, Open Door Productions
Trailer AudioSoundDelux Media Labs
Training Video CompositionJeff Sutherland
Credits MusicCharlie Alberts

German Version

LocalizationDaniel Dumont
TranslationFrank Haut
PlaytestingFrank Haut
Manual TranslationKatja Opferkuch
ImplementationFrédérick Gaveau
Voice RecordingJoelle Caroline

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