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Utopia City Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Intro - The gloomy world of the late 21st century.
Intro - A man reflects on how much his life sucks. He just dropped a can of drink out of the window AND banged his head on the window frame! But what can ya do?
Intro - That's it! This guy has had enough! In virtual worlds, you don't accidentally bang your head on things and beverages stay safely in your inventory slots. Utopia, here I come!
Loading screen
This is Daisy, your contact in Utopia. She'll tell you what you need to know.
Your 'virtual' hotel room. The wallpaper could be a little more inspiring...
Your alter-ego. This '70s cop look is obviously the perfect disguise for an Anti-Utopian agent!
Shoot the TV and it will auto-repair itself a few seconds later. Neat, huh?
The central hub. Teleport stations lead from here to all the sections of the city.
Teleport station leading to the bank.
Front desk at the bank.
The bank's lobby.
Even paradise has to have miles of grimy service tunnels, full of hissing steam and defective wiring.
Guards patrol everywhere. They're not very helpful either. Try to ask 'em anything and they'll most likely grunt "What uh hell!" in a thick Russian accent.
Getting into a firefight. If you kill anyone, a spinning 'info-disk' appears. Collect it and you will have freed them from this sinister place. So what does this make you? Mass-murderer or saviour?
Actually, if you go around killing everyone, you will discover you are a 'very cool guy.' And you'll be rewarded with extra weapons, sent right to your inbox!
Once the alarm is raised, the guards keep coming, in wave after wave.
More fighting...
Protection shield engaged!
The energy control screen allows you to allocate energy to different areas. Playing around with these sliders is useful if you want to, say, recharge your health in a hurry.
The repairmen also appear during gun battles. They act like a medic, running about and collecting the 'info-disks' of fallen combatants, to restore them to 'life.'
That floating object on the left helps you communicate and supposedly helps you throughout the whole game.
Another thing you can interact with are alcoholic drinks. This is what the world looks like after one shot.
The lobby of Utopia City Hotel.
The entrance to the casino.
Inside the police station.
A teleporter on the grounds of Utopia City.