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    Strap yourself in for the most intense and lifelike rally racing you've ever experienced in V-Rally® 3. Everything, from the highly detailed cars to the meticulously handcrafted tracks, creates unprecedented racing realism. Scurrying spectators and deforming car parts help make your track environments come alive as never before. Feel what it's like to be a professional rally driver, racing on the edge

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    La franchise V-Rally, avec plus de 5 millions d'unités vendues dans le monde, débarque sur les plateformes nouvelle génération PS2 et GBA ! Excellence technologique, réalisme de conduite et sensations garanties au programme !


    • Près de 13000 polygones par véhicule: il y a autant de polygones utilisés pour créer un rétroviseur dans V-Rally 3 que pour toute une voiture de V-Rally 1!
    • des tracés ahurissants aux décors interactifs: éléments destructibles, animaux, foule
    • une gestion sophistiquée des dégâts, salissures (boue, neige, poussière) en temps réel
    • un mode V-Rally exclusif, plein de surprises!
    • Et sur GBA, une réalisation de haute facture, une vue cockpit 3D 256 couleurs jamais vue sur console portable!

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Press Release - Game Boy Advance/PlayStation 2:


    Date: June 20, 2002

    Infogrames announced the European release on June 21st, 2002 of V-Rally 3 under the Atari Brand, the latest in the prestigious V-Rally serie.


    INFOGRAMES releases V-RALLY 3 on Playstation 2 and Gameboy Advance in Europe

    Infogrames announced the European release on June 21st, 2002 of V-Rally 3 under the Atari Brand, the latest in the prestigious V-Rally serie.

    V-Rally 3 is the latest and most accomplished version of a rally driving franchise that established the rally genre on Playstation. The game features the same innovative game design principles and attention to details. In addition, the exclusive new V-Rally mode will give player a chance to experience for themselves the carrer of a rally driver.

    In the words of Infogrames chairman Bruno Bonnell, "Since 1997, with each successive release the V-Rally franchise has set the pace at Infogrames. Infogrames today can boast of a technical breakthrough on Gameboy Advance, as V-Rally 3 represents the first 3D game for this format. The PS2 version features unique and extremely realistic driving sensations, thanks to exceptional graphics and gameplay, confirming V-Rally as the definitive racer in its genre."

    V- Rally, a legendary Infogrames franchise

    The first V-Rally was released by Infogrames in 1997 and quickly became an industry standard for rally racing game. V-Rally's look and outstanding gameplay were designed by the développement team that became Eden Studios, one of Europe's most talented game developers, known for its expertise in racing games. After first gaining popularity on Playstation, the game took off like wildfire on other systems, with versions issued for PC, Dreamcast, Game Boy and Game Boy Color. In 1999, Infogrames and Eden Studios released V Rally 2 for Playstation, causing the same craze among gamers.
    More than five million V-Rally games have been sold worldwide.


    Infogrames Entertainment (Euronext: 5257) is one of the top five developers and publishers of interactive entertainment in the world, and comprises the publicly traded, U.S.-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM), and Infogrames Europe. The Company develops, publishes and distributes interactive games for all available gaming platforms, including Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, the PC, and the Macintosh, as well as for various interactive platforms.
    Infogrames' catalog of more than 1,000 titles includes games for consumers of all ages and features numerous popular franchises, including Alone in the Dark, Big Price, Civilization, Driver, Independence War, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Test Drive, Unreal Tournament, and V Rally, among others. In addition, the Company holds the exclusive license to some of the world's most recognizable entertainment brands, including Warner. Bros.' Looney Tunes, Le Mans, Men In Black, Mission: Impossible, NASCAR, Superman, Survivor, Terminator, Transworld, and many more. Infogrames' games fall into two general categories, CORE GAMES for the gaming audience, and FAMILY GAMES for the enjoyment of the whole family.
    With a global distribution networks that reaches more than 50,000 retail outlets, Infogrames commands a significant market presence and shelf space in every major market. In the U.S. alone, the Company's distribution network reaches in excess of 22,000 outlets, ranging from major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target to specialty shops and online outlets.

    Your contact: Cécile SORNAY - tel: 04 37 64 30 34 - fax: 04 37 64 30 61
    [email protected]

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Press Release - Xbox:


    Date: March 26, 2003

    Unbelievable Graphics, Deep Franchise Mode Highlight Latest Installment in Hit Series; PS2 Version Crowned "Racing Game of the Year" By

    LOS ANGELES--March 26, 2003-- Atari has shipped the latest installment of the hugely successful "V-Rally(TM)" racing series -- "V-Rally 3" -- to the Xbox(TM) video game system from Microsoft. With more than 4 million units in the series sold to date, "V-Rally 3" -- already a hit on Sony PlayStation®2 -- promises to be the most authentic rally racer on Xbox.

    "`V-Rally 3' presents an incredible range of tracks, fully detailed cars and a powerful game engine that allows for stunning graphics on Xbox," said Jean-Philippe Agati, senior vice president and head of Infogrames, Inc.'s Los Angeles studio. "The vast array of interactive tracks, challenging AI and intuitive controls will satiate any rally fan's desire for realism while at the same time maintaining the fun that made the `V-Rally' series a worldwide leader in racing games."

    In the game, players pilot highly detailed cars across meticulously hand-crafted tracks, created to produce unprecedented racing realism. Scurrying spectators run from oncoming speedsters while deformed car parts fly off during collisions, making tracks and races come alive as never before.

    All of the most coveted rally cars on today's circuit are included, including the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, Citroen Xsara, and the Ford Focus. Gamers have the ability to customize each one to their own unique racing strategy and style.

    Three modes take gamers through the most extreme driving conditions including mud, snow, rain, standing water, bright sunshine and ice. Single and multiplayer versions of Time Attack and Challenge modes are included, as is the all-new V-Rally mode, where gamers live the life of a professional rally driver, strategically planning their careers, earning and selecting offers from major sponsors, and racing their way to the top of both divisions, 1.6 and 2.0 Liter.

    The powerful game engine allows for enhanced interactivity, including realistic car physics, destructible track elements, high-resolution cockpits and all the progressive damage that gamers expect from careening as fast as possible through hostile landscapes. The new collision engine and physics model provide the realism and professionalism that mud-slinging racers have been hungering for since the last incarnation of the franchise.

    The original "V-Rally" game, developed by Infogrames' Eden Studios, the French software team known for its mastery of racing games, debuted on PlayStation in 1997. The game soon became one of the system's benchmark racers and set the standard for racing graphics and great playability. Eden Studios brings its development expertise to "V-Rally 3."

    "V-Rally 3" for Xbox is available at North American retail outlets for an estimated retail price of $29.95 and an ESRB rating of 'E' for everyone.

    About Infogrames

    New York-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq:IFGM) develops interactive games for all platforms and is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company's 1,000+ titles are distributed under two brand lines: ATARI, hard-core, genre-defining games such as "Driver(TM)," "Enter the Matrix(TM)," "Neverwinter Nights(TM)," "Stuntman(TM)," "Test Drive®," "Unreal® Tournament 2003," and "Unreal® Championship"; and INFOGRAMES, mass-market and children's games such as "Backyard Sports(TM)," "Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues(TM)" and "Dora the Explorer(TM)," "Civilization®," "Dragon Ball Z®" and "RollerCoaster Tycoon®." Infogrames, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext 5257), the largest interactive games publisher in Europe. For more information, visit

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Atari Australia Press Quotes - Game Boy Advance:
    " V-Rally 3 is one of the first games to successfully use a 3D engine AND have a good emphasis on gameplay at the same time. Graphically, it's like playing a PSOne game in your hands, and there are plenty of tracks and real-life cars to choose from promising hours of playtime. " - Next Level

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Atari Australia Press Quotes - Xbox:
    " With exciting action, a strong career mode, and attractive graphics, V-Rally 3 is an impressive rally racing game. 8.2/10" - Gamespot

    " V-Rally 3's cars are wonderfully detailed, and the terrain is genuinely varied to reflect the dense pine forests of Finland or the reddish plains of Africa, for example. The weather effects look outstanding. Realistic fog will turn to rain, with water pooling on the road and droplets beading on your windshield. On the icy roads of Sweden, you'll notice frost collecting on your headlight shrouds. The glare from the setting sun looks wonderfully convincing, and it's not just for show either, but has a real effect on your racing as you try to spot upcoming turns amid the dazzling light. Along with the weather effects, clever little trackside details help bring the locales to life, too. As you race around a turn, you might see a small herd of deer desperately scrambling across the road, or you might spot a helicopter hovering nearby to film the race. " - Gamespot

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Atari Australia website - Xbox:

    V-Rally 3 for Xbox brings all the tyre-spinning realism of rally driving into the home with an incredible range of tracks, fully detailed cars and a game engine known as ‘Twilight’ that brings out the stunning detail. With between 15,000 and 16,000 polygons per car, including multiple layers allowing reflections and dirt to be accurately displayed, and over half a million polygons per track, V-Rally 3 uses the power of technology to create an exhilarating race feel that’s both smooth and thrilling.

    The tracks in V-Rally 3 are particularly impressive, having been ‘hand-made’ in 500m sections, with each track the responsibility of one designer. This makes for a huge variety of racing experiences with enhanced interactivity. There are many animated sections, with elements of the track now breaking apart when speeding cars slam into them.

  • a brand new drving engine which brings sensation (speed) and realism (sceneries + handling) to a new level. V-Rally 3 is a rally simulator where all aspects of the Rally driving (road surface, bumps, car damage and tyre compound + may other factors), affect your performance.
  • Eden Studios, makers of V-Rally 1 and 2, are mastering the racing game technology and have designed new technological tools to make V-Rally3 even more impressive – check out screenshots!!!!Ex- There are as many polygons in one wing mirror in V-Rally 3 as there were in the whole car for the first V-Rally
  • 6 different locations with extreme driving conditions - Finland, Sweden, France (Corsica), Germany, Great Britain, and Kenya.
  • Damageable cars - Every part of the car can fall apart or being damaged in real time.
  • Professional co-pilots recordings, with speed limits to help you when cornering.

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Back of Case - PlayStation 2:
    "V-Rally 3 well, it just smokes. It's amazing/ It looks and feels un-Frickin-believable. End of story." - IGN

    "The gameplay can be described in Few words, and they include: 'fun', 'exhilarating', 'addictive', and 'awesome'." - PSX Extreme

    Racing on the Edge!

  • Race the world's top rally cars - Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7, Citroen Xsara, Ford Focus and more.

  • Fight your way through the most extreme driving conditions in six different locations around the world.

  • Live the life of a professional rally driver in the all new V-Rally mode. Strategize your career as you race your way to the top.

  • Gasp at incredibly lifelike cars created with up to 15,000 polygons.

  • Hours of gameplay with single and multiplayer versions of Time Attack and Challenge modes.

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