V-Rally 3 Credits


Studio DirectorStéphane Baudet
Project ManagerPierre-Arnaud Lambert
ProducerChristophe Laboureau
Head of CommunicationsMinka Maasdam
Lead ProgrammingGuillaume Carrez
ProgrammingVincent Duboisdendien, Carl Pédimina, Laurent Zaslavsky
Additional ProgrammingStéphane Beley, Didier Blanché, Ludovic Chabanon, Nicolas Chevolot, François Guibert, Alain Jarniou, Mathias Tamayo, Sébastien Tixier
Level DesignFrédéric Marchetti
ArtBenjamin Bertrand, Miguel Combra, Frédéric Taquet
TestersOlivier Selva
Operations TeamLoïc Dalbegue, Virginie Geffroy, Emmanuel Oualid, Karine Thiebaud


Snr VP, International Product ServicesJean-Marcel Nicolaï
Republishing TeamRebecka Pernered, Sébastien Chaudat, Caroline Fauchille, Jenny Clark, Vincent Hattenberger, Céline Vilgicquel
Quality Control TeamLewis Glover, Olivier Robin, Vincent Laloy
Software Testing TeamRelQ Software PVT LTD
Engineering ServicesPhilippe Louvet, Stéphane Entéric, Emeric Polin
Localisation Support GroupDavid Chomard, Maud Favier, Karine Vallet, Emeric Polin
Localisation TestingBabel Media Ltd.
TranslationKBP, Synthesis International
Certification and Planning Support GroupSophie Wibaux-Meliet, Jérôme Di Tullio
International Marketing TeamCyril Voiron
Local Marketing TeamLee Kirton
Repackaging AgencyTAKE OFF

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159455) and Xoleras (66813)