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V2000 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main screen, with the allowed options.
We can change the resolution up to 1024x768 and enable 3D acceleration (however it runs sluggish [!] on modern hardware, better go for software mode)
When you start a new game you are presented with the game's history
These bugs are our enemies, so, shoot on sight!
And here comes the saviour! In every map the player starts at his home base.
Most of the scenery is covered by water, and there is the usual fog to hide the rest of the map.
The movement of the ship suffers from some inertia (in all directions) so, sometimes the ship can go underwater.
After some search you can find a nice power up, which gives you an aim sight.
The player's machine has two flying modes, aircraft like and hovercraft. (in the picture, aircraft mode)
After some scouting, we find the first "easy" bugs. When the aim sight is over them it turns red. Fire!
This is the first level's hive. Its usually protected by three creatures. Only after their death the player is allowed to destroy the hive.
Ooops, I don't think its damaged, but a lot worse!
After destroying the creatures and their hive the world is safe, so we go down the hole to the second world.
After the end of each world this game map appears.
In the second level the player must prevent the creatures from kidnapping the people (within the given time).
When the ship takes too much damage it gets smoky like this.