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Brujahs and Malkavians of all countries, unite! Unicorn Lynx (181464) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Don't let the title or topic scare you, let the intro! Cyric (50) unrated
Great story, great atmosphere, repetitive gameplay. Dan Mokosh (64) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
Solid on the surface. Terrence Bosky (5459) 3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars
Better than Diablo tantoedge (20) unrated
Love at First Bite? Um, no. Daniel Reed (29) unrated
Best Vampire game EVER! m n (2) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (78 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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In all, Vampire delivers what few computer RPGs ever could: an engaging story, wonderful graphics and even a full editor. Don't let the vampire angle scare you away from this title. (If however you like vampires, you will be in heaven.) This is THE RPG that most of us have been waiting to play for years. It earns a perfect 5 GiN Gem score, because it is simply the best in its category, and probably will be for some time.
Gamer's Pulse (Jun 19, 2000)
For the most part I can see no flaws in this game. It has a few bugs that a patch needs to be instituted for, but what game doesn’t these days. It’s the most bug free single player game that I’ve run into in quite a long time. The multiplayer seems to be where most of the issues lie, but it doesn’t crash on me and I don’t have to pull my hair out that I can’t save a game or beat certain areas. It seems to me that the gaming public has been waiting a long long time for a game like this to come out, and we’ve finally received our wish. Now the only question is, where do we go from here? If you pick up a copy of this fine game then you can only imagine.
Sans aucun doute, Vampire La Mascarade respecte à la lettre le principe des bons vieux jeux de rôle sur plateau. Les joueurs de la vieille école regretteront leurs soirées interminables autour d'une table, mais ils auraient tort de bouder leur plaisir : cette adaptation sur PC est une réussite.
An amazing fantasy game, with a good story that has tremendous replay value.
Power Unlimited (Jul, 2000)
Een bloederige combi tussen aktie en RPG. Zowel singleplayer als multiplayer baanbrekend, sfeervol en bloedmooi. Daar kan menig developer nog een puntje aan 'zuigen'.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
As long as you don't come to Vampire with the wrong expectations, you are unlikely to find a more challenging, rewarding or gorgeous RPG. The Masquerade world is so engrossing that you don't want to leave it, its shapes and contours so exquisite you can't keep your eyes off it, its battles so demanding you can't stop rising to the challenge, its dark vampiric powers so alluring you are hypnotised and vulnerable, lost in a trance as it drains your life away. Soon, you too will look like us. Pale, bleary-eyed, afraid of the sunlight, your teeth aching with an insatiable hunger for more.
PC Joker (Jul, 2000)
Auch wenn ich „diabolische“ Klickorgien eigentlich nicht ausstehen kann, muss ich zugeben: Vampire hat was! Die spannende Story, das düstere Szenario, das altertümliche Englisch und die Möglichkeit, endlich einmal wieder ein bisschen böse zu sein, schaffen Atmosphäre pur - vom innovativen Multiplayer-Spiel ganz zu schweigen! Schade nur, dass die computerkontrollierten Weggefährten nicht umsichtiger mit ihrem Energiehaushalt umgehen, denn die ständige Schreierei nach frischem Blut nervt mit der Zeit doch etwas. übrigens: Bald gibt es einen Patch, der ständiges Speichern ermöglicht - sehr kundenfreundlich!
Game Captain (Jul 24, 2000)
Das Spiel für Nachtschwärmer und alle die mal so richtig zubeissen wollen. Ein Rolli vom Feinsten.
88 (Sep 29, 2000)
Pelimaailman tasapaksuus, juonen ja etenemisen lineaarisuus sekä tekoälyn mokat kuitenkin laskevat pelin pisteitä juuri ja juuri alle yhdeksänkymmenen. Tämän pelin kohdalla pisteitä ei kuitenkaan pidä tuijottaa liikaa, sillä kyseessä on ennen kaikkea kutsumuspeli. Jos aihepiiri ja pelin pohjana ollut maailma kiinnostaa, voi pisteitä huoletta lisätä vaikka kuinka. Jos taas koko ajatus lähinnä tympäisee jää käteen lähinnä kohtalainen roolimätkintä jossa on kuitenkin hyvätkin puolensa.
87 (Sep 18, 2002)
Vampire is a great game if you're into hack'n'slash (action all around) and especially good for those 3D shooter-lovers that want to try something different for a change
PC Games (Germany) (Jul, 2000)
Dass ich an den Nerven manches Kollegen zerre mit meinem Vampirenthusiasmus, ist mir erstens bewusst, aber zweitens gleich. Seit Ewigkeiten hat mich kein Titel mehr so gepackt - da wird Reinsteigern doch erlaubt sein! Vor allem die stilsichere Zweiteilung der Story zwischen Mittelalter und Gegenwart begeistert mich: Aus Orchestermusik werden Industrialbeats, aus Rüschenkostümen Lack- und Lederwaren. Mit allem nötigen Respekt: Das ist geil gemacht! Ebenso die herzstrapazierenden Kämpfe, in denen Blindwut nie zum Ziel führt. Zumindest ein bisschen Denken muss sein. Der Fairness halber seio gesagt, dass Anfänger beim Start aufpassen müssen: Nur wer seine Erfahrungspunkte früh sinnvoll verteilt, gerät später nicht in Schwulitäten. Fehlplanern wird der Schwierigkeitsgrad ab Wien abartig hoch vorkommen. Das Handbuch hilft! Grafik und Mehrspielermodus bestätigen die Klasse nur noch. Mit Patch sollte die 90er Hürde dann deutlich näher rücken.
GameSpy (Jun 17, 2000)
Redemption has a great premise and an ambitious design, but the game is mired by its repetitive and often frustrating combat, and poor controls. Regardless, the future patch aims to adjust most of these issues, and even in it's current state, the game is worth the money. It has plenty of gameplay, and provides a very intriguing story line. The game redefines the RPG genre and is worthy of anyone's software collection.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug, 2000)
(v 1.01) Warum nicht gleich so? Der Patch auf Version 1.01 beseitigt die meisten Kritikpunkte an Vampire – daher heben wir die Wertung ordentlich an. Dank pausierbarer Kämpfe werden die zuvor unübersichtlichen Gefechte überschaubarer und taktischer. Und die Speicherfunktion, die vorher ein echter Spielspaßmörder war, ist nun sehr komfortabel. Bravo!
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jun 29, 2000)
Vampire is niet het verhoopte RPG meesterwerk maar blijft een leuk en sfeervol spel.
Game Over Online (Aug 22, 2000)
The subtitle of Vampire: The Masquerade is Redemption, a major theme in the story of a former holy warrior who is cast into a never-ending night. But redemption is just as good a word to describe the patched version of this game. Whether the absence of these features in the original release was a result of a rush to get the game to market or just a horrible oversight, I don't know. Neither one is a very good excuse. But seldom do game designers go as far to fix a game as Nihilistic went in patching Vampire: The Masquerade. By fixing two of the biggest problems, they breathed new life into a game that had disappointed a lot of people. Where there was mostly frustration before, there is now more room for fun and creativity.
Old PC Gaming (Oct 06, 2015)
So is Vampire: The Masquerade — Redemption a Renaissance for computer RPGs? The solo game probably isn't. While entertaining enough, it's little more than a cool hack-and-slash adventure with a unique premise. That could be enough
Vampire ist ein Wechselbad der Gefühle. Auf der einen Seite die grandiose Grafik und Sound, auf der anderen Seite die flache Spieltiefe. Die Story holt auch keinen Vampir aus seiner Gruft hervor, dafür ist sie viel zu leicht zu durchblicken und vorhersehbar. Außerdem gibt es einige logische Fehler, die die Maskerade der Vampire gefährdet, denn früher oder später merkt halt auch ein Sterblicher, dass Leute, die mit gezogenen Waffen durch die Strassen einer Stadt ziehen, nicht sonderlich unauffällig sind. Dadurch wirkt der gesamte Vampire-Plot mit den Machtkämpfen der einzelnen Clans aufgesetzt und austauschbar. Also, wenn ihr euch Vampire kaufen wollt, um ein gutes Rollenspiel oder eine gute Umsetzung der Vampire-Lizenz spielen zu wollen, vergesst es. Wollt ihr aber ein anspruchsvolles Kampfspielchen auf Diablo-Niveau, wo eine Story nicht wichtig ist, sondern nur die Aktion, dann holt es euch.
GameStar (Germany) (Jul, 2000)
An manchen Stellen ist Vampire fast perfekt: Einige Abschnitte der Story sind so schön, dass ich hätte weinen mögen; an bestimmten Orten habe ich einfach innegehalten und nur die atemberaubende Grafik bewundert. Doch um derart aufbauende Erfahrungen zu machen, musste ich durch die Spielspaßhölle gehen – das Fehlen einer ständigen Speichermöglichkeit, teilweise langweiliges Leveldesign und mangelhafte Kollegen-KI sind nur einige Kritikpunkte. Zudem ist der Schwierigkeitsgrad sehr unausgewogen und schwankt unbegründet zwischen »fast zu leicht« und »superschwer«. Dennoch ist Vampire eines der Spiele, die einen trotz nerviger Details nicht loslassen. Der nächste schöne Ort, der nächste Storyschnipsel sind immer nah genug, damit man nicht aufgibt. Aber stets bleibt die leise Frage im Hinterkopf: Hätten die Designer mit diesem Hintergrund und dieser Engine nicht noch ein viel besseres Spiel machen können?
Ach, manchmal wollte ich diesem Titel am liebsten 90 Punkte geben, und dann, kurz danach, doch wieder nur 50! Wenn wir ihn schließlich doch recht hoch bewerten, dann ist dies vor allem der faszinierenden Story und der tollen Grafik zu danken. Davon abgesehen hat Nihilistic einen umfangreichen Patch angekündigt, der all die Steuerungs-, KI- und sonstigen Probleme beheben soll.
Bottom Line: Based upon the White Wolf pen-and-paper role playing system, Vampire: The Masquerade features nice graphics and an excellent storyline. The interface is laid out well, but AI and pathing are very poor. The save game mechanism is almost non-existent and more than not you will use the game mechanics to force an autosave when you want to exit the game. Multiplayer has decent potential, but the proper tools are not there yet.
Absolute Games ( (Jun 15, 2000)
Я, будучи в здравом уме и твердой памяти, официально заявляю: Vampire: The Masquerade — Redemption купить и пройти надо. Ибо отличный сюжет, красивая графика и превосходное музыкально-звуковое оформление этого заслужили. Жить игра на вашем винчестере наверняка будет только до 29 июня — 10 июля, но до этого момента вы уже успеете пройти ее до конца, получив удовольствие.
So is Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption a Renaissance for computer RPGs? The solo game probably isn't. While entertaining enough, it's little more than a hack-and-slash adventure with a unique premise. The multiplayer game is plenty innovative, however, and with luck it may forge a future path for computer role-playing games to explore.
PC Gamer Brasil (Aug, 2000)
Embora Vampire não tenha se mostrado um game impressionante na última E3, a maior e mais importante feira de jogos do mundo, nem, tão pouco, tenha ganho um tratamento especial por parte da acessoria de imprensa no Brasil, levando em consideração que nossa redação ganhou uma estaca de madeira antes da chegada do estranho Drácula, há um enorme número de motivos para passar algumas horas jogando Vampire.
There's no denying the overall premise of Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, it has an almost insatiable appeal. It's by far the best game about Vampires ever made, and Nihilistic has done the White Wolf license proud. The question remains however, can deep characters, a great story, wonderful atmosphere and exquisite graphics overcome a flawed interface and horrible artificial intelligence to make a great game? Not quite, but it still makes for a darn good one. In the end, despite any and all of the problems, Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption is still a fine offering and one of the best old-school RPGs released in a long time. Its multiplayer component has as much or more potential than any title ever released, and I'm sure over time its appeal will only gain the product favor.
GameBanshee (Mar 21, 2005)
Altogether, if you are looking for a game to keep you entertained for a considerable period of time, I would definitely recommend buying Redemption. The game's pros vastly outweigh the cons and it's available for a very reasonable price due to its age. Who can deny the entertainment value of playing an immortal vampire?
FiringSquad (Jun 17, 2000)
Redemption has none of that. In gameplay, it's a poor man's Diablo or Final Fantasy, without either games' redeeming features. The plot and action are all linear, without the possibility of any deviation or even sidequests. The linearity is even more strict than in those games or Planescape: Torment, but unlike Final Fantasy or Torment, Redemption doesn't take advantage of this. Usually the question of linearity vs. free-form is only a question because with a linear game, the story, the characters and indeed, game balance can be better controlled. Redemption is just straight hack and slash for 3 or 4 dungeon levels, followed by a puzzle, or, more often, a boss. The combat isn't even all that great due to the terrible party AI, who are too frivolous with spending blood and bad judgement in general.
Oldies Rising (Nov 18, 2008)
Il serait abusif de considérer Vampire La Mascarade : Redemption comme un jeu ultime touchant à la perfection. De nombreuses petites imperfections en termes de gameplay l’empêcheront d’accéder au statut de hit, au contraire d’un Zelda. Cependant, ces défauts certes plutôt gênants passeront rapidement au second plan dès lors que vous vous serez plongés dans cet univers hors du commun, pour laisser place à une palpitante croisade contre le mal. Vous vous attacherez petit à petit à ce vampire torturé n’ayant pour seul but que de sauver l’âme de sa chère et tendre, et vous adonnerez avec délectation aux sombres plaisirs du vampirisme.
Gry OnLine (Jan 22, 2001)
Wiem, wiem, rewelacyjna oprawa graficzna i dźwiękowa, świetny system kreowania postaci, ciekawa fabuła to rzeczy, które przyciągną przed ekrany monitorów całe rzesze miłośników gier komputerowych. Ale czy przez to nam, prawowitym wyznawcom Maskarady, będzie żyło się spokojniej? Słońce wstaje, za chwilę zapieje pierwszy kur. Idźcie już spać dzieci nocy i niech przyśni wam się, że w Świecie Mroku, których tajemnic chronią święte reguły Maskarady, panuje pokój, a ludzie i potomkowie Kaina tworzą wspólnie szczęśliwe społeczeństwo Kartaginy.
With Activision's patch, Vampire provides a reasonable entry point for those wanting to experience the RPG genre. The story is interesting and there is a certain amount of satisfaction that comes from learning to play with a group of characters. However, the mythology is a bit hard to follow and, as the old adage goes, "when you've cleared one dungeon, you've cleared them all." For those new to RPGs, the art of hack-and-slash may be greatly refined through the use of a strategy guide. For those who are truly action-challenged, several web sites have cheat codes to give your characters a preliminary boost and increase their odds of survival. Despite the single-player limitations, I believe that Vampire will ultimately shine in the multi-player environment. As the kinks are worked out and Story-Tellers build their skills, this game has the potential of providing an unprecedented peek into the World of Darkness.
Er valt veel plezier te beleven aan dit game, maar toch hadden we net dat tikkeltje meer verwacht.
Legendra (Dec 18, 2002)
Vous vous devez donc de découvrir ce magnifique RPG (ou, au moins le jeu de rôle...). Vous en aurez pour votre argent, avec plus de 20 heures de jeu ! Si vous êtes bloqué, surtout n'abandonnez pas, essayez plutôt de trouver une solution par vous-même...
PC Gamer UK (Aug, 2000)
For the faithful, buy Vampire and buy into a cultural revolution. For the more casual gamer, this is just another sub-average, flawed RPG. The curse of Caine lives on.
70 (Jul 03, 2000)
Un jeu splendide mais qui accumule trop d'erreurs dans le gameplay pour offrir un véritable hit. Il est possible que des patches viennent améliorer tout ça mais à l'heure actuelle, le jeu n'en vaut pas la chandelle.
Gamekult (Sep 08, 2000)
Vampire renouvelle agréablement le genre du jeu d'aventure mais propose tout de même un curieux mélange entre des fonctions typiques des jeux d'aventure PC, comme la gestion des points d'expérience, et un dirigisme plus proche des jeux sur console, avec une liberté d'action très limitée. Mais une fois patché, en solo comme en multijoueurs, Vampire devient une des références du genre.
IGN (Jun 16, 2000)
Vampire has plenty of moments of pure brilliance, and with some of the patching promised in the coming weeks, the gameplay is already looking up. But overall the game just doesn't provide you with the quick action fun of Diablo, or the in-depth entertainment of Baldur's Gate. It's definitely a hybrid, but a hybrid that doesn't quite succeed on either level.
Freak (Jul, 2000)
חבל לראות משחק עם כל-כך הרבה פוטנציאל לא ממומש. הרמה הויזואלית של ומפייר היא ללא מתחרים, אבל הפגמים הרבים מבחינת השחיקות והעלילה השטחית הופכים אותו למשחק פעולה-תפקידים בינוני, במקרה הטוב.
Een gemiste kans, das duidelijk. Heel erg jammer, want het had prachtig kunnen worden. Net nu ze ook nog een origineel systeem wilden opzetten waarmee zelfs multiplayer mogelijk werd, word het mij duidelijk dat dat voor maximaal vier personen per spel is. En dat is niet genoeg.
GameSpot (Jun 09, 2000)
It's got a great premise and an ambitious design, but the game is mired by its repetitive and often frustrating combat, ill-fated design decisions, and forgettable characters and story.
Game Revolution (Jun 01, 2000)
Coming from Jedi Knight co-designer Ray Gresko, Vampire is simultaneously satisfying and disappointing. Aside from the multiplayer, it exudes possibilities and then throws them away. When it works, it sucks you right in, and when it doesn't you just end up slogging through, expecting the good stuff around the next corner. Most of the time, though, there's nothing there.
65 (Jul 07, 2000)
Personally, I prefer this over Diablo II (which I have just started to play), even though the storyline is linear. I cannot pass an absolutely good or bad judgment on the game yet, because I am more of a multiplayer person than singleplayer, but I would give Vampire a score of 6.5 of 10 for its singleplayer mode. And I have a feeling that when the official SDK is out, the score will go up, as this module is definitely a breakthrough for RPG gamers.
63 (Jan 01, 2001)
I have loved vampires and the vampire genre for many years now, and I really wanted to like this game, but in the end it turns into a straight line, straight through, no imagination disappointment. If you are a true vampire fan and will try anything once, give this game a go. If you are a little more discerning, there are other options out there that you will find far more rewarding.
Just Games Retro (Aug 13, 2012)
The story is told well, introduces White Wolf’s take on the world of vampires very well, and generally keeps you engaged and interested in how it all ends. The gameplay does its best to sabotage that as often as it can. Party AI can handle itself in a fight, but not without getting in your way. The combat system is pretty simplistic, with no random loot to spice up the hundreds of battles you’ll click through. The interface frequently stumbles and prevents anything resembling tactics. Redemption is functional enough to wade through the frustrations, but Bloodlines does a better job of mixing great story with enjoyable gameplay.
60 (UK) (Aug 24, 2000)
You've probably realised by now that I am bitterly disappointed with Vampire. I had really hoped for so much more - the concept after all has staggering potential, but Nihilistic haven't capitalized in the way they should have. The weak cutscenes, poor combat system and somewhat redundant spell system don't help its cause, and the game falls far short of what it could have been.
Xtreme Pc (Jul, 2000)
An rpg based on the original tabletop game. Good: Graphics and story. Bad: The disappointment after months of waiting to find this, which without being bad is not what is good or what is expected
If the multiplayer game takes off it will be great, but the single player game is irredeemable. Save your cash.
VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE—REDEMPTION is one of the stupidest, most disappointing computer games that I’ve ever played. All of the license’s promise has been completely wasted in a haze of poor scripting, community-theatre voice acting, and idiotic design decisions. Call Bully Summers, polish up that crucifix, sharpen a few stakes, get thee to a nunnery — avoid this one by any means necessary.
Nivelul2 (Aug 31, 2020)
În încheiere admit că, deși “Vampire: The Masquarade – Redemption” este de nota 7 și prezintă multe neajunsuri tehnice, povestea și universul îl fac jocul meu preferat. Poveste interesantă; Dialoguri, voice-acting și worldbuilding de excepție; Abilități și obiecte variate; Rejucabilitate în cazul în care folosești alt build sau nu mai vrei să fii băiat bun; Locații și personaje distincte și variate; Reprezintă un punct de inițiere în universul World of Darkness; Artwork și design autentice. Unele bossfight-uri sunt nereușite și dispun de un sistem de luptă ciudățel; Poate deveni un dungeon crawl repetitiv; AI limitat, pathfinding idiot și grafică doar decentă pentru anul 2000; Bloodlines este un punct de inițiere mult mai bun în universul World of Darkness, adaptând mai bine regulile jocului tabletop.