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Vampires Dawn 2: Ancient Blood Credits

45 people (25 developers, 20 thanks)


ByAlexander Koch (Marlex)
ArtworksPietro D'Amore (DAmore)
CharsetsDhan, Milef, Alexander Koch, Eviltwin
ChipsetsSacume, Alexander Koch
FacesetsGrandy, Alexander Koch, Nico Hedwig (Zerzaro), !Zero!
MidisNocius, Megabyte, Polymachaeroplagides, Torsten Bischof, Philipp Grafe
MonsterPietro D'Amore (DAmore)
StoryAlexander Koch
Fight GraphicsPietro D'Amore (DAmore)
DesignAlexander Koch
Extra CreditsMaze, Gsandsds, Raziel, Arian Jafari, Grandy, Benjamin Nebgen, Sacume, Jinnai, Vampir des Todes, Omega, Sephiroth, Ray, Whiskey
Special ThanksNico Hedwig (Zerzaro), Matthias Koch, Konstantin Koch, Zhoragh, Engel, Sauron, Arian, Psychoskull, Orca, Cloudi, F├╝rst Dracul, Never Sleeper, Chrono Moggle, Marc Pischke, Julia Moos, Fubu, Skydea, Dorina Fischbach, Meine tapferen Moderatoren, und die vielen Beta-Tester

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