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Vampires Dawn 2: Ancient Blood Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
In the long introduction sequence you control young Nyria who has to watch her mother being kidnapped by a vampire.
The plot is told as a bedtime story for fifteen year old Simon.
As a vampire you can do several things: Suck people, convert them to vampires or... their thoughts. Note that lovely bear on the bed.
You can always read what quests you still have to finish.
Travelling on the world map.
A flag shows already discovered areas.
A fight at the beginning of the game
In dungeons you can always find treasures.
In front of your home castle is a mailbox with mails the developer of the game received after the release of the first Vampires Dawn.
The game might look cute but is quite bloody...
In total there are more than 250 different monster types.
The story is very complex and so it's very kind of the old man to summarize the events so far from time to time.
Stan, the bugging coffin dealer. When you enter his shop the Stan theme from Monkey Island appears.
When you invest some of your hard earned souls, you can improve your skills.
When you enter an area and a red skull is displayed, you should leave immediately. You are still to weak to fight here. An orange skull means, that it is hard but possible to beat the monsters.
Be careful with killing people if you don't want to deal with their pets.
When you improve your skills, secret passages are shown this way.
With an other improved skill you can find hidden items.
After constituting an army, you can choose which castle you want to attack.
Once the battle has started, you can only watch what happens.
Afterwards you can torture your prisoners to gain useful information.
One of the boss enemies
Look it's Santa Claus!
With this machine you can create new spells by combining different runes which can be found everywhere.
In one of the towns
Your treasury
Six secret shrines are hidden in the world. You really should try to find them...
The local brothel...