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Veggie Carnival Credits

50 people (43 developers, 7 thanks)


VeggieTales® Created byPhil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki

Veggie Carnival: Big Idea Interactive

ProducerJon Reich
Creative DirectorEric Ronne
Art DirectorEric Ronne
Executive ProducersTim Johnson, Phil Vischer
ConceptJon Reich
VoicesPhil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Lisa Vischer
Script EditingDarren Sumner
Graphic Design (Packaging)Ron Eddy, John Gamades (ValuSoft), John Trauscht, Eric Ronne
Special Thanks toEugene Evans, Cindy Hudson, Gordon Landies, Cody Leach, Philip Scott, Ethan Ronne, Luke Ronne
Big Idea InteractiveChristopher Bunn, Tim Johnson, David Martin, Dina Pruzin, Jon Reich, Eric Ronne, Oed Ronne, Darren Sumner

itoons Corporation

Creative DirectorNorm Dwyer
ProducerKevin Larson
Technical DirectorDavid Sutherland
Production ManagerCecilia Park
Script WriterRafael Nieves
Music and Sound DesignJonathan Knipping
Assistant Sound DesignCallie Roach
ArtDonie Odulio, Juan Gomez, Eugene Qahhaar II, Antonio Maldonado
ProductionLisa Deichmann, Tiffany Calvert, Matt LaVoy, Casey Turck, Ken Holewczynski, Thomas Tucker
Lead AnimatorPaul E. Nunn
Assistant AnimatorsDavid Zackin, Matt Lamothe, Anthony Koerber, Justin Rawleigh
Lead ProgrammerSimeon Peebler
Game ProgrammingMik Shaw, Chad Udell, Mike Welch, Charles Forman


Made withMacromedia®
-Big Idea

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (707689)