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Gaming Nexus (May 28, 2014)
Vertical Drop Heroes is a really solid game. While there are a couple of things I could (and did) nitpick, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it. If you're looking for a fun and slightly different type of RPG that you can easily play in spurts, definitely give this one a go.
Riot Pixels (Aug 27, 2014)
Увы, в самом походе без милости фортуны тоже никуда. Не в пример той же Rogue Legacy, новобранцем первого уровня всё зло не истребить: из-за неуклюжей боевой системы победу всегда одерживает наиболее «жирный» или везучий. Поэтому надо мыслить масштабно, нащупывать верную стратегию и затем — «качаться» без устали, не оставляя в живых никого. К сожалению, после того, как убойные комбинации найдены, а процесс уничтожения нечисти отработан, игра наскучивает. К тому же, последние миссии чересчур затянуты, а первые успевают изрядно надоесть.
God is a Geek (Jun 08, 2014)
Vertical Drop Heroes is a cheap and certainly cheerful 2D platformer, and pretty enjoyable, although it’s unlikely to hold your attention for too long. It’s a game that’s as much about luck and perseverance than actual skill, but Roguelike fans who want something a little lighter might well enjoy this.
IGN Italia (Jun 05, 2014)
Dopo le iniziali difficoltà, la discesa verso il cuore del maligno si fa a tratti persino troppo semplice e solo la volontà di potenza, il desiderio di spingere il proprio eroe verso nuove vette, resta l'unica molla in grado di sostenere l'interesse. Raggiunto l'apice della parabola discendente, picco destinato a fare capolino dopo circa quattro ore di gioco, tutto pare fin troppo scontato. Alla fine, l'immediatezza si conferma croce e delizia di Vertical Heroes HD: ne garantisce l'affinità in principio, ma alla lunga ne tarpa le ali. Un evidente limite, verso il quale si può chiudere un occhio, visto che il gioco è offerto al pubblico a un prezzo più che adeguato.
Hooked Gamers (Jul 30, 2014)
Vertical Drop Heroes places a new spin on a tried and true genre that has spanned decades. The spin may be simplistic, but it is appreciated nonetheless. The repetitiveness may not be for everyone, but for those who don’t mind falling down again and again, you could do worse than this bright, slightly charming game.
The problem with Vertical Drop Heroes HD is that it’s not very fun. The nature of the game itself, as a roguelike, offers an enticing challenge to complete all 10 levels (plus a final boss fight), but once I did, I had no interest in playing ever again. It’s more a game you enjoy completing than actually playing. While there’s some joy at the start, it’s too easy to get burnt out on the grinding, dying, grinding, dying, grinding, dying pattern, all the while hoping you’ll get the perfect combination of character traits that you would both enjoy and succeed with. Back to the original question: does Vertical Drop Heroes HD succeed at making a flawed Flash game into a worthwhile PC gaming experience? Well… it doesn’t fail. It’s hard to overlook the things it does well (level design, variety in abilities, etc), but it’s just not up to the challenge of balancing the tediousness of a roguelike with the fun of an action platformer.