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Vet Emergency 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Disclaimer: Just because you're good at this game does not mean you should be going around treating people's pets in real life.
Introduction video introduces your colleagues and resources.
The reception is where you can use the research computer and also see the patients in line.
Patients and their conditions
A more detailed description of symptoms is listed.
There are other rooms you can go to including trauma and lounge.
Here are the trays of equipment available.
Using the research computer.
Most visitors are preceded by a video showing the case.
This chinchilla can't stop drooling.
Examining his teeth.
The x-ray helps to show his huge molars.
Let's give him some oxygen.
This poor cat's been washed with dish soap.
Since his owner was so dumb I should've given him crap about it and got penalized for not doing so.
Guess what this is.
This poor dog has got a broken leg.
A splint comes in handy for treating this.
Singing off on a patient.
Sometimes the patients are so cute that you can't help but feel bad.