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Victoria: Revolutions Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title Screen
The different multiplayer options
Starting a new game, notice the new Campaign
As always, every nation is playable
And by every, I mean every!
In the upper left corner of the game screen, you can see one of the subtle enhancements of Revolutions
The ranking screen. Three Germanys ?! Oh boy, this is not good for world peace ;)
The Brits rule nearly all of India
Workers of the world, unite!
Notice the new end date.
Trading is important, but being an autarky has its benefits
Depending on the government, the player can't build factories anymore. It is up to the capitalists (pigs)
For those die hard wargamers, counters are available. Quite useless, as 95% of the military units will be infantry.
This screen shows the message options. A necessary tool as you don't want to miss that your neighbour has just mobilized ...
One of the nice features of Victoria:Revolutions is, that you can relive history. Who doesn't remember the Franco-American war of 1900 ;)...
... which resulted in a devastating defeat of France.
Due to the fact that the rich class is doing most of your industrialisation now, it is vital to keep their pockets full.
Ahh, sweet culture
Australia is born
One of the new techs
While it is not a period made for a "blitzkrieg" stile warfare, encirclement is still a good tactic
Having wealthy Capitalists results in an astonishing pace for infrastructure upgrades
The downside is, you cannot control what they build and where they build it
France is falling apart
The console allows you to use various cheats. The "badboy" command however is not a cheat but shows you your international reputation (the lower the better)
The beginning of the end
If rebels stay in control for a year, the province will defect or declare independence
I am building my first carriers
One of the new inventions
The final score