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Vietcong Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

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Main Title
Main Menu
Singleplayer quick fight.
Playing some tutorials.
Training camp for navigation skills.
Sarge, a typical military bonzo.
Target practicing.
Issuing commands to your team.
Selecting weapons can be done using mouse wheel.
You will see the name of your fellow comrade when pointg at one, so it wouldn't be friendly fire too often.
Mission completed, and just when I took some enemy weapon to try it out.
Using binoculars covers wider area for quick reconaissance, and can be more useful than a sniper rifle.
You can center your weapon at the right mouse click to help you with the aiming. To me, it only made me miss constantly.
Crawling is very nicely done as is the most of ingame's mechanics.
Paying as vietnamese, which you can see from that small character figure at the bottom right of the screen which represents your current body position.
A wrecked Huey. Now all you need to do is pass by 50 enemy soldiers to a safe area.
Opening ingame cinematic in 32bit color and most setting set to max.
Main Menu (after patch update)
While riding a chopper you can look around at your leisure
Arriving at Nui Pek camp, your base of operations
Mission map
Your first mission will be to take out enemy snipers around the village
Before the mission, you can go through your mission briefing again
When not sure where to go, always consult your map... or your scout
Burning down enemy weapon and food supplies
Crossing the bridge as your comrades provide you with a covering fire against enemy bunkers on the other side
Clearing out the bunkers
You'll constantly use radio communication to inform your HQ of events on the battlefield
Deeper tunnels are pitch black so you'll have to have some mean to light your way through