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antstream tournament
Written by  :  jamyskis (337)
Written on  :  Mar 18, 2007
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars
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A standalone gem

The Good

The Virtua Fighter series is one of the most balanced fighting game series out there. Each character has weaknesses and strengths that are perfectly evened out throughout the game offering the player the opportunity to develop a strategy against each individual character. The game avoids the pitfall of having certain characters generally stronger or weaker than others.

Control is precise, and you never feel like you are really out of control of your character. Graphically the game has been overtaken by a long shot, but it still looks respectable enough.

The Bad

Modern Windows machines struggle to run VF properly, but it is possible to get it going. The sound really is nothing special, especially the bland and uninspiring music.

The Bottom Line

When the fighting game craze passed over throughout the 90s, it seems like us PC owners got left behind. With no conversions of Tekken, and absolutely pee-poor versions of the Street Fighter games, it seemed like the PC was never going to be a platform suited for fighting games. Virtua Fighter was the exception - not only was it one of the best fighting games on the PC, but it was one of the best fighting games ever, since surpassed only by its sequels. It's just a shame that VF3, 4 and 5 never made it to the PC.

antstream tournament