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Virtual Horse Ranch II Releases (Windows)

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Published by
Orbis Games LLC
Developed by
Orbis Games LLC
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Apr 03, 2006
Patch History
Update 38-44 (unknown changes)
Mar 21, 2006
Update 17
* Classic Style Terrain is now a completely flat terrain for easier building.
* New Referral Program! If you refered someone or were refered by a friend, be sure to visit your account panel to give the person refering a 500 token credit! (paid accounts only)
* Due to recent account creation abuse, new accounts now only recieve 20,000 playcash upon sign up, and 100,000 additional playcash upon activation.
Mar 22, 2006
Update 18-22
* Horses now respond to collision, building fences and buildings will make them run around the building and not through it :)
* New keypad keys used for moving around - fps style keys-to move camera: W (forward) A (rotate left) S (Backwards) D (rotate right), Q (move left) and E (move right).
Apr 05, 2006
Update 22-27
* Neat new painting features for buildings and horses, ways to save colors and select default ones.
* Various GUI fixes to make things less cluttered and more simple, such as a community section (second people icon down)
* Z and C now rotate buildings when constructing.
May 05, 2006
Update 28-32
* New skins have been added: Bloody Shoulder, Black Draft, Blue Roan, Frost, Palomino Tobiano, Pangare, Robicano, Silver Dapple, Snowcap, Sooty, Varnish Roan. These will be breedable- appropriate to their breeds.
* New - chat! Enjoy :)
* Accounting ledger should be fixed- let us know if you see problems with this!
* Buy Now Feature for horses for sale added to horse view panel as well.
* Various small fixes - including a bug that would not allow you to message some people - have been fixed.
May 12, 2006
Update 33-37
* Small chat client added to the game. You can see when your friends log on and off the game and you don't see chats from people you've ignored.
* You can now scratch horses from events that haven't run. Any bets placed on the horse are returned. You scratch a horse by finding it in the event page.
* The horse info page has been changed slightly. You can view events the horse has entered, and a few other things have been moved around.
* Events will not run unless there are at least 5 horses or teams in them.
* When looking at another player's horse, you can now bid on it or buy it out if it's on auction, and you can stud the horse out if it's up for stud.
Jun 14, 2006
Update 45-48
* The chat system was changed to allow colors, so if you're logged in and can't see chat you need to log out and get these updates.
* Fixes to events: the program hanging when you have lots of horses should be fixed. The problem with club events not restricting entries should be fixed.
* Events now have a minimum level you can set for entries.
* You should be able to breed leased horses more than once.
* You can enter twice as many horses into team events, so you can have 2 teams of 4 or 4 teams of 2 if you wish.
* You should be able to create club only events and the open/closed event switch is fixed.
* A bunch of small typo changes and things like that.

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