Virtual Skipper 4 Credits


DirectorsAdrienne Péchère, Florent Castelnérac
ProgrammingDamien Quilot, David Fallot, Jean-Sébastien Luce, Olivier Torreilles, Xavier Bouchoux, Clément Viguier, Nicolas Maurer
GraphicsFrançois-Xavier Delmotte, Stéphane Sommer, Stephen Magnardi, Nikitova
Special ThanksITBYC represented by Euphoria and Sunburn, VSK Italia represented by Horusblow and Sciuscia, Virtual Winds represented by Yoyo and Lautromi, Melges Club represented by Gwémon and Chupa, Yuma represented by Chrisgino
Additional DevelopmentLouis Cuny, Erwan Israel
MusicHigh Lands, Art Bleek [Composition/Interpretation], 6'06 in length
ProducerPascal Hérold

Focus Home Interactive

CapitaineCédric Lagarrigue
Capitaine en secondLuc Heninger, Sébastien Pensivy
Vigie PresseMarie-Caroline Le Vacon
BarreurDamien Mauric
Optimiste webJean-Michel Hellendorff (JMSH)
Moussaillon graphiqueFrançois Weytens
Mécano en apnéeJean-Joseph Garcia
Marine marchandeJohn Bert, Aline Janzekovic, Yohan Antoine
MousseGrégory Haras

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (507600)