Advertising Blurbs (Windows):
    Great Moments In Soccer History!

    They're all here! Squads of every team to participate in World Cup qualifying since 1958. Comprehensive training and tactical screens make it easy to control an arsenal of stunning passes, acrobatic headers, and spectacular scoring volleys. The greatest teams from the World Cup come alive as you play out the most glorious moments in soccer history. Over 1,000 teams lifted from the past World Cups that are at your disposal and the great moments in soccer history can be played out again and again. It compacts over 40 years of soccer skill, teamwork and memories into one game.

    • 6 soccer federations with 1,035 different teams
    • 16,000 real players, each with their personal characteristics
    • 4 different play modes, including the ability to play historic World Cup matches
    • Comprehensive training and tactical screens also offer the chance to refine specific skills and create formations best suited to individual playing styles.
    • Realistic controls offer total control over players and allow for scorching volleys, stunning long passes and acrobatic headers.
    • PlayerChat encourages players to spot darting runs made by their teammates.
    • Celebration Mode allows you to celebrate your goals in style, endlessly.
    • Instant Replay Mode allows you to play your great goals over and over again.
    • Multi-player for up to 4 players on the same computer.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Mar 31, 2009.
    Viva Football is a new type of soccer simulation that recreates all the passion, excitement and unpredictability of the real thing.

    The game employs a unique control system that gives players complete control. Shots, passes and crosses can be hit exactly as the player wishes; devastating through-balls are knocked with breathtaking accuracy; nifty one-twos, feints and dummies out-fox your opponent. Viva Football is flexible enough to offer experienced players pin-point accuracy whilst ensuring first-timers can pick up and play without frustration.

    Using polished, hi-res 3D, combining speed with impressively realistic visuals, Viva Football allows you to play as as any international team from 1962 to 1998: from Brazil 1994 right down to the 1970 Netherlands Antilles team. Pick from any of the 987 teams with 1 974 authentic kits, 16 224 players and 259 584 player attributes. And with the help of PlayerChat’, the players shout to each other whilst politely pointing out where the ball should be played to.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66813) on Dec 26, 2005.