Viva Soccer Credits


Executive ProducerJoss Ellis (Manchester United FC - but lives in London)
DesignSimon Keith Humber (Portsmouth FC)
ProducerSimon Keith Humber (Portsmouth FC)
Assistant ProducerDavid Casey (unable to decide for a team - but likes good matches)
Lead ProgrammerAndrew Eades (Millwall FC)
Main ProgrammerRichie Turner (Sheffield United FC)
Assistant ProgrammerPeter Johnson
ProgrammingRichard Parr, Leo Skirenko (Cheese City FC), Asim Naseer, Chris Hardy
Lead ArtistsSimon Swift (West Bromwich Albion FC), Matthew Butler (Simple Farmer FC)
ArtistsSimon Garrigan (Nottingham Forest FC), Pat Beirne (The Good Old Days FC), Steve Martin, David Corless (Tottenham Hotspur FC), Nick Gopolla (West Ham United FC)
Audio EngineeringLee Nicklen (Brighton & Hove Albion)
Research LeadNick de Palma (Millwall FC)
Additional ResearchCraig McCracken (Glasgow Rangers FC), Colin Gough (Chelsea/Glasgow Rangers FC), Daniel Hodgkins (Queens Park Rangers FC)
TestsDrew Waldegrave (The German Team), Steven Frazer (very obstinate), Chris Arnsby (Wolves FC), Nana Penemo (Arsenal FC), Andrew Casey (Manchester United FC)
Public RelationsSimon Byron (Queens Park Rangers - how witty...), Mark Ward (Long Hairs)
Marketing / Product ManagerMatthew Walker (Tottenham Hotspur), Matthew Horton (Arsenal), Sophie, Chris, AurĂ©lie, Marc, Concha, Javi, Tito, Marco
Quality AssuranceLlewelyn Ligas (don't like football...anyway a good man!), Graham Archer (Portsmouth FC - but haven't been there since years!)
Virgin PR ManagerDanielle Woodyatt
Motion CapturingBen Morris (Jim Henson's Creature Shop), Aaron Archer (Barnet FC), Matt Brady (Barnet FC), Lee Pearce (Barnet FC)
English player voicesJohnny Durnin (Portsmouth FC), Adrian Whitbread
Thanks toGillette, Daihatsu, Sybase, Claranet
"Celebration Suite" composed byAirto Moreira, Released by TUMBA MUSIC (BMI), Administrated by Bug Music Inc.
ESCAPE video compression systemsEidos Technologies Limited

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