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Void Mine Credits

33 people

Void Mine

DesignLuis Lodos
DevelopmentLuis Lodos
MusicLuis Lodos
Art and AnimationItahisa López
TestersÓliver Santana, Jose Adelmo Hernãndez, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Alejandro Santana, Atta, Isma Ojeda (credited as Isma), Fer, Isra
Help in PromotionJose Adelmo
German TranslationMarcel Weyers (Tolma4 Team)
Russian TranslationTolma4 Team
French TranslationSimon Larguier (SilverWater)
ProofreadersIsma Ojeda, Nick King, Cambridge Proofreading
SoundsSpoonsandlesss, Futureprobe, Dw, Keemocore, Felipelnv, Jorick Bronius (credited as Jorickhoofd), Thanvannispen, Kevdurr, Natty, Littlerobotsoundfactory, Gowlermusic, Richerlandtv, WaveplayOld, Jonathan Shaw (credited as InspectorJ), Felfa, Mystiscool
Copyright© Eteru Studio 2019

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