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Voyage Credits

76 people (70 developers, 6 thanks)

The Adventure Company: Production

ProducerYann Tisseyre
Executive ProducerGeorge Chastain Jr.

The Adventure Company: Marketing / PR

Product ManagerLorraine Lue
Associate Product ManagerChris Nesbitt
North American PR CoordinatorDuane Brown

The Adventure Company: Creative Content

Graphics Department SupervisorEdward Hatim
Lead IllustratorRussell Challenger
Graphic DesignersEsther Sucre, Jay Kinsella

The Adventure Company: Quality Assurance

QA ManagerMike Adams
Lead TesterDan Dawang
QA TeamAnthony Finelli, Vasso T. Kontoulis, Adrian Miller, Jeremy Norel, Daniel Torreblanca, Robert Wieland

The Adventure Company: Senior Management

President & CEORichard Wah Kan
V.P. ProductionRobert Stevenson
V.P. MarketingMarshall Zwicker
CFOSean Carr

Kheops Studio

Managing DirectorBenoît Hozjan
Technical DirectorStéphane Petit
Project ManagerBenoît Hozjan
Lead Game DesignerAlexia Lang
Artistic DirectionFranck Letiec
Lead ProgrammerWilfried Hinault
Game DesignEtienne Gry
Additional ContributionsFrancis Pacherie, Jean-Charles Vidal
ProgrammingStéphane Petit, Frédéric Jaume, Olivier Nemoz
Graphics / Designs:Frédérick Pinasseau
Graphics: Comics, Storyboards, CharactersNicolas Hess
Additional GraphicsDen Fox, Gabriel Kerlidou
Quality AssuranceEtienne Gry
Sound Design and IntegrationJean-Baptiste Merland, Thierry Dilger
Music (Composition and Direction)Yan Volsy
Castings and Recordings / English DirectionJames Shuman
Castings and Recordings / French DirectionJean-Baptiste Merland
Special Thanks toStéphane Truffert, Thierry Miquel, Olivier Demangel, Olivier Goguel, Alban Kubs, Hope you get well soon Sebastien D.!

Graphical Production by MZONE STUDIO

ManagementMartial Brard, Philippe Grellier
3D Modeling and AnimationsMartial Brard, Philippe Grellier, Hervé Castaing, Éric Bellanger, Julien Brard, Christophe Leclerc, Franck Le Dorze, Julien Le Tallec

Recorded at Studio Bande Annonce

Production byFrançois DuSollier
English VoicesPatrick Floersheim, Allan Wenger
French VoicesPatrick Floersheim, Patrice Melennec

The Adventure Company: Additional Credits (Manual)

Published byThe Adventure Company
DreamCatcher Europe, CEORichard Wah Kan
Business Development DirectorOlivier Pierre
VP & CFORoch Roustan
Sales DirectorStéphane Grynszpan
Marketing Director EMEASimon Vivien
Products Managers EMEAFrédérique Barkoff, John Gordon
Junior Product ManagerPhilippe Rapin
Marketing Artistic Director EMEAOdile Mousseau
Website EMEAEric Connille
Graphist EMEAHervé Daigmorte
Manufacturing Manager EMEABastien Lepetit
Logistic Assistant EMEAThomas Justino
LocalisationChristine Gervillié
ProductionYann Tisseyre
Marketing Manager GermanyChristian Streil
Product Manager FranceChristine Pestel (Nobilis)
Label Manager UKDeane Punter (Koch Media)
Product Manager SpainCarlos Mateos (Proein)
Product Manager ItalyFabio Cerutti (Atari)

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In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Robert Stevenson, 118 other games
Marshall Zwicker, 89 other games
Patrice Melennec, 81 other games
Richard Wah Kan, 79 other games
Dan Dawang, 79 other games
Mike Adams, 68 other games
George Chastain Jr., 66 other games
Olivier Pierre, 60 other games
Russell Challenger, 55 other games
Vasso T. Kontoulis, 52 other games
Frédérique Barkoff, 48 other games
Odile Mousseau, 48 other games
Jean-Baptiste Merland, 47 other games
Chris Nesbitt, 44 other games
Lorraine Lue, 44 other games
Esther Sucre, 42 other games
Jay Kinsella, 42 other games
Martial Brard, 41 other games
Adrian Miller, 40 other games
Anthony Finelli, 38 other games
Philippe Grellier, 34 other games
Stéphane Petit, 33 other games
Allan Wenger, 32 other games
Simon Vivien, 32 other games
Yann Tisseyre, 32 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76367) and Foxhack (30193)