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Main menu
Episode selection with all episodes installed.
Choosing an episode: Episode 1.
Episode 1 - Opening title
Episode 1 - Meet Lee Everett, a good man whose life took a bad turn. And the worse is yet to come...
Episode 1 - Tough awakening
Episode 1 - That can't be good...
Episode 1 - Lee explores the garden, looking for a safe place.
Episode 1 - Your first zombie. Isn't she cute?
Episode 1 - Meeting Clementine, a little girl you'll have to protect.
Episode 1 - A place every fan of the comics knows: Hershel's farm.
Episode 1 - Hershel is one of the characters from the comics appearing in the game
Episode 1 - You must choose to lie or tell the truth, and face the consequences
Episode 1 - The revised dialog layout system (compare to the previous screenshot).
Episode 1 - Clementine soon grows attached to Lee protecting her.
Episode 1 - Clementine is attacked!
Episode 1 - You must repel the zombie through a QTE.
Episode 1 - Meeting the other survivors. Not all of them are nice people...
Episode 1 - Kenny and Katjaa's first concern is their son Duck.
Episode 1 - Good thing the zombies don't know how to open this iron gate...
Episode 1 - The motel has been overrun by walkers.
Episode 1 - That was close.
Episode 1 - The survivors free a girl that was trapped.
Episode 1 - Lee faces a tough decision.
Episode 1 - Walkers swarm the drugs store.
Episode 1 - Larry has a few harsh words for Lee's actions.
Episode 1 - The survivors decide to stay at the motel because it is defendable and it has a lot of light.
Episode 1 - Your choices stacked against those of players worldwide.
Episode 2 - An early scene with Kenny, Mark and Lee (left to right).
Episode 2 - Title screen
Episode 2 - Clementine shows what she has been drawing.
Episode 2 - A QTE where Lee pokes out the eyes of a zombie.
Episode 2 - The group discovers the bandits.
Episode 2 - Meeting Brenda St. John and her sons Andrew and Danny at the diary farm.
Episode 2 - Lee explores the garden and can attempt to fix the swing.
Episode 2 - Lee and Mark patrol the fence to look for weak points.
Episode 2 - Fixing a part of the fence where a walker got tangled up.
Episode 2 - A walker blocks the tractor's path.
Episode 2 - You will need to leave behind Clem for a while.
Episode 2 - A strange woman in a bandit camp.
Episode 2 - Fortunately Katjaa can help out with the farmers' only remaining cow.
Episode 2 - Larry takes a liking to Brenda.
Episode 2 - A rather disturbing room
Episode 2 - Finally the entire group can enjoy some dinner.
Episode 2 - Kenny has to make a tough choice if you can't.
Episode 2 - Clementine needs comforting after witnessing something gruesome.
Episode 2 - Lilly has to endure a lot in this episode.
Episode 2 - The farm at night, in the rain
Episode 2 - Lee examines a car that has been left behind.
Episode 3 - Title screen
Episode 3 - Sniping sequence with a tough choice
Episode 3 - Kenny and Lee are attacked in the city while gathering supplies.
Episode 3 - Carley has something she needs to tell Lee, assuming she made it to this episode.
Episode 3 - Dialogue options during a standoff with the bandits.
Episode 3 - Driving the RV away from the motel.
Episode 3 - Lee has had it with Lilly's accusations.
Episode 3 - Clementine saw a lot again.
Episode 3 - The RV cannot continue because the train blocks the path.
Episode 3 - Duck becomes ill.
Episode 3 - Instructions to get the train going.
Episode 3 - Chuck is a new character in this episode, he lives in the train.
Episode 3 - Lee cuts Clem's hair so she doesn't get grabbed easily by the walkers.
Episode 3 - An obstacle in the train's path.
Episode 3 - The survivors were desperate here.
Episode 3 - Clem has to her gun practice to use.
Episode 3 - Omid needs to help Lee out.
Episode 4 - The group arrives in the city of Savannah.
Episode 4 - Title screen
Episode 4 - Clem is eager to look for her parents.
Episode 4 - The group needs to flee inside a house when they are overrun by walkers.
Episode 4 - Inside the house, Omid can barely walk.
Episode 4 - Kenny discovers something in the attic.
Episode 4 - A mysterious scavenger appears.
Episode 4 - Meet Molly, an important character for this episode.
Episode 4 - Lee discovers survivors that have been hiding in the sewers.
Episode 4 - Inside Crawford's school
Episode 4 - A first-person shooter sequence
Episode 4 - Watching an old video.
Episode 4 - Kenny can barely contain his rage.
Episode 4 - Clem becomes more involved with the group's decisions.
Episode 4 - Plenty of walkers, as usual
Episode 4 - An action sequence fighting a walker.
Episode 4 - Clem and Lee reunited.
Episode 4 - Ben is grabbed in the tower.
Episode 5 - Walkers take over the city.
Episode 5 - Title screen
Episode 5 - Lee doesn't feel well.
Episode 5 - Sneaking through the elevator shaft past some walkers.
Episode 5 - There was a little accident on top of the hospital.
Episode 5 - Walkers try to enter the mansion, you need to cut off their hands.
Episode 5 - Taking a stand.
Episode 5 - A dead couple
Episode 5 - Lee attempts to rescue Christa
Episode 5 - It doesn't look very sturdy.
Episode 5 - Surrounded by walkers.
Episode 5 - Clem needs to support Lee.