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Wallace & Gromit in Muzzled! Credits

Telltale Inc.

Executive ProducersDan Connors, Kevin Bruner
ProducerFranklin Alioto
DesignerSean Vanaman
WriterSean Vanaman
DirectorSean Vanaman
Art DirectionPeter Tsaykel
ProgrammingAndrew Langley
ChoreographyDennis Lenart
Music ComposerJared Emerson-Johnson
DesignersAndy Hartzell, Joe Pinney
Director of DesignDavid Grossman
AnimatorsTim Reardon, Jessica Lozano, Jeffrey Sarre
ProgrammersRobert Oates, Kevin Bruner
ChoreographersEric Parsons, Nick Herman, Marco Brezzo
Senior ModelersBrian Gillies
Environment ModelersDrew Di Domenico, Jason Findley
Character ModelersJason Findley, Jonathan Sgro
Technical Art & EffectsMichael Perretta, Smith Roberts, Jonathan Sgro
Interface & Title DesignJake Rodkin
Concept ArtistRyan Jones
ProductionCesar Bittar
TestingWill Armstrong
TestersAlex Cannon, Jeremy Acs, Nick Mastroianni, Shaun Finney, Scott Melzer
Sound DesignBay Area Sound, Julian Kwasneski, Jared Emerson-Johnson
Sound ImplementationDamian Kastbauer, Jared Emerson-Johnson
Voice DirectionJulian Kwasneski
Voice ProductionBay Area Sound Inc.
Music RecordingAudioSFX
Recording EngineersBill Storkson, Ramon Wesselink
Web DevelopmentDoug Tabacco, Mike Watson
Web & Graphic DesignJake Rodkin, Gary Lu
Web Production ArtistDavid Eggers
Web ProducerEric Eberhardt
ITDoug Tabacco, Stan Shambaugh
Video Production ArtistNick Herman
Build & Distribution EngineerJohn Seggerson (Seg), Stan Shambaugh
Product SupportWill Armstrong, Emily Morganti, Alex Cannon, Shaun Finney, Scott Melzer
Marketing & PRJoel Dreskin, Emily Morganti
PublishingJames Lamorticelli
OperationsAndre Blanadet, Rhoda Gravador-Kao, Greg Koll, Brian Piech, Lindsay Speth
LegalMark Barbolak
Director of ArtDavid Bogan
Director of Production TechnologyJonathan Sgro
Lead Graphics ProgrammerCarlo Morgantini
Created with the Telltale ToolKevin Bruner, Jonathan Sgro, David Graham McDermott, Randy Tudor, Carlo Morgantini, Ben Ingram, Andy Vella
Additional ModelingKaren Purdy
Additional AnimationJason Armstrong
Additional DesignersJake Forbes, Greg Land, Heather Lee Logas
Focus TestersMark Maloney (Monkey Alarm), Kristi Maloney, Tobiah Marks, Mary Jo Tamimi, Lena Tamimi, Shadi Haddad, Anthony Puccinelli, Richard Pastrick
Special ThanksChris Hollenbeck, Phil Sanderson, John Ciachella, Colin Weil, Jennifer Kloepping, All hail the parental units and significant other, Tony Lozano (for his cute and cuddliness), Jazz Lozano (for her cute and cuddliness), John Brezzo, Bonnie Brezzo, Charlotte Bush, Pietro Brezzo, Stephanie Brezzo, Steven Dorsey, Linh Chau, Susan Quinn, Dennis Bush, Judy Bush, Alexandra C. Alquati (Fiancée of Andrew Langley), Jimmi Thøgersen, Anna Embree, Thanks to David for a friendly hello and a clean workspace, Mom, Dad, Alexandra Nathan, My loving family and friends, Ron Lytle (Love and thanks to my wonderful partner), 'All of the sweet and none of the sting!', Gwendolyn Sgro, Owen Bentley Sgro, Luke Sgro, April and Bashir for always being there for me, Jen Sarre, Noah Sarre, Stacey Heuer, Ella Rae Heuer, My friends and family for all their support, To my wife Julie: Thank you for putting up with me. I love you, John Lyons, Geoffrey Evans (my other half), Vic Lenart (for his endless support), Donna Lenart (for her endless support), Marco and Daniel for putting up with my endless questions, Erin for being the best girlfriend and alarm clock, Ashley Alioto (THANK YOU! Love lots), Dylann Alioto (THANK YOU! Love lots), Michael Alioto, Jim Armstrong, Cathy Armstrong, Jake Armstrong, Laura White


Cornet, Trumpets, Flugelhorn, French Horn, FluteDaniel Gianola-Norris
Trombone & TubaChip Tingle
Clarinet & SaxophonesJordan Wardlaw
Oboe & English HornDenis Harper
BassoonMiranda Kincaid


Wallace & Gromit Main ThemeJulian Nott


WallaceBen Whitehead
Monty MuzzleStraun Rogers
Felicity FlittHeather Coombs
PaneerPeter Marinker
P.C. DibbinsDean Williamson
Winnie GabberleyEmma Tate
Major CrumGlen McCready
Mr. GabberleyMark Estdale
Duncan McBiscuitDavid Rintoul

Outsource Media London

Casting byMark Estdale, Rachel Lankester
Voice Director UKMark Estdale
Recording Engineer UKJuanma Delfin
Dialogue Editors UKKit Challis, Luke Boniface, Tim Vasilakis
Production Admin UKTamsin Pearson

Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

ProducersMark Coates, Scott Berfield, Andrew Williams
Test LeadIan Chursky, Hakim Ronaque
Release Management TeamJosh Mulanax, Shu-I Chang, Alex Shogren (Excell Data Corporation)
Software Test ManagerMatt Golz
Product Planning & Business TeamCherie Lutz, David J. Edery
MarketingJason Ing, Kristen Miyake
PRJulianne Diaz
VMC Mat TesterTyler Barrett, Jeremiah Armstrong, Karl Wadesauer
International Project ManagerMalika Kherfi
Localization Software EngineerKevin Cooke
Lead Localization Test EngineerGary Smith
LocalizationRicardo Cordoba, Shinya Muto, Masato Ishida, Gary Smith
Recon Test TeamMark McAllister, Matt Giddings (Volt)
Black Ops Test TeamJoe Djorgee, Andrew Warthen (Volt)
Special ThanksOliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo, Scott Fintel, Ted Woolsey

Aardman Animations Ltd.

Based on characters created byNick Park
TeamSean Clarke, Gareth Overton-Edwards, Jacqui Lyons, Guy Herbert, Loyd Price, Angie Last, Jess Houston, Rob Goodchild, Hayley Dean, Lucy Wendover, Michael Cooper, Rachael Carpenter

Telltale Interns

Special Assistant to Mr. PinneyBertrand Fegg (PhD)
Personal Trainer to Mr. SarreBig McLargeHuge
Insult Fodder to Mr. LangleyYour mother
Bee Dance InstructorJames Howlett (Jivin')
Claymation Thumbprint ImprinterRegina Bletherweather
Slide Whistle SpecialistCarrie Sphiltz
Expense Report PadderOliver J. Underfarthing
Foot LathererLila Phuss-Brainard
Gentriciation ConsultantHoward Aerdayle
Lead Quality SmugglerR. G. Bartleby
Warm Color Texture AnalystSarah Highwater-Marx
Cool Color Texture AnalaystJames Jaynes
Mobile Foot Rest to Mr. VanamanBobby Pickles
Not Appearing as HimselfRicardo Montalban
Grape Seed RemovalAriel Mariel Brown
Stance AdjustmentLyle Mendicant
Craft Services at 62 West WallabySt. Hilga Humbledickle's Nosh
3.5" Disk GuardianFranco Germani

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