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AusGamers (Aug 05, 2009)
Veteran players will recognise some repeats or twists on previously presented situations (the Squirrel feeding tray being the most obvious), but in general the is another delightful venture into a well loved claymation world of fun, and a charming way to finish the series. The humour is still here, with genuine laugh out loud moments that will stay with you a long time, thank you Tell Tale Games, please revisit the W & G universe again.
Telltale Games once again has a hit on their hands. I plan to buy the compilation disc with all four episodes as soon as I can afford it. Muzzled! and The Bogey Man are easy to install, easy to configure, easy to play, have a great sense of humor all the way through, and have stories that are kid-friendly. They are a worthwhile addition to anyone’s collection, regardless of age group.
Fans of Wallace & Gromit will appreciate the fine details of the visuals in the game, from the first moment when Wallace wakes up and slips down (or, rather, slides down) for his morning breakfast.
Thunderbolt Games (Sep 24, 2009)
The visual style of Episode 4 is virtually indistinguishable from the previous games, but that isn’t really a problem. Bold use of colors makes each scene clear, easy to understand, and generally clean enough to search through. Small cameos and inside jokes also lie in wait for seasoned Wallace and Gromit fans; one such joke even manages to worm its way into Telltale’s first Monkey Island chapter. While I did not personally find “The Bogey Man” to be as enthralling as “Muzzled”, it is certainly one of the best games of the series and will no doubt appeal to fans and newcomers alike.
78 (Sep 13, 2009)
So, all in all we're not getting a grand finaly, but there are still some nice parts present here and there. The overall experience, however, doesn't go much beyond average and eventhough it's fine to pass the time between two top games, it will never become a classic.
76 (Aug 06, 2009)
Die ANkunft von Tales of Monkey Island hat der Wallace & Gromit-Reihe das Genick gebrochen. Gegen die geballte Power von Guybrush Threepwood und seiner Mannschaft kommt das liebenswerte, aber harmlose Duo einfach nicht an - die Motivation geht in den Keller. Obwohl auch im Finale wieder viel Flair geboten wird, macht es dieses Mal daher viel weniger Spaß, die Knetmasse-Männchen durch die britische Landschaft zu scheuchen. Zudem macht Telltale den Fehler, das Finale wie ein stinknormale Episode zu gestalten. Recycelte Charaktere, altbekannte Gebäude und die Rätselhäppchen, alles wie gehabt - wo ist denn hier das Besondere? Da hilft es auch nicht viel, dass sich dieser Teil mit der britischsten aller Rasensportarten, dem Golfen, befasst. Immerhin gibt's im Clubhaus noch ein paar echte Kopfnüsse, die aber auch nicht so schwer sind, da es genug Hinweise gibt. Vom bevorstehenden Finale von Tales of Monkey Island wird dann hoffentlich mehr zu erwarten sein, sonst gibt's Saures!
It's hard not to feel some disappointment with the way the series ends off. The episode's final chaotic moments are certainly clever and comical, but the drab, anticlimactic conclusion deflates the fun. The golf-centric nature of the episode may also turn some players off, especially if they share Ms. Flitt's aunt's loathing of the sport. The Bogey Man isn't really a bad installment; it just lacks some of the energy and flair of past episodes in certain areas. While we're hopeful Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures pick up again with more zany exploits in the near future, it's unfortunate to have it sputter out the way it does.
IGN (Aug 20, 2009)
This is the fourth and last chapter in the series, and it feels a bit claustrophobic mainly because Telltale recycles so many assets and locations from before. We understand that's the nature of the episodic beast, but it doesn't change the fact that it feels like we've seen much of this game before. Still, this four episode series has felt like a welcome shot of Wallace & Gromit, with all the invention and charm that the duo is known for.
Girl Gamers UK (Aug 11, 2009)
The game was pretty easy to get my head around and the storyline was entertaining and funny, as so many of the grand adventures are. As I continue through the engaging storyline I end up at the country club where I meet a rather annoying man who offers to play golf with me. His laugh is very annoying, so much so that I wanted to throw my mouse at the screen. This game is great if you've played all the other Wallace and Gromit games, even though I found the pace a little bit on the slow side at times. The puzzles were interesting and logical, some were easy, and some needed a little more brain power. Children and fans will love this delightful game, the graphics and gameplay don't let it down to be honest. If you've loved Nick Park's animation, then you're being in for real treat with this new adventure. Great character voices blended with fine animation made this an excellent video game experience.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 04, 2009)
In Wallace & Gromit: The Bogey Man muss ich häufiger um die Ecke denken als bisher. Oft bedarf es mehrerer Schritte und Gegenstände, bis das Ziel erreicht ist. An anderer Stelle hat sich Telltale aber nicht verbessert. Objekte werden gelegentlich nicht dargestellt, und deutsche Fans müssen sich wieder mit englischen Sprechern begnügen. Alles in allem ist The Bogey Man aber ein würdiger Abschluss einer sympathischen Adventure-Serie.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 28, 2009)
Passen Wallace & Gromit niet in Telltales adventureformule? Of heeft Telltale er gewoon niet zijn beste team op gezet? Feit is dat Wallace & Gromit zwakker is dan de andere Telltale-avonturen.
The Bogey Man is a perfectly decent and enjoyable final journey for Wallace and Gromit. It doesn't do anything exceptionally daring or different, but thanks to a few choice puzzles and exciting moments, it avoids being too stuffy and stolid. Now that the series is completed, Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures have certainly proven to be the most British adventure game series we've played, with a scattering of marvelously and ridiculously adventurous moments among a slower-paced, more laid back affair. We wouldn't rate it above, say, Sam & Max Season Two or Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, but for fans of Nick Park's animated creations, they're as an authentic a videogame experience as you'll ever find, and you may just have a fair amount of laughs along the way.
Destructoid (Aug 05, 2009)
The Bogey Man is a perfectly servicable, if unspectacular finale to Telltale's great Wallace and Gromit series. A new puzzle structure, improved writing, and more challenging brain-twisters make this episode feel entirely fresh. The series may not end with a bang, but The Bogey Man sure as heck isn't a whimper.
Adventure Gamers (Aug 10, 2009)
In the end, there isn’t a whole lot wrong with The Bogey Man, but there isn’t anything particularly memorable either. That would be fine if this were the middle of the series, but as a conclusion, it’s a little disappointing. Still, as its own entity, it remains a fun adventure that most players will find a fair way to spend an afternoon.
Gamer Limit (Aug 10, 2009)
The finale of Telltale's episodic Wallace and Gromit content is a mixed bag, with some elements seeing an improvement and others taking a step backwards. If you have the previous episodes then you will want to play this game to see the story out to completion, otherwise you may want to look elsewhere for your adventure game fix.