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Wanted: Weapons of Fate Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game title
Menu screen
The special bullet is back, now as a loading screen
Shooting a corpse!
Taking cover
The game is bloody
When flanking you can ignore defense...
... and shoot in the back like a coward
And if enemy is near a good knife is a quick way to kill them
Curving bullets it's a nice way to kill bastards without giving them the chance to know they are just about to die. Sweet!
With enough adrenaline you can rush and kill several enemies at once
There is no health indicator. When you are going to die, everything turns black and white...
The rat bombs are back here...
Introducing the bastards from hell... not their real name, but you are going to yell them that way when you realize you can't kill them... no matter how hard you try. Shit...
In close combat a knife it's not the only way to kill, a strong knee-in-the-face it's also good enough
Sloan and your father are back too. In sort of a way...
...and yes, it's more fun to play with your father