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Complete Walkthrough #1 (For majority of players)Contributed by Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker (487) on Dec 07, 2004.

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    #########   #### ## ##        ######   ######  #### ##  ######   #######

W A R B L A D E V 1.2c

--------------------------------- F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H ---------------------------------

--- P L A Y E R E D I T I O N ---

by Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker

FAQ V0.3 (10th November 2004) (Additions and corrections)

GAME FAQ'D: Warblade DEVELOPER : Edgar M Vigdal PUBLISHER : Shareware ( PLATFORMS : PC Windows RELEASED : 25th August 2004 (Version 1.2c) 24th August 2004 (Version 1.2b) 22nd August 2004 (Version 1.2) 30th May 2004 (Version 1.1) 14th December 2003 (Version 1.0)




------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00 - I N T R O D U C T I O N ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE GAME ======== Warblade is a shareware shoot-em-up written and designed by Edgar M Vigdal. It's actually a continuation of a shareware game he maintained on the Amiga called Deluxe Galaga. When he decided to move it onto the PC he changed its name Warblade to avoid any possible legal entanglements with the owners of Galaga.

Warblade itself is an incredibly addictive game in the RETRO-STYLEE (think Galaga). The fact that so many people keep playing Warblade (nee Deluxe Galaga) after all these years is a testament to classic playability and Vigdal's ingenuity.

Warblade is still being developed by Edgar M Vigdal on his website at:

This is the only place you can purchase Warblade, and you can probably guess that I strongly recommend that you pay $15 USD and do just that!



THIS FAQ (WHAT DOES "PLAYER" VERSION MEAN?) =========================================== This is the PLAYER version of the Warblade FAQ, designed for 95% of Warblade players, including beginners and intermediate players. There is a separate COMPLETIST FAQ for players who already know everything in this FAQ and want to extend the playability of the game past 1 billion points!

The reason for separate FAQs is two-fold:

Firstly, the gameplay of Warblade is sort of split in two. There's the completing of the first 100 levels (which is one way to complete Warblade) and the unlocking of the secrets in your profile (this is another) and reaching a profile busting 1,000,000,000 points! All of *this* is covered in *this* FAQ.

The COMPLETIST FAQ covers the further ways of completing Warblade, specifically the attainment of secret ranks (which will push even the most dedicated player to extremes).

Since it is impossible (more or less) to complete to get the secret ranks and other such secrets, without completing the game this way first, the two have been separated.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the reason the information is split between two files is because it is argued (quite passionately by some Warblade fans) that a large portion of Warblade's replay factor comes from hunting out and finding its secrets for yourself.

So, for this reason only *19* of the 30 secrets are explained in this FAQ. These 19 secrets are used in day-to-day play of the game and are very useful to getting highscores etc. The other 11 secrets were designed with longevity in mind for advanced players to discover, and are only really useful to them.

You'll know when you're ready for the COMPLETIST FAQ (if you ever decide to go down that path!), so don't bother spoiling the later parts of the game for yourself until you've spent, at the very least, a few months playing Warblade solidly and have tried to figure out a few secrets for yourself!

All 30 of the cryptic "secrets" are available to buy in the game's shop and listed in this FAQ, only the aforementioned 19 will be explained, meaning you can try and decipher the remaining 11 as you like.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF THIS FAQ ============================ Hi!

I decided to write this Warblade FAQ because no-one has ever done one before! Plus it's such a rich game that I thought it deserved to be documented properly.

This FAQ is a tad controversial; some hardcore players of Warblade insist that every user should be forced to figure out every single secret by themselves. If you're like me though, you don't have the time and quite frankly you'll enjoy Warblade just as much whether you know everything or not. Also, not being able to get very far in the game is a *frustrating* experience, not a fun one!

If this FAQ seems a little "over protective" of Warblade's secrets at time, it's because of this hardcore fanbase influence. Rest assured however, that everything will be told to you here, I won't keep anything hidden... it's up to YOU to decide how much you want to know!

If you spot anything missing or anything you think could be improved upon in this FAQ, please email me and you'll receive full credit in the FAQ.

thunderpeel2001 @ sbcglobal . net (remove the spaces)

Finally, a big thanks to the Warblade fans who have supported the creation of this FAQ! I hope you enjoy Warblade even more as a result of reading it!


- Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker

CONTRIBUTORS LIST ================= The author is extremely grateful to the following people:

Miss Janet - Help with the changes in 1.2c and other useful corrections! Mark Young - A lot of nice additions and corrections! Bonito - Minor additions and corrections Warblademaster (EasyAlan) - Lots of stuff! Hitman - Taking the time to create a logo for the FAQ!

If there's anyone I've forgotten please email me (sorry!).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 00 - C O N T E N T S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What there is and where to find it:

1.0 - G A M E B A S I C S

1.1 - STATUS BAR - A simple guide to the status bar 1.2 - ICONS - A list of all the icons you can collect in game

2.0 - I N T O T H E G A M E

2.1 - SHOP - A guide to what you can buy in the Shop 2.2 - NOTABLE SHIPS - Who you might meet in Warblade! :)

3.0 - F U R T H E R I N

3.1 - BONUS AND KAMAKAZE LEVELS - A guide to these sublevels 3.2 - SUB-GAMES - A guide to Meteorstorms and Memory Stations 3.3 - UNLOCKABLE BONUSES - What you can unlock in your profile 3.4 - HIDDEN UNLOCKABLE BONUSES - What else you can unlock in your profile ;)

4.0 - W A L K T H R O U G H

4.1 - WALKTHROUGH - A basic strategy guide for the game

5.0 - A D V A N C E D S T U F F

5.1 - THE 30 SECRETS - All the secrets you can unlock in the game

6.0 - M O R E A D V A N C E D S T U F F

6.1 - ADVANCED STRATEGY - A small list of handy things you can do 6.2 - RANKS - A guide to the different ranks you can achieve

7.0 - L E V E L G U I D E

7.1 - THE COMPLETE LEVEL GUIDE! - A list of all 100 levels for reference!

8.0 - O T H E R G A M E M O D E S

8.1 - TIME TRIAL MODE - A short guide to this short game! 8.2 - TWO PLAYER MODE - Coming soon!

9.0 - THANKS, LINKS AND COPYRIGHT - A list of important thanks

=============================================================================== 1.0 - G A M E B A S I C S ===============================================================================

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 - S T A T U S B A R -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There are some important fundamentals you need to know when you're playing Warblade. Probably the most important thing is being able to decipher that bar on the left side of the screen!

This is your Status Bar and although some of it is pretty obvious, but I'll go through it all anyway:

$xxx --- The top figure is how much money you have. The maximum you can collect is $99,990, but can that be increased? I wonder! ;)

/\ --- The next thing is the amount of lives you have left. You can /\ have a maximum of four. If you collect an extra life while /\ you've already got four you'll get a nice bonus! /\

X2/X5 --- The next display is your X2 or X5 point indicator. This appears after you collect a X2 or X5 icon. This will multiply (by 2 or 5) any points you collect (but not money sadly :). You can NOT have X5 AND X2 at the same time :(

E --- After that it's the E-X-T-R-A icons you've collected. If you X collect all five you will be awarded an extra life! T R A

=== --- This a listing of the RANK MARKERS you've currently collected === (as dropped by Boss Baddies, Hurry Up ships or collected in === Memory Stations). If you collect all six you will be given a === higher rank the next time you exit a Shop screen. === ===

(V) --- After that is displayed how many pieces of Armour you have. Armour is very useful and can be collected or bought in the (V) Shop. If you get hit while wearing Armour it will absorb it and give you a protective shield for a few seconds afterwards before disappearing. You can have a maximum of 2 pieces at one time.

======= --- The next thing your SPEED (Blue) bar. This is how fast your ship is. You can increase this by collecting S icons or buying Speed in the Shop. Tip: You need to become used to using your ship at high speeds if you want to do well in Warblade!

======= --- Your BULLETS (Red) bar is also very important. This is the number of bullets you can have on screen at once... the more the better, obviously! Collect B icons or buy Extra Bullets in the Shop to increase this.

======= --- The third bar is the TIME (Green) bar. This is a VERY important bar. It alters how long each bonus you collect will last and how much time you get in Memory Stations! Initially you start off with only a maximum of 30 seconds, but there is a way of increasing this maximum to 90! Collect CLOCK icons or buying Extra Time in the Shop will increase this bar to its max.

There are a few extra icons that will appear in the status bar as you get further into the game. These are...

======= --- Bullet Speed. This only appears after level 100 and the more full it is, the faster your bullets travel (which means you can fire more bullets!). You can only increase this by collecting the Bullet Speed icons that appear after level 100.

ROCKETS --- Any homing missiles you collect will be displayed here (max 10 50).

FREEZE --- The word FREEZE will appear once you've collected a Freeze icon. While it's displayed the baddies can't move!

021 --- The silver number that may appear after level 100 is a list of how many Secrets you have unlocked in the current game (the maximum is 30).

188 --- The number in red directly above you current level is the Gem Counter. This lists how many Gems you have collected in the current game (the maximum displayed is 999).

At the bottom of your status bar is always...

LEVEL --- The Level Display. Written in green at the bottom of the status 012 bar is your current level in three digits (eg. 001 or 212 etc)

There are also icons that appear next to your ship. These are always TIME BASED bonuses you have picked up (and are thus affected by the Time (Green) bar). When the bar above the icon shrinks and disappears, the affects of the bonus you collected are gone.

These bonuses are:


(For a description of what each of these do, see the ICONS section below.)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.2 - I C O N S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here's a complete rundown of all 43(!) in-game icons that baddies can drop in game! Phew!


S (SPEED) / Increase your Ship's speed (Blue Bar) / 25,000 B (BULLET) / Increase the number of bullets you can fire (Red bar)/ 25,000

BULLET SPEED / Increase the Speed of your bullets (after level 100) / 0 (!?!)

1 SHOT / The most annoying icon in the game! / Bullet +1 DOUBLE SHOT / Change your current weapon to Double Shot / Bullet +1 TRIPLE SHOT / Change your current weapon to Triple Shot / Bullet +1 QUAD SHOT / Change your current weapon to Quad Shot / Bullet +1

AUTOFIRE / Autofire / 25,000 ARMOUR / Armour to protect your ship from one hit (max 2) / 25,000 EXTRA LIFE / An Extra Life for you to collect! (Heart Icon) / Armour or 1,000,000

RED SKULL / Lesser weapon/Slower speed/Less bullets / --- GREEN SKULL / Lesser weapon/Slower speed/Less bullets / --- BLUE SKULL / Lesser weapon/Slower speed/Less bullets / ---

E / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 100 X / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 100 T / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 100 R / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 100 A / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 100

EXTRA TIME / Increase the time that Bonuses last (Green bar) / 25,000

X2 / Temporarily doubles all points you collect / 0 X5 / Temporarily times all the points you collect by 5! / 0 SCOOP / Scoop up baddies and turn them into extra guns (temp)/ 0 SHIELD / Temporary invulnerability / 0 MIRROR MODE / Temporarily create a mirror image of yourself / 0 DRUNK MODE / Temporarily reverse left and right! (Eek!) / 0

SILVER COIN / 10 Credits! / 100 pts GOLD COIN / 50 Credits! / 500 pts GREEN COIN / 100 Credits! / 1000 pts BLUE COIN / 200 Credits! / 2000 pts

? / This can be any of the above icons (feel lucky? :) / N/A

XC / Double the amount of credits you have / 199,980

GEM BOMB / Instantly turn all on-screen baddies to 1,000 gems! / N/A MONEY BOMB / Instantly turn all on-screen baddies to CASH! / N/A

F (FREEZE) / Momentarily freeze all baddies / 0

METEORSTORM / Transports you to the Meteorstorm subgame / N/A MEMORY STATION / Transports you to the Memory Station subgame / N/A

RED MARKER / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 ^ ORANGE MARKER/ Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 ^ YELLOW MARKER/ Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 ^ GREEN MARKER / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 ^ BLUE MARKER / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 ^ PURPLE MARKER/ Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 ^

DARK PURPLE / Warning: Decreases your rank! / 5,000 ^

NOTE: The BULLET SPEED icon only appears after level 100.

* XPOINTS = The points (or sometimes bonuses) you collect if you've already got said icon (or the maXimum amount of).

^ RANK MARKERS always give 5,000 points regardless if you have them already or not.

=============================================================================== 2.0 - I N T O T H E G A M E ===============================================================================

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 - T H E S H O P -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You will enter the shop after a Kamikaze, Bonus or Big Trouble level if you have 50 credits or more. There are three hidden shop items that need to be unlocked before you can buy them (see HIDDEN UNLOCKABLE BONUSES).

Here's a complete list of the items available in the shop:


Super Autofire - 30,000 * / Superb! But can be unlocked free (see SECRETS) Alien Lock - 15,000 * / Keep captured aliens after warp - very useful! Rocket Pack - 5,000 * / 10 Rockets can be useful for taking out big ships War. I.Plasma - 3,000 / The ultimate weapon! W/ Autofire it's unbeatable. Laser Beam - 2,000 / Very nearly as good! Autofire is again v. useful. Extra Time - 1,500 / Very useful when you can spare the cash. Rank Marker - 1,250 / Already got all 6? It's worth 1 mil. pts instead! Game Secret - 1,000 / See one of the many secrets listed in this FAQ. Fire Balls - 990 / Decent, cheap weapon. Extra Life - 800 / Always nice for security! :) Plasma - 750 / Decent, but worth spending extra on Fire Balls. Ship Armour - 600 / Better than an extra life!! (Max 2) Super Triple - 500 / Best low-grade weapon, only good in early levels. Auto Fire Unit - 400 / Essential for higher weapons and skilled players. Quad - 300 / Slow but powerful, not really recommended. Triple Shot - 200 / Ok for early levels (the first 25) Less Speed - 150 / NEVER BUY THIS! (You'll need top speed!) Double Shot - 100 / Much better than single shot! :) Extra Bullet - 75 / Essential when you can spare the cash. Extra Speed - 50 / Essential when you can spare the cash.

* Hidden items (to unlock these see HIDDEN UNLOCKABLE ITEMS)

It should be noted that buying Rank Markers in the shop will mess up your attempt to unlock any bonuses using them (even if you've only got one marker to go!).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.2 - N O T A B L E S H I P S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There are few big ships that pop up from time to time throughout the game. This is a guide so you know how to react when they cross your path!

HURRY UP SHIP ============= You'll probably see this ship before you see any of the others! :) The HURRY UP ship appears when you've taken too long on a level. It will glide across the top of the screen and fire HOMING MISSILES at you!! (Not very nice, is it?) Once it has made an appearance, it will keep coming back, firing more rockets at you with each pass, until you finish the level.

You need to have a fairly powerful weapon to destroy a HURRY UP ship, also the faster the better (so you can take it out before it decides to fire more missiles!). Because of this Laser Beam is easily the best to beat these things, the only problem is that if you've got a Laser Beam you're probably never going to see a HURRY UP ship! ;)

The homing missiles that the ship fire at you can be extremely annoying, especially before you've played 2,500 levels and turned on MISSLE STEALTH (which makes it harder for the missiles to hit you). (See UNLOCKABLE BONUSES for more information.)

TIP: HURRY UP ships can be useful for collecting certain things.

NOTE: After the appearance of 8 HURRY UP ships on one level, a new ship will appear on the screen: The very handy MONEY SHIP.

MONEY SHIP ========== This is a large, orange and grey, octagonal ship that only appears in the game after you've had 8 HURRY UP ships on one level.

This is a wonderful ship, if you didn't have to tackle 8 HURRY UP ships to make it appear it would be perfect! :) It never fires at you and when it's destroyed it drops a huge bundle of cash (hence its name).

You can expect to collect around 1,000 credits from one of these things.

TIP: Try to make sure it's in the middle of the screen before you destroy it or a lot of the money it drops might be off the screen, out of reach.

MONEY STEALER ============= This one EVIL ship! It usually appears in the middle of a frantic level. You'll notice its arrival from the money being pulled out of your ship! Thankfully it doesn't fire back and is fairly easy to destroy, but you'll be lucky to collect more than you had before it started stealing cash from you.

TIP: You can increase the amount of money the drops when it is destroyed by collecting three BLUE SKULLS. This will change all the money it drops to BLUE COINS (worth 200 credits each!). (Sadly this trick does NOT affect the MONEY SHIP (above), though.)

ROCK-HARD LASER SHIP ==================== This little sucker will also appear in the middle of a level, but usually when there's not many baddies left. It glides across the screen and will only stop to pound a huge green laser directly beneath it. It's not impossible to destroy one of these things, but it's not very easy either. Unless you have Laser Beam or War. I.Plasma, you should forget it (although, Super Triple Shot might come in handy).

TIP: Do NOT try and take this ship on if you have no Armour - you might get fried before you know it!!

TIP: 9 Rockets are an easy way to take this guy out!

Source: Andy (Lord_Pel)

If you manage to destroy it you'll be awarded a rather nifty 10,000,000 for your hard work!

=============================================================================== 3.0 - F U R T H E R I N ===============================================================================

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1 - B O N U S A N D K A M I K A Z E L E V E L S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Every 4th Level alternates between a Bonus or Kamikaze Level (except for the *** Big Trouble *** levels).

KAMIKAZE LEVELS =============== These are pretty easy levels, except that the baddies will sometimes fire at you, so you do have to be reasonably aware of what they're doing. Baddies appear on the screen in waves, in later levels (known as KAMIKAZE! Levels) they float upwards from the bottom of the screen.

To fully exploit the points available on these levels you have to completely destroy each wave. If you do, you'll get a bonus that will increase with each wave you destroy.

The first bonus is always 2,000, the second 4,000 and so on.


2,000 - 1 4,000 - 2 8,000 - 3 16,000 - 4 32,000 - 5 64,000 - 6 128,000 - 7 256,000 - 8 (Level 79) 512,000 - 9 (Level 87) 1,024,000 - 10 (Level 95)

The bonus points are reset at the beginning of each wave (they don't carry forward to the next Kamikaze level) and there's NO additional bonus for destroying them all :(

KAMAKAZE! LEVELS ---------------- There are two KAMAKAZE! levels (note the extra exclamation mark) where the baddies go UP the screen instead of down. These are levels 87 and 95. My advice is to stay to the sides of the screen! :)

BONUS LEVELS ============ These levels are great! Baddies will float onto the screen in big long waves and will NEVER fire at you! Plus if you destroy every baddie you will get a nice bonus (which can turn into a HEFTY bonus after a lot of successful waves)!

The only possible drawback is that sometimes the waves are low in the screen and may drop items you don't want (like the dreaded Single Shot), so you need to be a little careful.

Getting a PERFECT on successive Bonus Levels will increase the bonus you get.


10,000 - 1 25,000 - 2 50,000 - 3 100,000 - 4 250,000 - 5 500,000 - 6 1,000,000 - 7 2,500,000 - 8 5,000,000 - 9 10,000,000 - 10+

Yes, that's right! Complete 10 PERFECT Bonus Levels in a row and you'll get 10 million points (with a X5 that's 50,000,000!)! If you miss one baddie, however, you won't get anything and the next Bonus Level complete will only give you 10,000 points again. Ouch!

Any subsequent PERFECTS will be awarded with 10,000,000 points.

TIP: Bonus Levels are also used in unlocking certain things later on (See the COMPLETIST FAQ for more details).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.2 - S U B - G A M E S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There are two sub-games in Warblade and both of them allow you to collect some great bonuses if you get good at them (or are lucky :). You enter either a Meteorstorm or a Memory Station by collecting their respective icons when they're dropped by a baddie. There's no other way to enter them.

If you complete either you'll be given a pretty nifty bonus, but even if you don't you will not lose any lives or be penalised in anyway. In fact it's a handy way to skip a level that's getting out of hand if an icon should fall your way at an opportune moment.

METEORSTORM =========== To complete a Meteorstorm level you must guide your ship to the end (as indicated by the bar on the right side of the screen) without hitting any, yup, you guessed it, Meteors!

As you've probably come to expect with Warblade, completing one of these things isn't very easy at the best of times (at least in a Normal profile) and so when you do and begin to get good at them, you're rewarded quite handsomely.

There's an added dimension to Meteorstorms that makes them a little more intriguing: You get to control the speed you travel at with the Fire button. The faster you go, the more difficult it is and the more points you get!

You can periodically tap the fire button to maintain a certain speed. The Speed percentage you finish at determines your bonus:


0% - 90% / Extra Meteorstorm bonus / 1,000,000 Points 91% - 97% / Super Meteorstorm bonus / 1,000,000 Points + $1,000 98% - 100% / Extreme Meteorstorm bonus / 5,000,000 Points + $5,000 MAX SPEED / Mega Meteorstorm bonus / 10,000,000 Points + $25,000!

Note: This table is most likely still incomplete, please help me fix it, thanks!!

Thanks to WarbladeMaster for posting some ideas on how it may be set up in 1.2c! Also big thanks to Mark Young for the Extreme Meteorstorm bonus information!

You may end with 100% but you must have kept your finger on the fire button the entire time to get a Mega Meteorstorm bonus!

On top of all this you have large gems and small sums of money falling amongst the Meteors (although I recommend ignoring both -- the bonuses at the end will make up for them!).

Basic Strategy -------------- The first rule of Meteorstorms is only ever go into them when you've got at the very least 50% speed (the blue bar). In a Normal profile I'd strongly recommend 75% or more. Being any slower than this simply means it'll be a rather short trip :) Still, if you just wanted to skip a level then there's no harm done.

You must ask yourself what you're doing the Meteorstorm for, Points or Cash. If it's the former then you can simply mess around with the fire button, going as fast as you can for as long as you can. Doing this for a small amount of time at the beginning of a Meteorstorm will add more to your score than completing a Meteorstorm at slow speeds.

If you're doing it for Cash, then you really must try and make your way to the end, but be prepared, it's not easy!

I recommend trying to keep a reasonable speed from the get go, rather than letting the game get faster on you (although it will by the end). That way you'll get used to avoiding meteors at faster speeds quicker and not become rather useless when the level speeds up.

TIP: To get the biggest bonus you need to finish on 100%, but you should be aware that you don't have to hold the fire button down all the time to get 100%!

After that it's up to you, there's no sure way to do it. Some have suggested making sure you're sitting quite far back from the screen, so you can see it all at once. Others have recommended fixing your eyes to a single point on the screen. I haven't found anything for myself that helps consistently, except being aware of when I need to slow down!

TIP: You can multiply the amount of points you earn by collecting three GREEN SKULLS in one game. By doing so you will be given a X2 or X5 icon at the start of each Meteorstorm!

HINT: Completing several fast Meteorstorms in a row may unlock something special!

MEMORY STATION ============== This is just a simple game of pairs, just match up the icons to complete the level. Each time you complete a level you'll get a bonus and the next time you enter a Memory Station it will be a bigger board with a slightly bigger bonus. Thankfully, not completing a board will not decrease the bonus you get for completing the next one.

Your first bonus will be 25,000 points. Each time you complete a Memory Station this will increase by 25,000 points.

The amount of time you have to match the pairs is how much time you have in your green Time Bar. It's obviously beneficial to have a full Time Bar of 90 seconds, but it's not always possible. You can increase the amount of time you have to collect the pairs with the EXTRA TIME icon that sometimes appears in Memory Stations.

Here's a complete list of all the icons that can appear in a Memory Station.

NOTE: (Advanced players) If you are collecting RANK MARKERS or E-X-T-R-A letters in a certain order you should avoid MEMORY STATIONS. Even collecting the RIGHT letter or Rank Marker will not count towards your goal (and will in fact negate what you've done so far! Don't ask me why!)


S (SPEED) / Increase your Ship's speed (Blue Bar) / 0 B (BULLET) / Increase the number of bullets you can fire (Red bar) / 0 EXTRA LIFE / An Extra Life for you to collect! (Heart Icon) / 0 E / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 0 X / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 0 T / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 0 R / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 0 A / Part of E-X-T-R-A (Collect all 5 for an extra life) / 0 X2 / Temporarily doubles all points you collect / 0 X5 / Temporarily times all the points you collect by 5! / 0 XC / Double the amount of credits you have / 0 GREEN CLOCK / Increases your Green Bar (Time) (NOT the amount of time in the current Memory Station)/ 0

RED MARKER / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 ORANGE MKR / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 YELLOW MKR / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 GREEN MARKER / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 BLUE MARKER / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000 PURPLE MKR / Collect all 6 Rank Markers for a new Rank / 5,000

GREEN GEM / Just points, nothing else / 10,000 RED GEM / Just points, nothing else / 25,000 PURPLE GEM / Just points, nothing else / 50,000

BLUE 100 / 100 Points / 100 BLUE 500 / 500 Points / 200

GREEN 10 / 10 Credits! / 100 pts GREEN 50 / 50 Credits! / 500 pts GREEN 100 / 100 Credits! / 1000 pts GREEN 200 / 200 Credits! / 2000 pts

NOTHING / Just a blank space, no points, nothing / 0


BIRD ICON / Collecting 10 of these in ONE GAME will increase the maximum amount of cash you can collect forever / 0

EXTRA TIME / This will increase the current Memory Station timer / 0

JOLLY ROGER / Finding this red icon quits the Memory Station :( / 0

TIP: Use the mouse for a quicker game and try not to just pick the icons that are next to each other. There's 27+ different icons to try to remember!

Good luck!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.3 - W A R P M A L F U N C T I O N S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

These are fairly self explanatory when you come across one: The Warp screen (before every shop) randomly malfunctions and puts you on quasi-space with a random number of large baddies (similar to what you find at the end of each level). Simply destroy each one (if you can) and they'll drop a random RANK MARKER. Destroy all of them and your Warp will continue (until the next one!).

These can be pretty annoying at times (I've had up to three in one Warp!) but they're usually pretty infrequent. If you get caught with 1 Shot (or some other basic weapon) they can be fairly dangerous! Rockets can help here!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.4 - U N L O C K A B L E B O N U S E S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These are the bonuses on your profile screen. As you achieve certain milestones in the game you will be rewarded. These bonuses will appear in every game played with that profile afterwards!

There are: 9 highscore bonuses 2 fastest clearing of a level bonuses 1 collecting all 30 Secrets bonus 11 total levels played bonuses 9 highscore (in time trial mode) bonuses

Total: 31 UNLOCKABLE BONUSES (NOT including HIDDEN ones - see below)

TIP: You can view the current state of your profile by pressing TAB at any time in the game.

HIGHSCORE BONUSES ================= Your best highscore will unlock a bonus for you. Get a highscore and you'll start your next game with a great bonus!


5,000,000 - 10 Bullets 7,500,000 - Speed x 3 10,000,000 - Auto Fire 20,000,000 - Double Shot 50,000,000 - 1 Armour 100,000,000 - 500 Credit 250,000,000 - 1000 Credit 500,000,000 - 2 Armour 1,000,000,000 - Triple Shot

HOW: The best way to rack up point is to play a game without dying :) But seriously, your best bet is completing Mega Meteorstorms with X5 icons or completing 10+ Bonus Levels in a row (preferably with a X5, too).

On both occasions it will be possible to collect 50,000,000 points (5 x 10,000,000) which will help you rack up the points in no time!

FASTEST CLEARING OF A LEVEL BONUSES =================================== To clear a level so quickly, you need a good weapon like Laser Beam (preferably with Autofire or even better, Super Autofire).

You can check on the status of your best time by pressing TAB in the game.


Less than 2 seconds - The Time bar maximum is now 60 seconds Less than 1 second - The Time bar maximum is now 90 seconds

Initially the Time Bar (the green one) can only go as high as 30 seconds, no matter how many EXTRA TIME icons you collect in-game or how many GREEN CLOCKS you collect in a MEMORY STATION. Completing a level in than 2 seconds will allow the bar to go as high as 60 seconds, less than 1 second will allow it to be filled up to the full 90 seconds (which is extremely useful if you've collected a good bonus icon (like SHIELD or SCOOP) -- not so good if you've just collected DRUNK MODE! ;)

HOW: This is a tricky one. The best way to clear a level MAY be to collect a Meteorstorm or Memory Station icon left over from the previous screen just as a new level is about to begin. I'm not too sure. I've found my profile with 0.3 seconds, but I'm not sure how to repeat it :/ You might also try timing a Gem or Money Bomb left over from the previous level.

A more traditional route might be with Laser Beam or War I.Plasma and Super Autofire (and a lot of bullets :), but I can't promise that even then you can clear a level under 1 second.

Any tips on narrowing this down would be much appreciated, thanks!

COLLECTING ALL 30 SECRETS BONUS =============================== Collect all 30 in-game secrets (see SECRETS) and you'll start each game with 2 Armour and Super Triple Shot! (Note: You can collect all 30 secrets at any time, you don't need to do it all in one game!) You can see which SECRETS you've already unlocked by buying a ton of GAME SECRETS from the Shop and seeing which ones do not have a red tick next to them. (You'd have to have money to burn, though :)

HOW: See each SECRET for tips on how to complete them.

TOTAL LEVELS PLAYED BONUSES =========================== Play a certain number of levels (NOT necessarily in one game, thankfully!) and the following will be unlocked for you. Even if you're a good player it's going to take a LONG time to play 100,000 levels, though :(


1,000 - Autofire stays on after Shop (Very useful) 2,500 - Missile Stealth (HURRY UP missile more likely to miss - handy!) 5,000 - Gem Counter On (A Gem Counter will always be there) 10,000 - Single Shot Bonus Off (no more SINGLE SHOT icons!) 15,000 - Double Shot Bonus Off (no more DOUBLE SHOT icons!) 20,000 - Blue Coins Activated On (affects MONEY STEALER ship only) 25,000 - Triple Shot Bonus Off (no more TRIPLE SHOT icons!) 35,000 - Multiply in Meteor Storm (always get a multiplier in Meteorstorms!) 50,000 - Start game with Quad Shot 75,000 - Extra Speed & Bullets and 1000 credits! 100,000 - Best Bullets & Speed and 5000 credits! (Wowza!)

HOW: Collecting RANK MARKERS in Reverse Rainbow Order without collecting more than one of each and without collecting one in the Memory Station or Shop will add 500 levels to this amount, but even then you'd have to do it 200 times to reach 100,000 levels(!). The best advice seems to be patience! :/

Note: You can only do the Reverse Rainbow Order rank secret once every 50 levels (thanks to Mark Young for the information).

TIME TRIAL HIGHSCORE BONUSES ============================ These bonuses only affect TIME TRIAL mode. Finish with a good highscore and start your next Time Trial game with these bonuses.


5,000,000 - 2x Multiply 6,000,000 - Scoop 7,000,000 - 5x Multiply 8,000,000 - Autofire 9,000,000 - Speed x 3 10,000,000 - Speed x 5 15,000,000 - Super Auto Fire 17,000,000 - Max Speed 20,000,000 - Add 1 minute to time

HOW: See the TIME TRIAL section for tips on this annoyingly random game mode.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.5 - H I D D E N U N L O C K A B L E B O N U S E S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

There also are HIDDEN bonuses to be unlocked in your profile. These are the same as the normal unlockable bonuses in your profile (see above) except they're not visible until after they're unlocked.

There are 4 Hidden Unlockable Bonuses, this added to the normal Unlockable Bonuses means that there are a total of 36 Bonuses in your profile to be Unlocked.

COMPLETE LEVEL 100 WITH 200,000,000+ POINTS BONUS =================================================

If have at least 200,000,000 points when you complete level 100 you will be given a SECRET COUNTER (little silver number on your STATUS BAR). This is a little counter that will show how many secrets you've unlocked in your current game (See SECRETS for more information on secrets and how to unlock them.) and will show up in every game afterwards.

HOW: See the BASIC STRATEGY guide for tips, but basically you need to complete at least one Mega Meteorstorm WITH a X5 at the time AND get perfects in all the Bonus Levels WITH X5 on and after the 10th AND complete the final boss (Level 100) with X5 -- all before Level 101! It's a tall order, but far from impossible (you might be able to skip the Meteorstorm if you're doing well, for example).

HIT PERCENTAGE BONUSES ======================

This percentage is displayed in your profile ("Highest Hit Percentage Above Level 25"). You need to get level 25 for your percentage to be considered. Your current Hit Percentage is displayed in the Shop screen.

Above 70% - New Store Item: Rocket Pack for 5000 credits (10 Rockets, Max 50)

Above 80% - New Store Item: Alien Lock for 15000 credits (Lets you keep captured aliens through Warps!) Above 90% - New Store Item: Super Autofire for 30000 (Superfast Autofire)

HOW: Laser Beam, quite simply :) It's very easy to kill two baddies with one shot (which would be a 200% Hit Rate!) and thus easily raise your Hit Percentage up to and above 100%. The only trick is keeping your Hit Percentage reasonable until you have enough cash to buy Laser Beam (Fire Balls is also a possibility). Keep a check on your current Hit Percentage on the Shop screen.

=============================================================================== 4.0 - W A L K T H R O U G H ===============================================================================

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.1 - W A L K T H R O U G H -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: This guide was written for Warblade 1.1. In Warblade 1.2 you should get around 2,000 credits for completing a BIG TROUBLE screen which makes it easier to afford a better weapon earlier on. Simply take this into account when reading the guide.

The basic strategy for Warblade requires a bit of knowledge of how the game works. Try and make yourself familiar with some of the later parts of the FAQ (such as Secrets etc) before you try to get really stuck in. I'll try and explain everything as best I can here for beginner players, though.

First things first, though. Before you start playing there's some things I highly recommend you do:

1) Make an EASY profile for yourself.

> Once you've mastered that THEN you can move up to NORMAL!


> Warblade is difficult enough without being able to see the bullets properly! This can help tremendously and it's not cheating!

3) Say goodbye to your family and friends. This game is addictive! :)

Beginning --------- Having unlocked any bonuses in your profile is going to REALLY help you get that highscore (check out the UNLOCKABLE BONUSES section of this FAQ for help), so congratulations if you have unlocked some already, it should make this easier!

To get started you should be aware that the basic strategy runs something like this: Save up enough cash for Laser Beam or War. I.Plasma, unlock Super Autofire and preferably get two Armours. Once you've done that you can practically keep going forever (so long as you don't make any mistakes - like accidentally picking up a Single Shot icon -- ouch!!). This basic setup is what you are aiming for.

In order to get that far you need to start off slowly, the further you get into the game the more bonuses you'll unlock in your profile which will, in turn, make it easier to get further. First thing you should do is save up for Plasma or (better yet) Fire Balls. If that's too hard, start with Super Triple Shot. Don't waste your money on anything below this for now.

From the very start, make sure you collect the RANK MARKERS in rainbow order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple) - DO NOT collect more than one of each colour, DON'T collect them in the Memory Station and DON'T buy them in the shop! If you mess up, just collect the rest in any order (and in the Memory Station or Shop if you like) and try again. Doing this will unlock *Super Autofire* (and hopefully by the time you've done this - it will take a while -- you'll have enough cash saved up for Laser Beam or War. I.Plasma!)

Another thing to aim for early on is getting PERFECTS in the Bonus Levels, this will help you get an AMAZING score later on. If you miss getting a PERFECT you'll have to start increasing the PERFECT bonus from scratch again, so try and make sure you've scooped some aliens before you get to one (see LEVEL LIST for more information on when they're due and what to expect) and, once you start racking up the bonus points, a X5 too! ;)

The last thing you should be aware of is SKULLS. These things are annoyingly evil... or are they? Collecting these little beauties will unlock some great bonuses. When you're starting out, one of each colour (Red, Blue and Green) is a great help, and it's probably the first and easiest bonus to collect. Try and aim for that if you can, but don't lose a good weapon just to get them unless you're confident with the next weapon down or are near a Shop and have enough cash ready to replace it. Be sensible but try to collect them when you can, they will reduce the amount of BAD bonuses that are dropped by baddies and thus make the game much easier (you'd be surprised how much those good bonuses help), plus they will unlock some non-essential, but useful, bonuses which is nice!

Doing Meteorstorms is a good way to get cash early on, although they can be very difficult if your speed (the Blue bar) is less than half (or two thirds in a NORMAL profile). Don't bother trying to get an MEGA BONUS (by holding down the fire button and travelling at 100% all the way through) until you've mastered Meteorstorms at normal speeds - but saying that, make sure you tap the fire button so you're travelling at a *fairly* decent speed as you go. DON'T just leave it at the slowest speed! Keep a reasonable pace until you get a fair bit into the storm (about halfway is a good start). You'll thank yourself in the long run if you keep this up because you'll get used to judging the meteors at the end of the level (which move faster). Don't bother with the Gems or Bonuses that fall (unless it's a X5 or X2 icon!! ;), you'll get a much better reward if you make it to the end plus (if you kept your % reasonable) some VERY useful credits!

If you do manage to complete a Meteorstorm at 100%, you'll receive 25,000 credits! So keep practising!! :)

While you're taking out levels, always keep an eye out for a scoop. These will triple your fire power (or thereabouts) and also act as a basic shield: If you're hit whilst carrying a captured alien, it will be blown up instead of you! (Very useful as it's almost like having armour!)

Of course you're trying to save all your cash to buy Laser Beam or War. I.Plasma so try not to spend too much on Extra Speed and Extra Bullets in the Shop, although sometimes it's unavoidable and ultimately essential (it's better to be alive and poor than dead and rich! :). Also, keep an eye out in levels for S and B icons to try and help out.

A quick note on speed: Don't be afraid of SPEED! It's an important aspect of the game. It may seem like you're travelling far too fast at first, but you'll get used to the handling sooner than you think and soon enough you won't like it when your ship is anything less than FULLY sped up (I kid you not!). NEVER waste cash on the LESS SPEED item in the Shop, you will regret it and you'll never get far in Warblade until you get used to manoeuvring your ship at full (or near full) speed.

Keep following this basic guide, saving cash as you go and re-buying Fire Balls or Plasma when you lose them, until you can afford Laser or War. I.Plasma.

Once you have at least 2,400 credits it's time to spend! Buy the Laser Beam or War. I.Plasma AND AN AUTOFIRE UNIT (unless you have Super Autofire already! ;)! Getting these top class weapons (especially Laser Beam) is *almost* a waste of money without Autofire.

Note: Although Autofire is very important to get far in this game it's a REAL pain having to keep buying it in the shop before every new round (especially when you're trying to save up for something better!). Luckily once you've played 1,000 levels (from all your games combined) it will stay on through the Shop and you won't lose it until you lose a life! (See UNLOCKABLE BONUSES for more information on what else you can unlock, plus there's a nice way you can increase the Levels Played using Rank Markers, if you can figure it out -- although you really don't need this so early on, you'll need the first 1,000 levels as practice! ;)).

Once you have this you should be able to kick ass in any level! Spend any extra cash on the all important ARMOUR to protect your investment and make sure your Speed is at a decent level (it's very annoying being killed by a bullet you're too slow to avoid!).

Oh, and DON'T COLLECT A SINGLE SHOT ICON! (But try not to throw your computer out of the window when you do ;)

Advanced -------- Now you have a decent weapon with Autofire and (hopefully) some Armour, it's time to rack up some serious cash!

In the next level you're in, kill every baddie EXCEPT ONE and then wait until you get a HURRY UP message. As soon as you do, be aware: A HURRY UP ship will appear at the top of the screen and may begin firing nasty homing missiles at you immediately (although having played 2,500 levels and unlocking MISSLE STEALTH is a really big help)!

As soon as the HURRY UP ship appears, zip over and shoot it with your new ultra-fast weapon before it can fire anything at you (Laser Beam is probably the best for this). Do this seven times (being careful not to shoot the remaining baddie and avoiding anything it's firing at you, while you're at it!) and on the eighth time a new big ship will appear. Don't worry, it won't fire at you: Take out the HURRY UP ship first!!

Now, shoot at this new big ship and it will drop a ton of cash onto you (it's better if you wait for it to reach the middle of the screen before you do, so you can collect everything it drops)!

Now you can shoot the remaining baddie and move on, or if you're feeling really confident, you can shoot another eight HURRY UP ships and get another one (and so on)!

This is a great way to rack up some cash quickly (you should get around 1,000 credits). It's also extremely useful because each HURRY UP ship will only drop a RANK MARKER that you don't already have... This is, in turn, extremely useful for getting the really excellent Super Autofire by getting the RANK MARKERS in RAINBOW order (without getting more than one of each, mind)! Just collect the Rank Markers in the following order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple - WITHOUT COLLECTING MORE THAN ONE OF EACH!

Be careful though, not only can you not collect more than one of each Rank Marker when collecting them in order, you must also not collect buy a Rank Marker from the shop or collect one in a Memory Station. These Rank Markers (for some reason) will not count and it will mean you have to start again (after finishing that set off and moving up a rank).

Successfully collecting them in order will give you the incredible Super Autofire, which, along side Laser Beam or War. I.Plasma, will make you almost unstoppable!

Soon enough you'll have a wad of cash. Now this is where you learn about saving: Spend only money on Armour, Speed and Bullets only as absolutely needed. Try and save enough money to buy Laser Beam or War. I.Plasma again in case things go wrong and you lose your excellent weapon (things can go horribly wrong quite quickly in Warblade!)

If you accidentally collect a Single Shot icon or something hideous like that, you can at least try and make it to the Shop, and from there you can replace the lost weapon and so you'll be able to kick ass again.

Remember: Collecting skulls will reduce the likelihood of losing your great new weapon to a crumby icon like One Shot by reducing the number of "bad" icons (but of course, they will also reduce your weapon to the next one down when you collect them, so be aware!). Also be very careful not to shoot an alien too close to you: It could drop a crap weapon on you before you even have a chance to avoid it! :(

Master ------ Once you're rolling in cash you can then splash out on the very useful Alien Lock (initially hidden until you get hit-ratio of 80% or more -- Laser Beam is good for getting this: Killing several baddies with one shot will increase your hit ratio no end). This nifty item will allow you to keep your captured aliens through a Warp: Triple firepower all the time!

With extra cash you can always make sure you're fully maxxed out on Lives, Armour, Speed and Bullets, of course (which is highly recommended) but also the green Time bar which affects how long bonuses last and how much time you get in the Memory Station. This can be increased by buying the Extra Time in the shop -- it's extremely worth it, although only when you have the cash to spare!

Once you have War. I.Plasma, Super Autofire and 2 x Armour (preferably with maxxed out Speed, Bullet and Time stats) the world is your oyster. You should be able to get through any level in the game with ease!

Now it's time for you to focus on getting great highscores, unlocking those nifty hidden bonuses and secrets. I'll leave you to look up the latter in their respective sections in this FAQ, but here's some tips of getting a great highscore.

The best (and quickest) way of getting an amazing highscore is through Bonus Levels. Simply complete 10 in a row with a PERFECT rating! By the tenth PERFECT you will be awarded 10,000,000 points. If you've got a X5 at the time that's 50,000,000 points. If you keep getting PERFECTS you will keep being awarded 10,000,000 points for each, but if you miss one baddie then you'll only get 10,000 points for the next PERFECT and you'll have get another 10 PERFECTS before you're awarded 10 million points again... but it's worth it!

In the meantime keep collecting RANK MARKERS (using HURRY UP ships to get the colours you're missing) until you're a Warblade Grandmaster 3 Stars. You'll get an extra 14,040,000 point bonus at Game Over if you do, which isn't too shabby!

Using the Bonus Levels you should be able to rack up the points in no time, though!

Warblade God ------------ Becoming a Warblade God... I'll leave you to enjoy figuring that out! ;)

Have fun!

=============================================================================== 5.0 - A D V A N C E D S T U F F ===============================================================================

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.1 - S E C R E T S ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A secret is a bonus that can only be unlocked during gameplay and will only last until the game ends. If you unlock a secret you will hear a message telling you but you won't necessarily know how you unlocked it or indeed what the secret does!

You can also buy secrets in the shop for 1000 credits. Ones listed without a little red Check next to them mean you haven't unlocked them in any game you've played so far.

There are 30 secrets in Version 1.2. If you find them all you will start each normal game with two Armours and Super Triple Shot! (See also Unlockable Bonuses.)





IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THE MOST USEFUL SECRETS ARE ALREADY EXPLAINED IN THE BASIC STRATEGY GUIDE (ABOVE). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POSSIBLE SPOILERS! WARNING! POSSIBLE SPOILERS! WARNING! POSSIBLE SPOILERS! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SECRET: A rainbow rank will give you super automatic fire!

EXPLANATION: Collecting the RANK MARKERS in color order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple) without collecting more than one of each will give you Super Autofire which is VERY useful with higher up weapons. This SECRET is highly recommended.

HOW: Using the HURRY UP ships to collect the RANK MARKER you need is the most effective way of completing this secret, but it can get pretty hairy when you've got a lot of Homing Missiles coming for you, so make sure you have a decent weapon and some armour (Laser Beam is recommended)!

SECRET: Collect the skull of death to increase the chance of added weapons, lives, cash and glory!

EXPLANATION: Yes, you read right, those nasty little skulls are actually useful. Collecting them will increase the chance of GOOD bonuses being dropped by baddies. (Things like QUAD SHOT, EXTRA BULLET, MONEY and X2 CREDITS etc.)

HOW: Just collect a SKULL ICON or two to complete this secret!

SECRET: Collect the three coloured skulls to gain triple power of super kind and the best of speed!

EXPLANATION: Collect 1 skull icon of each color (Red, Green, and Blue) and you will get SUPER TRIPLE SHOT and a SPEED boost! (Very handy!)

HOW: Just collect 1 SKULL ICON of each colour to complete this secret.

SECRET: To see the color of the missing skull go to the Meteorstorm!

EXPLANATION: When collecting one skull of each colour, the shading of the meteors in the Meteorstorm bonus level will let you know which colour you haven't already collected.

HOW: Just collect a SKULL ICON and go into a Meteorstorm to complete this secret.

SECRET: Three skulls of red will make the counting of the gems visible to see!

EXPLANATION: AKA *** GEM COUNTER ACTIVATED ***. Collect three RED skulls and the GEM COUNTER will be activated. This will show you how many gems you've collected in the correct game. Collecting 100 will give you a bonus (see SECRET below).

HOW: Just collect three RED SKULL ICONS to complete this secret.

SECRET: Collecting many small gems may bring you to the collecting of the big and valuable ones!

EXPLANATION: Collect 100 gems and you will a DIAMOND DROP bonus screen where you can collect many large diamonds for big points!

HOW: Just collecting gems from a several Gem Bombs is usually the best way to complete this secret, although it can still take a while to reach the needed 100.

SECRET: When many gems are falling from above pull them to yourself by pressing down!

EXPLANATION: This is pretty self-explanatory, but yes, pulling down will draw any falling gems towards you. (Note: Although gems don't seem worth much, it's worth collecting them when you can (see above)!)

HOW: Just pull down on your joystick/keyboard/whatever when there's a gem on the screen (after collecting a gem bomb) to complete this secret.

SECRET: Three skulls of blue will make the money from the thief look like the skulls!

EXPLANATION: AKA *** BLUE COIN MODE ACTIVATED ***. Collect three BLUE skulls and when the evil MONEY STEALER ship appears at some point and you manage to kill it, instead of dropping random coins it will drop all BLUE coins (which are worth 200 credits each).

HOW: Just collect three BLUE SKULL ICONS to complete this secret.

SECRET: Three skulls of green will make doubler appear at start of falling rocks!

EXPLANATION: AKA *** MS MULTIPLIER ENABLED ***. Collect three GREEN skulls and a points multiplier will appear before each Meteorstorm. It doesn't take a mathematician to realize that X2 or X5 will equal a LOT of points in a Meteorstorm!

HOW: Just collect three GREEN SKULL ICONS to complete this secret.

SECRET: At the end of meteor trouble having a multiply will bring you great points!

EXPLANATION: Completing a Meteorstorm with a multiplier (eg. Like the one unlocked by SECRET above) will multiply the extra bonus points you receive at the end!

HOW: Just make sure you've got an X2 or X5 going when you reach the end of a meteorstorm to complete this secret.

SECRET: Bring death to the Alien Mothership and a new rank may fall to you!

EXPLANATION: Killing the HURRY UP ships (which look a bit like a sort of mothership, I suppose!) will always drop a RANK MARKER that you need, and not just a random one like everything else.

HOW: Shoot a HURRY UP ship to complete this secret.

SECRET: When an Alien Mothership has passed eight times a great fortune may be collected!

EXPLANATION: When 8 HURRY UP ships have passed in one level a MONEY SHIP will appear. It won't fire at you and when you destroy it it will drop a large amount of money!

HOW: Just survive 8 HURRY UP ships in one level and wait for the MONEY SHIP to appear to complete this secret.

SECRET: While holding two Aliens use the scoop to force the others away for extra points!

EXPLANATION: Pretty self explanatory, this one. When you've already collected two baddies in your Scoop, any addition ones that fall into it will be tossed away for 2,500 points each!

HOW: Just collect a SCOOP and collect 3+ aliens without one of them dying to complete this secret.

SECRET: Buying rank markers when all is collected will bring you extra points!

EXPLANATION: If you've already got all 6 RANK MARKERS and buy another one in the shop, you'll get 1,000,000 points!

HOW: Just buy a RANK MARKER at the shop when you've already got all 6 to complete this secret.

SECRET: A doubler of money when there is no money will give you 30 seconds of time!

EXPLANATION: Collecting the XC icon (MONEY DOUBLER) when you have zero credits will add 30 seconds to that all important green TIME BAR (see GAME BASICS section to learn why the time bar is so useful).

HOW: Slightly tricky this one, you must collect an XC icon (either in game or in a Memory Station) with $0. Possibly easier earlier on the game before you've collected money! Other than that it will just take patience for that one day when you get an XC icon when you're out of cash!

SECRET: Killing all aliens in one formation before they rest will give you bonus points!

EXPLANATION: Destroying a wave of baddies as they fly onto the screen will give you a 10,000 point bonus.

HOW: Just shoot a wave of aliens on a level while they're flying onto the screen to complete this secret.

SECRET: Killing the Top Alien in a group attack can give you a good score!

EXPLANATION: If some baddies decide attack in a group (usually three), killing the highest one will give you a 1,000 point bonus.

HOW: Just keep your eyes peeled for a bunch of baddies moving from the pack to attack you in tandem. Shoot them all (or just the top one if you're a sharpshooter ;) to complete this secret.

SECRET: Catching the same weapon will bring you more power!

EXPLANATION: Collecting the falling Icon for a weapon you're already using will give you an EXTRA BULLET (whoop-de-do! :).

HOW: Just collect an icon for a weapon you've already got to complete this secret.

SECRET: A mirror rainbow will add D levels to your savings.

EXPLANATION: Collecting RANK MARKERS in Reverse Rainbow order (Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red) will add 500 levels to the Levels Played total in your profile. Note: You can only do this once every 50 levels (thanks to Mark Young for the information).

HOW: HURRY UP ships offer the best way of collecting RANK MARKERS in a given order. Just collect one of each without getting one from a Memory Station or from the Shop in the correct order to complete this secret.

NOTE: You can only do this once every 50 levels! (Source: AiD)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.2 - R E M A I N I N G S E C R E T S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here are the remaining 11 secrets (as available to buy in the shop) without explanation. These secrets relate to advanced gameplay that won't really affect the majority of players (see the separate COMPLETIST FAQ if you think you're one them!).


SECRET: Getting maximum Speed, Bullets, Time or Armour will get you more points.

SECRET: Being Drunk when the falling of rocks end will give you a big bonus!

SECRET: Getting rid of all shooting aliens not using a single bullet will give you extra weapons to use!

SECRET: Find X birds on grid will give you Xx beans limits!

SECRET: Passing the LC with CCM will open up a quiet lock!

SECRET: The clearing of the non shooting aliens, will give you larger points the next time you do the same.

SECRET: Collecting K gems will bring you the most valued gem drop!

SECRET: A lower rank will be given when fastest marker is taken!

SECRET: The cleaning of XIIxII non shooting alien attackers waves will give you a high promotion.

SECRET: Ei Xmo Tymo Rollu Alehyo Ad Rew Tera Xolly Eathui!

HINT: This is actually two secrets!

=============================================================================== 6.0 - M O R E A D V A N C E D S T U F F ===============================================================================

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.1 - A D V A N C E D S T R A T E G Y -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This section should be known as the CHEATY section, really. The strategies here are not quite cheats, but they're very exploitative! :)

(ALMOST) UNLIMITED CASH CHEATY ==============================

1) Save up 2,600 credits for Laser Beam and Armour 2) Kill all the baddies on the next level EXCEPT ONE 3) Wait for the HURRY UP ship to appear 4) Destroy the HURRY UP ship IMMEDIATELY (before it can fire those nasty rockets at you). 5) On the eighth HURRY UP ship a big MONEY SHIP (*NOT* a MONEY STEALER!) will appear. 6) Shoot the HURRY UP ship and then destroy the MONEY SHIP and collect the cash it drops. 7) Destroy the remaining baddie and move on to the next level!

PROS: Aside from getting extra cash, this is also extremely useful in getting RANK MARKERS in RAINBOW ORDER (see SECRETS above) as the HURRY UP ship will only drop markers that you need!

CONS: The only bad thing about this is that hoarding loads of cash will attract the MONEY STEALER ship which will steal all your cash if you let it! This isn't that bad though and, of course if you have collected three BLUE skulls (or played 20,000 levels overall) you will have activated the BLUE COIN MODE which will make sure that all the coins the MONEY STEALER drops when you destroy it will be BLUE (worth 200 credits each!).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.2 - R A N K S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Getting all 6 RANK MARKERS will get you a new rank the next time you exit the Shop. Ranks aren't especially useful but they will give you a large bonus when you die. Some additional Ranks can be unlocked in a Normal Profile by performing specific tasks (see the ADVANCED FAQ for more details).



Tips: There a few secrets to be unlocked with the RANK MARKERS (see SECRETS).

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.1 - C O M P L E T E L E V E L G U I D E ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------- NOTE: This level guide is incomplete. If you would like to help out with this section, then please email me, thanks! (You'll get full credit, of course!) -------------------

Thanks to Mark Young for help with this section.

This is a complete list of all 100 Warblade levels. After you've completed them all you'll get a nice little ending sequence and the game will restart, with one slight difference: The movement of the baddies on each level will be reversed. Obviously this doesn't make any difference on levels where the baddies arrive on the screen asymmetrically, but if they previously they came into the screen from the Left side; they will now come from the Right (and visa versa).

The game will get harder, a bit quicker and the baddies will keep switching sides every time you complete all 100 levels.


002 -


004 - K A M I K A Z E



006 -

007 -

008 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * *

For the first Bonus Level, this one is actually quite annoying to get a PERFECT on (without a very good weapon at least! You need to try and take a few out as they pass overhead but be ready for their angled pass (where you'll get most of your hits), but with a crappy weapon you really can't afford to miss either!

__________ __________ __________ ...> <... | ... ... | < > | | | :. .: | |:. .:| | | | > < | | :. .: | |__________| |__________| |__________| -SHOP-

009 -

010 -

011 -

012 - K A M I K A Z E


013 - DEJA VU.....

014 -

015 -

016 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * * Quite an easy one, this. __________ __________ __________ | | | . . | < > | ^ ^ | | : : : : | |:. .:| | : : | | : V V : | | :. .: | |_:______:_| |__________| |__________|


017 -

018 -

019 -

020 - K A M I K A Z E


021 -

022 -

023 -

024 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * *


025 - * * * * * B I G T R O U B L E * * Quite an easy boss. Shoot at it while it's in the middle of the screen, then move to the opposite edges in order to dodge its missiles.



027 -

028 -

029 - K A M I K A Z E -SHOP- 030 -

031 -

032 -

033 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * *



035 -

036 -

037 - K A M I K A Z E -SHOP-

038 -

039 -

040 -

041 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * * -SHOP-

042 -

043 -

044 -

045 - K A M I K A Z E


046 -

047 -

048 -

049 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * *


050 - * * B I G T R O U B L E * * This would be an exceptionally easy boss if it wasn't for its random bullets in between its missiles. Simple stay in the middle of the screen and don't move unless a random purple bullet is going to hit.



052 - W O R M S 053 -

054 - K A M I K A Z E



056 -

057 -

058 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * *



060 -

061 -

062 - K A M I K A Z E



064 -

065 -

066 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * * -SHOP-


068 - FALL OUT

069 -

070 - K A M I K A Z E



072 -

073 -

074 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * * -SHOP-

075 - * * * * B I G T R O U B L E * * Pretty much the same as the last boss, except with more random bullets to avoid. Not too difficult. -SHOP-

076 - ZIG ZAG

077 - LOOK OUT!!!

078 - FLOATING UP...

079 - K A M I K A Z E





083 - * * BONUS LEVEL * * -SHOP-


085 - THE RING

086 - THE FALL

087 - K A M I K A Z E ! -SHOP-


089 - THE ONE Secret: There is one blue baddie that will cause a GEM DROP! Great for collecting those Gems! Keep your finger on Down though, as they fall close to where you are! You should be able to collect around 30 gems. Source: WarbladeMaster (EasyAlan)


091 - * * * * B O N U S * * * * -SHOP-




095 - K A M I K A Z E ! -SHOP-

096 - WINGS

097 - THE DROP

098 - WALLS

099 - * * * B O N U S L E V E L * * * -SHOP-

100 - * * * B I G T R O U B L E * * The final boss. This guy is tricky. Try to learn his pattern so you can be ready to move and fire at the same time. A quick weapon (like Laser Beam) and Super Autofire is extremely useful here.

The boss glides across the top of the screen, first Right to Left, then Left to Right, Right to Left and finally before repeating, Right to Left again. You need to be prepared for which direction he's coming from in order to get those shots in, so pay attention!



------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.0 - TIME TRIAL MODE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

When you're tired playing long games of Warblade, you can take a break and play a Time Trial game instead! The whole idea is to simple score as many point as possible in 3 minutes! The higher your score, the better bonus you start with next time you play and thus you should get a higher score once again!

It sounds like fun and it can be, but a lot of the time it can be very frustrating. You see, the only way to get the highscores you need for some bonuses is to have X5 bonuses pretty much the entire time you're playing. Since there's no way to trigger a X5 bonus, or a Scoop, or a Shield or Mirror Mode, let alone all of them at once (which is what you'd need to get the best score), it can become very annoying.

I've dubbed this game LUCK MODE :)

Still, you might get lucky and it's still a great quick way to blow off steam!

Here's a list of the icons that can be collected in Time Trial mode:


S (SPEED) / Increase your Ship's speed (Blue Bar) USEFUL! B (BULLET) / Increase the number of bullets you can fire (Red bar) ^

X2 / Temporarily doubles all points you collect USEFUL! X5 / Temporarily times all the points you collect by 5! IMPORTANT! SCOOP / Scoop up baddies and get extra points per kill! IMPORTANT! SHIELD / Temporary invulnerability USEFUL! MIRROR MODE / Temporarily create a mirror image of yourself USEFUL! DRUNK MODE / Temporarily reverse left and right! (Eek!)

AUTOFIRE / Autofire! (Very handy!) USEFUL!

GEM BOMB / Instantly turn all on-screen baddies to 1,000 gems! IMPORTANT!

BULLET SPEED / Increase the Speed of your bullets (after level 100) USEFUL!

^ EXTRA BULLET is only useful when you've unlocked Super Autofire later on.

Here's what you're highscore will unlock for you:


5,000,000 - 2x Multiply 6,000,000 - Scoop 7,000,000 - 5x Multiply 8,000,000 - Autofire 9,000,000 - Speed x 3 10,000,000 - Speed x 5 15,000,000 - Super Auto Fire 17,000,000 - Max Speed 20,000,000 - Add 1 minute to time

Getting over 8,000,000 and thus getting Autofire will save you a LOT of hair, but it's difficult (unless you're lucky!).

To get a good highscore you NEED X5 most of the time, Scoop to destroy baddies with (2,500 points each!) at the right moment, Mirror Mode to get baddies at both sides of the screen at the right moment and a Gem Bomb (at the right moment, naturally) also comes in handy for getting to the highscoring later levels, too.

As you can see, it's nothing but luck, it has nothing to do with your reactions or skills as a Warblade player (well, hardly anything) :(

It's common to get stuck below 8,000,000, and then at 9,000,000 and then at 13,000,000.

Still, it CAN be fun when you do well (and by the law of averages, you WILL eventually ;)).

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Bonitos Warblade Website was also an invaluable site for cross-referencing the many lists, points and secrets used in Warblade.

I highly recommend you make a visit (especially if you can speak German!) as the information here is usually up to the minute!

More thanks to EasyAlan, Hitm4n, Stig, John David, AiD and Mr.X all of whom have answered my questions or helped me out at some point or another...

Also a great big thanks to all the people at Miss Janet's Yahoo Discussion forum. This is a great place to chat about Warblade!

(See you there!)


Of course, there must also be a thanks for Edgar M Vigdal and the Warblade team for creating Warblade in the first place!

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