WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
The Orc Campaign Screen
The load screen
The Prophet and Thrall
Human Campaign
Undead Campaign
Orc Campaign
Night Elf Campaign
Human Game
Undead Game
Orc Game
Night Elf Game
Cinematics are using ingame engine, but they do try to make a close-up on the characters at hand.
Two blood-brothers reunited.
If you pay closer attention, you will notice the clock on the town hall actually spinning, even though a bit too fast.
Battling the undead minions with two human heroes.
An unexpected turn of events... something this game has rich mine of.
Zoomed in on the construction of human turrets, somewhere in the frozen wastes.
Sinking thy own ships with mortar artillery units. No, it's not a force-fire move, it's a mission objective.
Undead army led by Arthas is invading the elven lands.
The Undead Siege of Dalaran
A mission summary displays after each mission
Video Cinematics tell the story between missions
Night elves builds look like a ents
Small battle
Ziggurats are a defence towers
night elves offense
Elves base
This is the first gameplay during the tutorial in 'WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos'.
An epilogue for the tutorial in WarCraft III
The near-victory process comes before meeting Grom Hellscream as a first re-appearance.
Starting your first campaign.
Some of the ingame options.
You will always have some hero to command, which can gain experience points and grow stronger from level to level.
During the first mission(s), you'll have narrator to offer you help on every corner.
Terrain is fully 3D, which allows some use of neat functions, like leaving watermarks as you run over the stream.
Group of peons loyally mining gold even during the night.
Well established defense parameter.
Stealing human boats to escape the prophecy.
Performing side quests usually proves rewarding for your hero, experience points-wise.
And it wouldn't be a game if we wouldn't have a heroine, too.
If you have 'formations' button selected, your troops will automatically line in most appropriate formation for attack/defense.
Entering the cave in search of a dragon.