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Quite possibly the best expansion pack ever released. kbmb (435) unrated
Makes a superb game even better. Emlyn Hughes (21) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
A good story does not a game make Curlymcdom (47) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
A worthy addition to Warcraft III Scott Monster (1009) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
Could have been stand-alone Asinine (1006) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (90 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Computer Active (Aug 21, 2003)
It may seem a bit pricey, given that it requires the original to play, but what you get is still better than just about any other full price title in its genre. The visuals are a joy, the intuitive interface has been tweaked to perfection, and the multiplayer system is much improved. But it's the actual campaigns that have been given the most notable makeover, with a selection of missions that gradually develop in their epic quality.
100 (Jul 23, 2003)
Allt som var bra har blivit bättre. Nyheterna är många och ingen av dem känns onödiga eller malplacerade. Singelspelet håller samma klass och är nästan lika omfattande som originalet. Spel över internet har fått nya tillägg. Några nödvändiga, andra rent av innovativa. Nya hjältar, trupper och byggnader ser till att man kan förnya sina strategier. Den nya musiken är stämningshöjande och grafiken är än mer fantastisk. Om inte det här är en bra expansion så vet jag inte hur ett sådant ska se ut.
GamePro (US) (Jul 31, 2003)
If you own WarCraft III and were pleased with it, chances are you've already blindly purchased the expansion pack. The good news is, you probably weren't disappointed if you went that route, as WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne is just as much fun as the original. WCIII: FT follows Blizzard's pattern of packing their expansion packs with just as much gameplay and story as the core game it augments.
Game Chronicles (Jul 17, 2003)
You’ve wasted enough time here reading this. You already have the game so stop reading, get back to the conquest and don’t be surprised if this is all just set up to whet our appetites for World of Warcraft when that releases.
Blizzard, the word that sends chills down a gamer’s spine. Not because we gamers are afraid of the cold weather phenomenon; you see, it’s much bigger than that. It is because we have come to expect nothing but the best from the Irvine, CA Company. Blizzard has blessed us with nothing but game of the year titles such as StarCraft, Diablo II, and WarCraft III. The expansions for both StarCraft and Diablo II kept gamers playing endless hours and in fact, still do today. Now comes the expansion to arguably Blizzard’s best offering yet, WarCraft III.
RPGFan (Jul 23, 2003)
I, personally, can deal with lackluster story, graphics, sound, and even control. However, if the game is not fun to play, I simply cannot remain quiet. Fortunately for The Frozen Throne, this is not the case. The single player campaign is executed flawlessly, though some may note a conspicuous absence of Orcs. There are 3 new main campaigns, and none of them really stick to the race rules found in play.
Game Infowire (Jul 18, 2003)
With the release of FT, Blizzard released several patches to bring the original game on par with the expansion, in those new patches, namely 1.10, the damage types and armor were radically different. Basically, the release of FT has changed the way people play WarCraft online. Some older strategies were no longer feasible, while new strategies were instantly developed by the burgeoning community. Many people dislike the changes that were made with the 1.10 patch and FT in general, but over all people seem to be switching to the new system and slowly accepting new rules of combat. One thing that was always true about WC3 and now with the release of the FT is much more prominent is the use of magic. Many people refer to WarCraft as SpellCraft, because the game is so heavily magic based. Love it or hate it, but its different, and its here to stay.
94 (Jul 01, 2003)
Blizzard weiß einfach, wie's geht. Schon seit Jahren programmieren sie Spiele, die nicht nur technisch und von der Komplexität her überzeugen, sie machen auch noch grundsätzlich verdammt viel Spaß. Nichts anderes haben wir bei "The Frozen Throne" erwartet, nichts anderes ist eingetreten. Ein Spitzenprodukt, dass jeder Besitzer von "WarCraft III" einfach haben muss.
GameStar (Germany) (Jul, 2003)
Bravo, Blizzard! Frozen Throne ist für mich ein fast perfektes Stück Spielspaß. Selbst die kleinste Neuerung macht Sinn und verbessert das tolle Hauptprogramm. Schon in der ersten Mission des Addons hat mich das WarCraft-Fieber wieder gepackt. Ich kann es in jeder Kampagne kaum erwarten, bis mein Held eine Stufe aufsteigt, weil ich unbedingt die neuen Fähigkeiten ausprobieren will. Einzige persönliche Euphorie-Bremse: Einige der späteren Missionen sind mir schon zu heftig. Gleichzeitig drei Basen und Armeen managen geht ohne blinde Hotkey-Beherrschung kaum. Ein dickes Sonderlob bekommt Blizzard für das Orc-Rollenspiel-Szenario. Mal eben die Genregrenzen zu sprengen und als Bonus ein besseres Abenteuer zu präsentieren als viele ernsthafte Rollenspiel-Hersteller – super, mehr davon!
Next Level Gaming (Jul 09, 2003)
With enough new units, upgrades, and story to make a whole different game and Blizzard’s commitment to making the multiplayer as fun as possible this game is a keeper. In short if you own Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and you don’t own Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne I can only contribute it to one of several things; Number one, you don’t have any money and nothing you can sell, two your computer is broke, three you for some reason have an undying hatred for expansions. Either way, all of them are still very poor excuses, go sell some plasma, steal a computer and get over your hatred, you need to own this. It will be the best 34.99 you have spent in years.
94 (Aug 21, 2003)
Following in the tradition of previous Blizzard expansion sets, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne provides gamers with a vast new chapter in the epic Warcraft saga. In the single-player campaign, players revisit the war-torn world of Azeroth. Several months have passed since Archimonde and the Burning Legion were defeated at the battle of Mount Hyjal, yet a new threat has arisen throughout the land... One new Hero per race, each possessing powerful spells and magical abilities.
GameZone (Jul 07, 2003)
War Craft III: Frozen Throne is a must-have expansion for one of the best RTS of 2002! IF you have War Craft III: Reign of Chaos you must purchase this now. If you don’t have it, then purchase both the original game and this expansion pack. This game will take away time from your sleep schedule for a while, but it is worth it!
Armchair Empire, The (Jul 27, 2003)
More. It's just a one-word description, but "more" so aptly fits in describing the The Frozen Throne, the excellent new expansion pack to last year's award-winning PC masterpiece, WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. More great real-time strategy gameplay that developer Blizzard is famous for, both single-player and multiplayer through Blizzard's servers. More of the same nice visuals seen in the original. More stellar movie-quality (and hilarious at times) voice acting. More magnificent music. More of the wonderfully entrancing story intertwining the Azerothian world of humans, Orcs, Night Elves, and the undead Scourge. So much more WarCraft greatness crammed in that it almost qualifies as a full game all by itself instead of merely an expansion pack.
93 (Jul 20, 2003)
Ich weiß was ihr letzten Sommer getan habt! Zumindest dann, wenn ihr gerne Strategiespiele spielt und etwas mit Orks, Nachtelfen und Lichs anfangen könnt, denn genauso wie tausende anderer WarCraft 3 Spieler, habe auch ich letzten Sommer die meiste Zeit in Azeroth und Kalimdor verbracht, anstatt an irgendeinem Strand, oder in einem Freibad zu liegen und sich die Sonne auf den Bauch scheinen zu lassen. Und auch dieses Jahr werde ich mir wahrscheinlich meine Körperbräune wieder erst im Herbst aus dem Solarium holen müssen, denn beinahe exakt ein Jahr nach der Veröffentlichung eines der erfolgreichsten und beliebtesten Strategiespiele, wird die Geschichte der WarCraft- Welt mit dem Expansion Set The Frozen Throne fortgesetzt.
PC Action (Germany) (Aug 21, 2003)
Aber hallo! Mit Frozen Throne hat sich Blizzard beinahe selbst übertroffen und erneut ein Meisterwerk abgeliefert. Die drei neuen Kampagnen sind herrlich abwechslungsreich und versprechen wochenlangen Spielspaß, was auch ein Verdienst der erstklassigen Hintergrundgeschichte ist. Schade nur, dass die Grafik-Engine noch immer keine freie Kamera bietet und der Rest der höchst interessanten Orc-Kampagne erst übers Battle.Net nachgereicht wird.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul 21, 2003)
Kann man die Einzelspieler-Kampagne von Warcraft 3 eigentlich noch verbessern? Man kann. Frozen Throne schafft es, die Genialität des Originals zu toppen: mit dem abwechslungsreichstem Spielablauf, den Sie je in einem Echtzeit-Strategiespiel gesehen haben. Eine phänomenale Rendersequenz inklusive bombastischer Soundkulisse gibt den Startschuss. Anschließend übernehmen Sie die Steuerung der Nachtelfen. Später führen Sie die Menschen ins Feld, zuletzt sind die Untoten dran. Wieder ist die Reihenfolge der Feldzüge vorgeschrieben; Frozen Throne erzählt seine Geschichte in chronologischer Reihenfolge.
GamingExcellence (Aug 22, 2003)
Albeit an expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne plays like a standalone title. It contains a completely new campaign, and twenty-four new missions to carry on the epic Warcraft III storyline. Arthas and Illidan are both pursuing the evil Lich King, who is trapped inside the Icecrown glacier. This will not prove easy though, as they must first deal with the remaining Night Elves and Humans, all while in a power struggle with one another. The story begins with the Night Elf Sentinels campaign, followed by the Human Alliance campaign and finishes with the Undead Scourge campaign.
Just RPG (Jul 31, 2003)
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is a shining example of the quality we have come to respect in Blizzard Entertainment. An expansion pack that welcomes you back to the real-time strategy/RPG world of Warcraft, as we continue the story from the original Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos through many new and exciting additions. 26 intriguing missions scattered across five beautiful tilesets await you in the single-player campaign that chronicles the events after the Burning Legion was finally defeated by the mighty alliance of Orcs, Humans and Night Elves in the battle of Mount Hyjal. But it was not to be a complete victory as the Lich King, Illidan Stormrage and Arthas still remain to destroy the fragile calm that has settled over the lands.
Game Over Online (Aug 04, 2003)
Ask anyone what the greatest problem with any sequel is, and they’ll most likely say that it’s consistency. Most fail to live up to the creativity and spontaneity of their predecessors, dooming a series to mediocrity. Blizzard has managed to escape this death sentence with all of its titles. From Diablo to Starcraft, Blizzard’s games have managed to redefine the action, strategy and role-playing genres. But what’s even more impressive is that they’ve managed to consistently produce expansion packs to games that have solid plots and enough engaging gameplay that equal or surpass the original title. Take their longest running series, Warcraft, for example. The three titular games set the tone for the games, but their expansion packs inevitably stretched the franchise in directions that captivated their audiences. Their latest effort, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, takes up the mantle of Blizzard’s expansions admirably, proving that lightning often strikes twice for their games.
Gamers' Temple, The (Sep 14, 2003)
The Frozen Throne adds an entire new game's worth of gameplay to Warcraft III, so if you enjoyed Warcraft III then you should not hesitate to pick up The Frozen Throne. If you're purely an online gamer not interested in the campaigns, then you may want to wait until the price drops on the expansion. You'll get new features that include automated tournaments and clan support, but whether or not these features and the addition of the new units justify the purchase price is something you'll need to decide for yourself.
GameSpot (Jul 02, 2003)
All things considered, The Frozen Throne is an impressive expansion pack for a remarkably good game, and anyone who enjoyed Warcraft III needs to get it. It's more expensive than the average add-on (and requires the original game to play it), but it offers much, much more. Blizzard Entertainment, due the commercial success of its games, is in the privileged position of being able to spend seemingly as much time as is necessary to create highly polished, long-lasting computer games and then support those games for a number of years. And judging from this latest game, the company seems to be taking full advantage of that position.
ActionTrip (Jun 30, 2003)
There's a reason that WarCraft III won Game of the Year from us last year. Blizzard is the consummate RTS master. They set the bar with the game's release, and then push the envelope with this latest offering. WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne is the perfect example of what an expansion should be - it takes the original game to new heights, and lets us all find the joy of playing WarCraft all over again.
90 (Jul 05, 2003)
Die neuen Helden, Einheiten und Upgrades vergrößern die taktischen Möglichkeiten jeder Rasse. Dabei hat Blizzard aber wiederum höchsten Wert auf die faire Ausbalancierung des Spiels gelegt - dies ist vor allem im Mehrspieler-Modus zu spüren. Aber auch die Kampagnen sind wirklich gelungen, denn solch eine abwechslungsreiche Missionsvielfalt mit passend ansteigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad und zugleich noch guter Story hat kein anderes Add-On zu bieten; obwohl die Menschenkampagne ein wenig schwächelt. Als Zugabe gibt es eine Ork-Rollenspiel-Kampagne, die teilweise mehr Spielspaß und Zeit bietet als so mancher Vollpreistitel. Schade ist allerdings, dass die Grafik an manchen Stellen etwas polygonarm aussieht, die Naga nicht im Mehrspieler-Modus als fünfte Rasse gewählt werden können und es keine Möglichkeit gibt, selbst eine Werft zu bauen. Alles in allem ist The Frozen Throne die fast perfekte Erweiterung zu WarCraft 3, die Fans tagelangen Spielspaß garantiert.
games xtreme (Aug 12, 2003)
It's a good solid expansion that will appeal to the fans of the core game, the story is told with a few cliches but that is not a bad thing. Get it if you love Warcraft or if you want lots of new toys to play with.
90 (Aug 05, 2003)
There were high hopes concerning this add-on, especially if WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos was declared by many players and also by the press as the 2002 GOTY. Some said this happened because of the fewer strategy titles launched last year. With Frozen Throne, an add-on which really stands up to the original game and which brings very important innovations concerning a few aspects, Blizzard confirmed their leadership in the RTS genre.
Joystick (French) (Sep, 2003)
Frozen Throne est à Warcraft III ce que Brood War a été à Starcraft, c'est-à-dire un add-on indispensable qui apporte suffisamment de nouveautés pour relancer l'intérêt du jeu et améliorer considérablement son gameplay. Le seul problème, c'est qu'il est impossible de prendre le temps d'admirer le décor. Les parties s'enchaînent rapidement et demandent un niveau de jeu assez costaud pour s'éclater sur le Net.
Je hoort het al; The Frozen Throne is een opvallend goede expansie voor een spel dat sowieso al sterk stond. Het kost iets meer dan de gemiddelde uitbreiding, en je moet over het originele spel beschikken, maar Blizzard heeft genoeg tijd en inspiratie in The Frozen Throne gestoken om dat te verantwoorden.
Gamigo (Jul 02, 2003)
Blizzard hat mit WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne ein hervorragendes Addon herausgebracht. Es besticht durch eine gute Story, die schön aufgebaut ist, eine bekannte aber immer noch gute Grafik, die vor allem durch die neuen Gegenden begeistern kann, guten Sound und durchweg ein wirklich feines Gameplay. Zudem bringt es rein an Spielzeit auch das Hauptprogramm in die Bredoullie, schafft es das Addon doch fast an die Spielzeit seines Mutterprogrammes heranzukommen.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2003)
Blizzard slaat weer toe: Frozen Throne doet voor Warcraft III wat Broodwar doet voor Starcraft.
GamerDad (Jul 30, 2006)
Warcraft III's cartoonish graphics were colorful, vibrant, and beautifully consistent, and the Frozen Throne doesn't add much to this, aside from new characters and environments. The audio is top notch, but not much is new here. The cutscenes and storyline are pure Blizzard. Nothing you haven't seen before but rendered and paced so well they feel refreshing. They keep you going until the end, and then the superb play balance and multiplayer keep you playing online. With enough new content to justify it as a full game, Blizzard does it again, The Frozen Throne is a must play for fans.
Gameguru Mania (Jul 23, 2003)
The Frozen Throne improves upon the already great gameplay of the original which makes for a more than solid addition. The new heroes really compliment each race and the new items add depth to the strategy. I usually don't expect much from any expansion, but Frozen Throne is by far the best expansion for a game that I have ever played, easily rivaling the original Warcraft 3 in terms of length, innovation, and most importantly, fun. Fans of the Warcraft series couldn't ask for a better expansion pack to the latest installation of the series. Blizzard once again shows why they're the best. Any fan of Warcraft III must own this game!
Boomtown (Jul 24, 2003)
Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne is an expansion that more than lives up to my expectations, as well as lives up to the known Blizzard standard – it was well worth the wait and it is well worth the cost. The game gets an overall rating of 9, simply because I find the gameplay much more important than the graphics and sounds.
Despite its initial wackiness, Frozen Throne manages to come full circle and bring a close, of sorts, to the Reign of Chaos saga. Despite having a few too many dungeon crawling levels, and a feeling that the universe will explode if anything more is added, the uniqueness of the new additions meld well with the style, making a really complete package. I do wish that the Orcs played a bigger role though, I'll always have a soft spot for 'the zug-zug'.
Gaming Nexus (Aug 01, 2003)
Blizzard knows how to make great games, and they know how to make great expansions to those games. The Frozen Throne is no exception—it does everything a good expansion should, giving players oodles of added content while maintaining the flavor and balance of the original title.
GamePlasma (Mar 24, 2004)
While I don't see WCIII:TFT lasting the test of time like StarCraft and it's expansion, it is still very fun and worth the buy. If you don't mind being rushed early on by so-called "Gosu" players, then you are in for a hell of a time because this game will keep you glued to your computer for hours. Even if you get tired of the campaign and standard multiplayer action, create your own maps or campaigns with the map editor included in the game, or play the countless player-created maps already on the internet.
IGN (Jul 01, 2003)
The Frozen Throne is a good example of why Blizzard has retained its fans for so long. They don't skimp. When you think about it, most expansion packs that are released just kind of give new shoddy campaigns with less of a story and little production value. The Frozen Throne could almost stand by itself with the engaging story and gameplay. This expansion pack does exactly what it was supposed to do, it extends the life of the original game by expanding the content considerably without cutting corners in story, voice-overs, or presentation.
Worth Playing (Jul 01, 2003)
Finally, The Frozen Throne also ups the ante in the audio/visual department, though since the game is based almost entirely on last year’s technology, only keen observers will notice the slightly more detailed terrain, sharper textures, and environmental additions. New music is included for every faction, all of which is exceptional and easy to listen to repeatedly. The CGI work found in the intro and outro sequences will definitely succeed in making you slack-jawed and the in-game cinematics are right on par with Warcraft III’s. Voice work across the board is extremely well done, if a little over-the-top on occasion – though the troll race quips seem way too unnecessary to have made the final cut (they sound like dim-witted Rastafarians).
GameSpy (Jun 30, 2003)
This is an extremely solid and enjoyable expansion from Blizzard. Throw in the fact that you are getting plenty of gameplay and units that would normally constitute a full game from some developers, the price point of under $35 makes this even more attractive. Kudos to the Blizzard development team for another job well done.
FiringSquad (Jul 10, 2003)
WarCraft III was one of the strangest games upon release. The campaign was abysmal, a disappointment of an unheard of scale, but the multiplayer seemed to be shaping up fine. That is, of course, until people discovered that all you need to build are spellcasters. For the next year, Blizzard’s cracked diamond was lying somewhere on the ground, behind the bed, near the giant pile of dustballs. The arrival of The Frozen Throne necessitated the eager dusting off of this failed classic. After all, Brood War did wonders for StarCraft. Then again, vanilla StarCraft didn’t suck 3 months after launch.
PC Zone (Aug 16, 2003)
The only downside in what is clearly a work of sublime beauty is the 20 price tag. But you get what you pay for, and with this you are getting an awful lot, so ultimately it's more than worth it. In short, your copy of Warcraft III is not complete until you get The Frozen Throne. It really is that good.
Bref, rien que des bonnes choses qui ne font que prolonger et intensifier le plaisir de jeu...
Absolute Games ( (Jul 17, 2003)
Blizzard можно долго обвинять в потакании серым массам, нежелании ступать в ногу с техническим прогрессом, отсутствии качественных инноваций и повторении самой себя, однако нельзя не признать, что аддоны у калифорнийских умельцев получаются на удивление крепкими. The Frozen Throne — лишнее тому подтверждение. Редкий разработчик сподобится выпустить дополнение, ничем не уступающее оригиналу ни по качеству материала, ни по чистоте программного кода, ни по продолжительности геймплея.
85 (Jul 04, 2003)
Au final, qui avait besoin d'un test pour savoir si cet add-on serait réussi ? Si c'est votre cas alors voici la réponse : c'est un add-on d'une très grande qualité. Certes, certains seront peut-être moins séduits par ses campagnes qui mettent de côté la construction de base, on pourra aussi pleurer sur les Orcs un peu relègués dans une campagne diabloïsante ou sur un rééquilibrage peut-être pas mené à son terme mais il n'empêche que les améliorations et nouveautés multiples ainsi que son scénario font de The Frozen Throne une réussite en solo ou en multijoueur.
PC Zone Benelux (Aug, 2003)
Blizzard biedt met deze add-on zeker waar voor je geld. Het voegt daadwerkelijk iets toe aan de oorspronkelijke gameplay, het geeft er zelfs een flinke draai aan. Veel spelers zullen dan ook de keuze maken zich op het gebied van multiplay in een van de games te verdiepen. Sommige zullen echter een beetje teleurgesteld raken in het begin. Aan je strakke win-loss ratio in ROC heb je niet zoveel, en je zult vaak af worden gemaakt op een manier zoals jij zelf newbies aanpakte. Treur niet, bijt door de zure appel heen, en er staat je een heerlijke add-on te wachten, die hoogstaande gameplay in overvloed heeft.
Game Revolution (Jul 19, 2003)
I've fought in every battle since the first war between the Orcs and Humans, and still, I fight on. Maybe it's the sounds of battle, the magical carnage or the battle cries of "Why do you keep touching me?" that keep me coming back for more. Whatever the reason, the battle seems to be never-ending, but that's not a bad thing at all, especially in the case of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
PC Gamer (Sep, 2003)
My nit-picking gripes aside, the sheer amount of gaming to be found here is dizzying. Fans of Warcraft III will gleefully devour Frozen Throne.
Frozen Throne sprawia najwięcej radości osobom grającym w pojedynkę. Cztery nowe kampanie są ciekawe, a ich ukończenie na wysokim poziomie trudności zajmuje mnóstwo przyjemnie spędzonego czasu. mniej spektakularnie wyglądają zmiany w grze wieloosobowej. Nowi bohaterowie i jednostki oraz inne ich zbalansowanie odświeżają zabawę, ale nie robią rewolucji.
Note to Blizzard: The average gamer has fewer than three hands. Which is why the new RPG campaign is so refreshing. You play with only heroes, marching them around a hub-based set of maps to fulfill simple quests and gather magic items, complete with a stash and beasts of burden for the extra treasure. It’s as easy as the main campaign is hard (in fact, you can never lose). but it’s a great way to enjoy WarCrafl IIIs charms without the overbearing army-twiddling requirements. Speaking of which, there are some welcome new interface changes that Blizzard says it’ll patch into the basic version of WarCraft III. It’s about time. Now it’ll be a little bit easier to deal with all the extra twiddling.
Gamesdog (Dec 16, 2003)
Hopefully the myth of no-one playing PC games in summer is broken. It just tends to be strategy/fantasy games that do well. Publishers should take note at what looks set to be the retail add-on pack of the year (Enemy Territory being free, can't be beat). Up to now there's certainly been little else of this standard in 2003. If you're a fan you've already got it. If you're not, pick up Warcraft III at mid price or try the demo and see if you become a convert.
1UP (May 09, 2004)
Which is why the new RPG campaign is so refreshing. You play with only heroes, marching them around a hub-based set of maps to fulfill simple quests and gather magic items, complete with a stash and beasts of burden for the extra treasure. It's as easy as the main campaign is hard (in fact, you can never lose), but it's a great way to enjoy WarCraft III's charms without the overbearing army-twiddling requirements. Speaking of which, there are some welcome new interface changes that Blizzard says it'll patch into the basic version of WarCraft III. It's about time. Now it'll be a little bit easier to deal with all the extra twiddling.
70 (Jul 11, 2003)
The Frozen Throne remplit donc parfaitement son rôle de complément au jeu de base. L'extension préparée par Blizzard s'avère aussi intéressante pour le joueur solo que pour l'amateur d'affrontements multijoueurs. La seule interrogation sera de savoir s'il vous semble opportun de dépenser encore 30 euros pour ce qui n'est finalement qu'un supplément pour un jeu "vieux" d'un an. Mais n'est-ce pas là le cas de toutes les extensions et puis il paraît que quand on aime on ne compte que les cadavres d'orques laissés sur le champ de bataille... Alors comptons mes amis, comptons !
For WarCraft III fans suffering from withdrawal, Frozen Throne is exactly what the doctor ordered. The combination of well-balanced units and an elaborate storyline make for an engaging epilogue to the events of Reign of Chaos. Then again, the single-player game’s extreme difficulty will throw off many people, and the less than satisfactory ending will leave a bad taste in your mouth. After these shortcomings are taken into consideration, Frozen Throne boils down to being a prequel to World of WarCraft. For my dollars, that makes for an awfully expensive and time-consuming commercial.
En gång i tiden var Warcraft som en i familjen, vi hade det bra tillsammans oavsett om vi hängde tillsammans bara vi två, eller med arbetskamrater och kompisar. Warcraft och jag har idag vuxit ifrån varandra. Jag tycker att han har blivit lat, dryg och självupptagen och hellre pratar än lyssnar på andra. Men jag är inte den som går och är bitter, min preskriptionstid för oförätter är inte speciellt lång. Jag hoppas att han växer till sig snart och tar sitt ansvar, så att vi kan hänga som förr i tiden.