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Steam Store Description:
    As the 2nd War for Armageddon rages on, you are called once again to rise up once again in defence of humanity against the Xenos threat. Be prepared to face new challenges as you fight your way through five new scenarios set on the aptly named world of Armageddon.

    This scenario pack DLC features 5 all new scenarios in a variety of mission types, ranging from search and destroy to last stand defensive battles!

    Also, for the first time, take direct control of the Ork Waaagh! against the AI in 3 battles pitting your Orks against the might of the Steel Legion and Space Marines!
    Each scenario is played as independent content so you can jump immediately into the action.

    This Scenario Pack is available free of charge for our players to experience and enjoy.

    • Titans' Fall
    • Jungle Struggle
    • Orkish Armageddon
    • Martyr's Point
    • Equatorial Frontier

    Contributed by Charly2.0 (214466) on May 03, 2018.