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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
You can create your own colour scheme in the Army Painter
Before the war loading screen
The Space Marines begin as such in each game
It's important to build what you can quickly at the start
Capturing a Relic
The Scouts go on patrol
A closer look at the crew
the enemy troops try to get the upper hand
out numbered and out gunned
Notice the small plus sign on the bottom right panel. You can add to the squad the instant a member dies
Build those power outlets
no need to click and drag in this game. each squad is highlighted in one click
Capturing a critical location can turn the battle in your favour
An explanation of how important a critical location can be
All units can be upgraded over time. Scouts here can gain sniper rifles
Build an armoury to improve attack and defense
the more strategic points you have under your control, the faster and higher your resources will become
Build a HQ add-on to open up further options for your base and teams
the clock counts down to a take and hold victory
the bigger the explosion the better, as they say
Once you have all the important points on the map, go for the kill
The more troops you have, the quicker the enemy will fall
The base is wide open for invasion now
Darn, but I wanted to destroy them!
A closer look at the enemy base under attack
Victory is mine!
End Credits
Kill all orcs!
Fire exchange
Pink orc.
Blood raven flag
Kill eldars!
Some fire
Banshees slash orcs
Mine field