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Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior Credits (Windows)

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Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior Credits

Kuju Entertainment - Single Player Team

Executive ProducerJames Brooksby
Project ManagerGriff Jenkins
Lead DesignerDavid Millard
Lead ProgrammersTony Francis, Andy Younger
Technical ArchitectAdrian Hawkins
Lead ArtistAdonis Stevenson
Original Game DesignDavid Millard, Benoît Maçon, James Brooksby, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Alex Cullum
DesignersBenoît Maçon, Lee Brimmicombe-Wood, Terry Greer, Jacqueline Farrow, Stephen Stanyon, Paul Nisbett
ProgrammersJim Brewster, Harry Denholm, Graham Macdonald, David Shillito, Charlie Robson, Jack Ukleja, Mark Stanley, Francesco Carucci
ArtistsMark Davies, Lee Smith, Owain Catton, Jonathan Goodman, Stephen Hawes, Andrew Seyderhelm, Matthew Thomas, Richard Fornara, Chris Williams, Stephen Macfarlane, Tony Zottola
Lead AnimatorEtienne Jabbour
Audio DesignRichard Stevens

Kuju Entertainment - Multiplayer Team

Executive ProducerMark Washbrook
Project ManagerRichard Underhill
Multiplayer Gameplay & Map DesignSteven Masters
Lead ProgrammerBenjamin Deane
Lead ArtistJamie Field
Network ProgrammerRobert Withey
ProgrammersIan Crowther, Ilan Copelyn
ArtistsJack Griffin, Andrés Rovina-Roquero
AnimationKen Doyle
Technical SupportJon Vernon

PC Conversion Team

Lead ProgrammerDominic Jackson
Additional ProgrammingAlastair Patrick, Paul Louth, Richard Smith

Kuju Entertainment - QA

QA ManagerAsad Habib
Senior TesterDaniel Webster
TestersNick Codd, Mat Trumble, Henrik Carbonnier, Nicolas Comben, Jonathan Evans, Rory Parsons, Michael Woolgar, James Goddings, Dwayne Buck
ThanksAlison Beasley, James Walton (Freehand), Geoff Alder (Freehand), Mark Pittham (SCEE), Mark James (SCEE), Mark LeBreton (SCEE), Charlotte Burgess (SCEE), Samantha Lee (SCEE), Peter Harrison (Creative), Matt Hobbs, Dan Riley
Special ThanksCatherine & Thomas, Love, Helen Bibby-Millard, Nona & the Lads, Jennifer for giving up so much to help me pursue my dream, Malcolm & Jacqueline for supporting me as I discovered my dream, David for helping me plan my dream, Graham's family & friends, The barstaff at the Wharf and Star Inn, Willy for Herbie, Diana Tetley, James Tetley, Ishani, Harry for his parents, His beb the loyal FW forum visitors, Adonis Stevenson (for his enthusiasm & encouragement throughout the project), Jim's Mum & Dad for everything, Stephen Hawes (family & friends), cold beer & loud evil music, Sarah Williams (for her support), Hamish Frater (for his enthusiasm), Richard Gazzard (for his timely interruptions), Caroline Spooner, Leanne Goodman (for being great), Richard Goodman (for being great), Owain Catton (friends & family), Asad says 'Peace in the Middle East', All Stanyons everywhere, cake!, Shark‑infested cake, blue cake, chewy sweets & E numbers

Kuju Entertainment - Casting & Voice Production

NarratorTom Baker
ConstantineBrian Blessed
LushaBurt Kwouk
ArdiasPeter Serafinowicz
SeverusSean Pertwee
Hyu Tau TrooperPaul Courteny Hyu
Ko'vashDavid Yip
Space MarineGary Martin
ImperialsIvan Kaye, Tom Clarke-Hill
Tau ControlSu-Lin Looi
ChaosKerry Shale
MusicIan Livingstone (
Voice ProductionAllintheGame Ltd.
Script EditingSimon Jowett

THQ International

Senior Project ManagerRoger Carpenter
Project ManagerIain Riches
Head of European DevelopmentMike Gamble
Head of Brand ManagementMichael Pattison
International MarketingMickey Torode (UK Brand Manager), Emma Ledda, Sam Forrest, Jon Brooke, Olivier Perron, Aurelie Le Jollec, Bettina Nonn, Rüdiger Mörsch, Daniel Armstrong, Estelle Cleaver, Tina Lee, Paul Donovan
Director of LocalizationSusanne Dieck
Localization EngineerBernd Kurtz
Manual LocalizationSusanne Dieck, Bernd Kurtz
Submissions ManagerFlorence Kum
German TranslationsPatrick Fedtke, Andreas Herbertz
Additional TestingPatrick Fedtke, Andreas Herbertz, Thomas Dalamitros
German Voice ProductionG&G Tonstudios; Kaarst

THQ US - Product Development

Executive Vice President - Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
VP ‑ Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Director ‑ Project ManagementRichard Browne
Director ‑ Creative ManagementJim Boone
Project Coordinator - Project ManagementJason Garwood
Associate Creative Manager - Creative ManagementGreg Donovan

THQ US - Marketing

Senior Vice President Worldwide MarketingPeter Dille
Director, Global Brand ManagementCraig Rechenmacher
Product Marketing ManagerLaura Naviaux
Associate Product ManagerJeremy Miller

THQ US - Creative Services

Director, Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Senior Manager, Creative ServicesKathy Helgason
Associate Creative Services ManagerMelissa Roth
Manual TextRichard Dal Porto
Layout & DesignOrigin Studios

THQ US - Public Relations

Director, Media RelationsLiz Pieri
Media Relations ManagerReilly Brennan
Associate Media Relations ManagersErik Reynolds, Kathy Bricaud


Lead TesterTim Grimaud
Senior TesterJeremy Gonzagowski
TestersChristopher Goo, Christopher K. Singleton, David Orlich, Garett Ratliff, Jason Donaghe, Jeremy Kilichowski, Jonathan Katz, Luis Sánchez, Raymond Ploesser
First Party SupervisorIan Sedensky
First Party SpecialistJason Tani, Lori Durrant, Robin Scofield
QA TechnicianMario Waibel
QA Database AdministratorJason Roberts
Director of Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo

Games Workshop

ProducerErik Mogensen
Project ManagerErik Mogensen
Head of New Business DevelopmentJon Gillard
Group Intellectual Property ManagerAlan Merrett
Project CoordinatorAlan Richmond
GWI Concept and DesignJim Butler, Andy Chambers, Paul Dainton, Dave Gallagher, Jon Gillard, Jes Goodwin, Alan Merrett, Erik Mogensen, Gavin Thorpe
Special Thanks toJohn Blanche, Max Bottrill, Nigel Collinson, Tony Cottrell, Rowland Cox, Marc Gascoigne, James Hinton, Ewan Lamont, Chris Lucas, Adam O'Brien, Rick Priestley, Hugo Pritchard, Livy Sjollema, Andy Thomas, Mark Worthington, and the French; German; Spanish and Italian Games Workshop studios for their work!
Raptor Art byClint Langley
Raptor Art courtesy ofBlack Library[]
Cover ArtStefan Kopinski, Karl Kopinski

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (52400) and formercontrib (159029)