Written by  :  Peter Harband (4)
Written on  :  Nov 06, 2004

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Top notch RTS/RPG hybrid

The Good

Flexibility. You can choose from 16 races and 28 classes for your hero. Dynamic campaign. Strong skirmish mode. Multiple modes of command for your units. Replayabilty very strong. Units and your hero get stronger after battles, and you can use them in your next mission. You can create as many heros as you want and import them into the campaign or skirmish play at any time.

The Bad

In the campaign game the AI will keep sending 1 or 2 units to your base to be killed. Large battles can look very clumped.

The Bottom Line

Simply the best game in its class. Extreme depth and fun to play. AI does not cheat and is still a strong player in skirmish mode.Campaign mode gives you alot to do and has lots of random elements It is about 70 missions long, but you don't have to play through them all to win. Although you start with a default side for your hero if you gain allies you can use their armies in battle. Unit AI is perfect and you can set more than 10 different stances for each unit. Having a few mages to auto heal your hero is a good thing. The graphics are 2D and only a slight upgrade from Warlords Battlecry 2 so don't buy it for the eye candy. The spell effects look pretty good. Sound is good. Relaxing background music, and good voices for the heros and units. Get this game if you're a rts fan who likes a dose of rpg thrown in.