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Warlords III: Darklords Rising Credits


Original DesignSteve Fawkner
Design & DevelopmentSteve Fawkner, Steve Ford, Stephen Hand, Roger Keating, Gary Makin, Ian Trout, Gregor Whiley, Nick Stathopoulos
ProgrammingSteve Fawkner, Mick Robertson
A.I. ProgrammingRoger Keating
ProducerGregor Whiley, Nick Stathopoulos
Art DirectorNick Stathopoulos, Steve Ford
ArtworkSteve Ford, Nick Stathopoulos, Alister Lockhart
Additional ArtworkGrant Arthur, Paul Cheng, Barry Dean, Denise Dean, Ben Hutchings, Margaret Keegan, Alister Lockhart, Shane Parker, Steve J. Scholtz, Helen Steele
Original MusicSteve Fawkner
Scenario DesignKarl-Peter Baum, Janeen Fawkner, Steve Fawkner, Mark J. J. Hill, Mick Robertson, Stephen Hand, Mark Scott
Red Orb ProducersDexter Chow, Kenneth Goldstein, Ron Pereira
Quality AssuranceChris Adams, John Dixon, Andrew Garske, Vincent Hill, Ken Piper, Erik Spencer
PlaytestingCassie Baker, Eric Baker, Jenny Baker, Rachel Baker, Karl-Peter Baum, Dean Farmer, Janeen Fawkner, Steve Fawkner, Robert Gjessing, John Gleason, Simon Hayes, Mark J. J. Hill, Chris Kane, Tim Kane, Adam Keane, Conor Keane, Rowan Keating, Shelley Keating, Jennie Leslie, Phil Niven, Tony Oliver, Paul Paella, Michael Quittenden, Peter Radvan, John Reichelt, Sarah Reichelt, Tim Reichelt, Christopher Richardson, Mick Robertson, Miriam Robertson, Alex Shaw, Nigel Slater, Jacob Smith, Stephen Thomas, Elva Trout, Jenima Trout, Jenima Trout, Tess Trout, Tom Trout, Paul Wagner, Tim Wakeman, Judith Weller, Andrew C. Taubman, Gabriella Lowgren, Scott Mark
Video ActorsGregor Whiley (as Lord Albion), Stephen Hand (as the Emperor), Roger Keating (as General Korovar), Alister Lockhart (as Lord Gildus), Alex Shaw (as Lord Oberon), Gavin Woodward, Bernie Lyons, Louise Slattery (of the Society for Creative Anachronism)
DirectorNick Stathopoulos
Technical LeadPeter Butterworth
ScriptSteve Fawkner
Executive PlannerNick Stathopoulos
Production DesignNick Stathopoulos
ModellingNick Stathopoulos

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roedie (5250) and formercontrib (159008)