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Warlords III: Darklords Rising Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The launch window (Demo).
The game's main menu
The start of the tutorial. Not much subtlety in this game - the object is to crush everyone else.
Not sure why this appears but I think he's on my side
The game is turn based. This is stressed in the tutorial as making the most of your turn to command troops & direct cities production is key to success
Heroes lead armies. The first hero is free, all the rest will work for money so gathering resources to pay them is vital. Here the default female hero has been chosen
Cities produce new army units. There are four types of unit each with its own characteristics
The game screen. This is the normal in game view of the world. The hero and the current army are in the castle
The tutorial continues showing how to move troops as stacks or as individual groups
Duel in tomb
Necromancer's protrait
Stack info
Hard decision
Knight's raid
Don't attack friends!
NEw hero!