The Watchmaker Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main title
Main menu
Victoria Conroy, your other character
One of your characters, Darrel Boone, during the intro movie
They arrive at the Castle
The game starts here, on the 4th Floor outside your rooms.
The view changes during conversations
Topics for discussion pop up for you to pick from
Your PDA records notes as you go along
Each character has their own inventory. Left click on an item listed to look at it more closely.
The old caretaker should have retired years ago.
Interrogating the cook
Jude, the wife of the Castle's supervisor.
The main lobby of the Castle
Getting inside the well (on the right side of the screen) is an early objective
There is more to explore outside the Castle
The scenery around the Castle is beautiful.
Only Victoria can talk to Carla, the maid.
You must zoom close to objects often in order to solve puzzles
A view of the castle from afar
A room full of clocks
Luckily Victoria can read Latin
This huge clock also contains a puzzle
Darrel and Victoria are getting their new assignment
Inside the mausoleum
Exploring the estate
Checking out the parking lot
Victoria would like the freedom of snooping around the castle
In the study
Some areas will require keys and other means in order to gain access to them
Switching to 1st-person perspective for better view of the room
The fountain
Browsing your inventory
Climbing onto the castle tower