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AusGamers (Apr 01, 2022)
The thought that has gone into all of the base mechanics and how it handles common sense real-world ideas while also being a game with RPG components and action elements, and discoveries and side-quests and everything else that elevates it from its humble and relatable foundations, makes it one of the best games of the past few years, by far. And I’ve barely shared any of its core stuff. There’s just so much to discover and learn for yourself. I didn't want to spoil the experience, because for me it was incredible. Gritty and majestic, all at once.
GamingBolt (Mar 31, 2022)
Densely packed with ingenious systems, Weird West is a game of endless possibilities that encourages player choice and agency in a way very few other games do, and reacts to your actions across every level of interactivity. Fans of immersive sims and action RPGs won't want to miss this.
Capsule Computers (Mar 31, 2022)
In the end, I’m happy to report that Weird West didn’t turn out to be one of those underwhelming attempts. The overall implementation of RNG stuff in the game will make sure that every playthrough will be entirely fresh. It is a game that surprises you with something new as soon as you think you got it all figured out. It took a gamble, so you should too. Give the game a chance and you might be surprised at how good it actually is.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West’s best assets are its well-developed characters and deep gameplay systems, but its overall production value is underwhelming. The game’s cell-shading looks good enough on higher settings and large screens, but the composition quickly becomes muddy on less-powerful machines like my Steam Deck. Additionally, a minor bug prevented me from saving my game occasionally, leading to several frustrating deaths. Regardless, developer Wolfeye Studios has crafted one hell of a debut release. Weird West subverts expectations, twisting well-trodden cowboy tropes into dark fantasy vignettes brought to life by immersive sandbox elements.
Player 2 (Mar 31, 2022)
With Weird West I feel like we have a game that could only be made by an indie studio, but one with AAA experience. There is so much that is unique and even genre-leading here, while at the same time being presented in a way that a big publisher would be proud of. The Story is world-class, the weight of consequence second-to-none and the interactive systems a chaotic sight to behold. The camera and control issues hold the game back from true greatness, but not by much. Weird West is something that you just can’t find anywhere else and is an adventure that is more than worth your time and money, leaving a lasting impression long after the credits have rolled.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 27, 2022)
WolfEye heeft het aangedurfd om de Commandos-formule open te breken en te vernieuwen, met als resultaat The Very Good, The Little Bad and The Beautiful.
Gamer.no (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West er nemlig et fantastisk flott eventyr, med et kult kampsystem og solid spenning rundt hver sving. Jeg skulle bare ønske spillet var litt flinkere til å forklare de ulike mekanikkene man får benytte seg av underveis. At man får oppleve fem forskjellige historier i én og samme verden – og kan forme disse akkurat som du selv ønsker – er også veldig moro. Her får man hele tiden se direkte konsekvenser av valgene man tar, som gir følelsen av å eksistere i en levende verden. Når jeg sitter her og skriver kjenner jeg på trangen til å hive meg rundt igjen. Jeg vil se hvilke eventyr jeg gikk glipp av og hva som hadde skjedd dersom jeg hadde valgt noe annet i en gitt situasjon. Her er det gjenspillingsverdi til tusen. Spillet kunne med fordel hatt en bedre avslutning, men her snakker vi et klassisk eksempel på at den virkelige belønningen var vennene vi fikk underveis.
PSX Brasil (Mar 31, 2022)
Carecendo de algum refinamento no geral e melhorias nos comandos, Weird West supera esses pequenos problemas com boas histórias em personagens distintos, ótimo sistema de simulador imersivo e um combate viciante.
GameTyrant (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West is an incredibly strong debut from a new studio that plays to their strengths as developers. It’s a bold take on the immersive, reactive RPG that adds a lot of unique elements to what is still an evolving subgenre. Not every system works perfectly, and there are a few kinks left to work out post-launch, but Weird West is still a great game that offers a tantalizing story, heaps of treasure, and captivating mysteries around every corner.
WCCFtech (Mar 31, 2022)
With its gripping story, wacky characters, solid action role-playing game mechanics, and masterfully crafted immersive simulation features, Weird West is one of the very few role-playing games on the market where players truly shape the world with their choices and actions. Some balancing and technical issues damage the experience, but if you're looking for a truly immersive RPG to play, you won't find anything better than Weird West.
Saving Content (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West is a fantastic immersive sim that works doubles as an isometric action RPG in concert. Sadly the stealth is clumsy, the throwables clunky, but this is one of the best games of its kind. Over the twenty or so hours, you’ll encounter quirky characters, feral supernatural beasts, and unravel and intertwining mystery across five different playable characters that’s rarely been seen to culminate in a climactic end. Weird West feels like you’re playing something new and fresh, and it absolutely delivers as being one of 2022’s greats.
GameSpace (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West is an interesting isometric RPG that features unique setting, distinctive systems and a group of atypical heroes, each with their unique story, perspective and decisions.
TheGamer (Mar 31, 2022)
Grievances aside, I was constantly impressed by how complex and malleable the world of Weird West was. The encounters and happenings are frequently surprising and the choices it asks you to make are not simple, nor are the consequences they lead to. There’s joy and power in making those tough decisions and rolling with whatever happens next, even if it isn’t at all what you expected to happen - which is often the case. It demands a level of attention and creativity that may not come naturally to everyone, but it's the kind of game that gives back as much as you’re willing to put in. If you’re the kind of person that thinks, “What would happen if I did this?” Weird West will always give you a great answer.
Noisy Pixel (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West is a generally enjoyable game that balances an excellent atmosphere with visceral Western-styled combat. It has some bugs that could be fixed in the future and has a noticeable lack of voice acting, but for the most part, it’s a genuinely unique and exciting game. If you’ve ever wanted to be a cowboy and Van Helsing simultaneously, there’s finally a game for you.
Explosion Network (Apr 01, 2022)
Whilst initially, the RPG cross immersive sim might have felt a bit strange to me, it grew into its own skin and focused on the best parts of both genres, freedom and opportunity. The opportunities within Weird West do feel endless at times due to the emergent gameplay, story beats and the way you are endlessly rewarded for exploration. Capped off by some excellent presentation, atmosphere and fascinating story, Weird West's detracting factors are only minor marks on an overall great experience.
GGRecon (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West really is a wonderfully wild experience. Its mysterious and fantastical take on the American West is a unique change-up for a typically overdone setting, and the elements of black humour help to bear its bleakness. Many of the immersive sim elements gel well with the CRPG design to produce a living and reactive world, shaped by your gameplay and narrative choices. Some of its systems don't quite feel worked out yet, and it doesn't always stay consistent across its five episodes, but Weird West is a grand debut from WolfEye that understands the core of what it is to be an immersive sim.
While it has its flaws and isn't perfect, the progression and random events are two good examples of this, Weird West is still a rather impressive and competent RPG. If you enjoy Western tales and are looking for a game to sink countless hours into as you comb the pretty packed world in search of all of its secrets and goodies, then WolfEye Studios' Weird West is the game for you. It's challenging, polished, engaging, and brilliantly presented, and is yet again another fantastic title on the already astonishing portfolio of Devolver Digital.
Destructoid (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West presents a bizarre world to tell a story about real, human struggles. It might have some hitches and messiness, but it’s a journey worth taking if you’ve ever been nostalgic about the good ol’ days. Or you just like the idea of charging into a group of enemies as an unstoppable fantasy monstrosity, shotgun barrels blazing, with electric western riffs ringing out in the distance. Saddle up, pigman. That’s your cue.
ScreenRant (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West is a refreshing, lean and mean immersive sim. Its supernatural Wild West is a delight to explore, and is at its very best when it gets as strange as it possibly can, while the minute-to-minute combat is an awful lot of fun. Some of its bugs may get in the way, and those expecting deep interpersonal relationships with posse members will find it wanting, but as a mechanic-driven immersive experience it is hard to put down.
KeenGamer (Apr 06, 2022)
Weird West’s combination of the Wild West mythos with dark fantasy elements brings together an enjoyable RPG experience. Being able to forge your own path through the world with your actions and combat is a fun and enjoyable experience. While there are some noticeable flaws, Weird West does a great job of giving you the tools you make to create your own legend in the West.
Way Too Many Games (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West is a fantastic ARPG Immersive Sim that really gets you invested within its world. The veteran skill behind this game surely shines throughout this title offering something fun and fresh. I easily spent over fifty hours in Weird West and that’s even having to rush the last couple chapters. I enjoyed losing myself in this world and its characters experimenting with the gameplay tools and options provided. Even if it doesn’t hit perfect on every aspect, this is a title you will not want to miss if you’re a fan of the genre.
Game Rant (Mar 31, 2022)
Wolfeye’s attempt to bring the immersive sim genre to an isometric game works well overall, albeit with a few hiccups in handling combat and looting. Fans itching for a game that allows freedom of choice in both story and gameplay at every turn should look no further than Weird West.
IGN (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West's five dark-fantasy adventures contain a wagonload of bizarre encounters, twists, and reveals, and its stealth and chaotic combat are challenging but come with the built-in safety nets of unlimited slow-motion and an old-school quickload system.
PC Gamer (Mar 31, 2022)
I’m sure there will be better examples once Weird West is out in the wild, and I keenly await those more creative anecdotes. Weird West’s conclusion takes it all into account, so be mindful of the people you kill, of all the decisions you make. Far more than a lot of games with branching stories and morality systems, Weird West is watching everything you do.
God is a Geek (Mar 31, 2022)
Overall, your mileage with Weird West will vary dependant on how you deal with the combat. The RPG side of the game is superbly done. It’s a macabre adventure in a deeply creepy world, helped by stylised comic book visuals and some great sound design. If you can get to grips with the clunky combat, there’s plenty here to enjoy.
Maxi-Geek (Apr 01, 2022)
Overall, Weird West is definitely a fun game, minus a couple of detractions due to its controls being better on a keyboard and mouse than a console controller. However, it definitely makes you feel like somewhat of a cowboy in the wild west, while facing bizarre creatures and characters.
Digital Trends (Mar 31, 2022)
There aren’t many games out there like Weird West. It’s an immersive sim that drives itself forward with an intrigue-filled story that doesn’t let go. Even the way that story is told, from character to character in a constantly evolving world, is a rarity nowadays. That aspect is done better here than in most other games. While it slows down as it eases into its final act and its NPCs leave quite a bit to be desired, Weird West is for the RPG fans who really love their role-playing.
PCGamesN (Apr 19, 2022)
Superbly written characters, the dark allure of its world, and an engrossing main story make up for Weird West’s wonky action.
Weird West offers up a world of intrigue with a terrific blend of classic Western fiction and supernatural elements, with a lot of enjoyable story bits and and a world that can change on a whim, but it’s one whose awkward combat and bugs make for a bit of an uphill battle when it comes to truly enjoying this world. WolfEye should definitely be commended for their ambition and unique ideas, and the end result is still an enjoyable game, just one that could have used some extra spit and polish.
Edge (Apr 16, 2022)
Accept, though, that Weird West is a game that lives a much more flattering existence in the head than it ever will in the hand, and there's magic to be found, most of it courtesy of the game's broad canvas. The Weird West is an open world, of sorts, made up of small patches of frontier town and goldmine dungeon that are presented as locations on a larger map that you can explore freely. (...) It's an abstracted world, then, but one that responds to your decisions, both large and small.
RPGFan (Mar 31, 2022)
The story's almost justification enough to play Weird West, but beware of a grueling gameplay experience.
Everyeye.it (Mar 31, 2022)
Malgrado le notevoli ambizioni del progetto di Raphael Colantonio e dei suoi WolfEye Studios, Weird West manca di esprimere al meglio il potenziale di una visione creativa tanto sfaccettata quanto insostenibile, almeno per l’attuale assetto produttivo del team. Per quanto promettenti, le diverse componenti dell’esperienza risultano nel complesso fin troppo abbozzate, e faticano a mescolarsi efficacemente tra le maglie di un’esperienza sì piacevole, ma afflitta da un gran numero di mancanze. Un vero peccato, dato che lo “strano West” mostra chiaramente l’ottimo lavoro svolto dal team sul fronte del worldbuilding, sostenuto da un immaginario di grande spessore. La campagna costruita dal team (completabile in un tempo compreso tra le 15 e le 45 ore, in base al vostro desiderio di esplorare ogni anfratto della mappa) non è certo priva di momenti di qualità, ma è innegabile che l’opera avrebbe meritato una rifinitura di tutt’altro calibro.
An action role-playing game with isometric shooter mechanics. You'll follow each main character's journey until you reach the finale. Weird West does have some interesting and novel ideas. Sadly, bugs, AI issues, and questionable mechanics prove to be problematic.
GameSpot (Mar 31, 2022)
Is the struggle worth it, though? Rather emphatically, the answer is still yes. The writing, the story, the characters, and the ways in which your actions have an effect on the world are all enthralling. I wanted answers to the mysteries presented, since the heroes and villains of these tales are captivating, and the payoffs, by and large, are worthwhile. There are a lot of excellent old-school isometric adventure games in Weird West's DNA, but not enough new-school polish for it to be something great.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West is a game of loose ends. As regards its unscripted narrative and world elements, that's to its advantage. Take that woman in the basement - on sneaking closer I realised that she was, in fact, a named character with a backstory. A few hours before, I'd helped reunite her with a lost friend, after stumbling on the latter's kidnapper in another town, way across the map. There's something poignant and invigorating about how the pieces of this game come back to haunt you - given a decent interval, anyway. Other elements, however, feel like they're still searching for their place in the puzzle, their potential fizzling out like dynamite in the rain. I suspect that, above all, what this eldritch vision of North America's settlement could have done with is a bit more time.
Weird West is a wonderful world tacked on to a clumsy bundle of mechanics. Personally, it’s one of my favourite games this year, but a host of small issues mean most of the game’s impressive potential is left untapped.
RPG Site (May 08, 2022)
By the conclusion of Weird West, I thought that the experience was interesting and original enough to not have felt as though my time had been wasted on an unfun experience, but only just barely. The five character stories do manage to build up to a largely satisfying conclusion, and there is enough persistence from character to character to make at least some of the experience feel meaningful and sometimes even poignant. However, I also often found myself ignoring locations and battles and just main-lining toward the next story beat to the finish line because I simply wanted to see how the threads ended up wrapping together, looking for some sort of payoff. Weird West is a creative game full of neat ideas that just didn't quite come together in the end.
TheSixthAxis (Mar 31, 2022)
A dark-fantasy western RPG with a compelling world and an ambitious narrative, Weird West is undermined by awkward combat and micromanagement. Weird West's rotating multi-character perspective will be an acquired taste, but makes sense as a method of world-building. It’s got room to grow, but right now, it’s challenging to build momentum in the early game and to persevere through the mid-game.
cublikefoot (Mar 31, 2022)
Weird West’s best features – its combat and exploration – are not without fault, but I also cannot deny that they kept me engaged for hours on end. Maybe not a day-one buy, but still worth a look.
MobileSyrup (Mar 31, 2022)
Even though I’m in the last couple hours of the main story, I’m far from finished with the experience. It’s the rare game where I don’t feel the need to be the good guy. Because you are held accountable for your actions, punished for your sins, and praised for killing those who dare attempt to dole that punishment out.
USA Today (Mar 31, 2022)
It’s basically everything you’d expect from a studio made up of ex-Arkane developers – deep, rich, and smart. It’s a game that constantly says “yes”, and then acknowledges all the decisions you made at the climax. It respects the player and their choices, from start to finish, while telling a wholly original story that manages to avoid cowboy cliche.
NoobFeed (Apr 09, 2022)
Weird West is one of the rare role-playing games where players genuinely change the environment with their actions and choices. The considerable potential and ambitions of the game collide with the scope and funding, which reflected inadequacy, yet WolfEye Studios delivered a game that offers a unique experience. While certain balance and technological flaws detract from the experience, Weird West remains the best option for an immersive RPG. Minor technical flaws are forgiven due to the vastness and generosity of the game. Weird West is a fantastic journey full of exciting fighting and thrill.
Entertainium (Mar 31, 2022)
After they left Arkane to found WolfEye Studios, Raphaël Colantonio and Julien Roby spoke frankly and convincingly about the drawbacks of large developers with hundreds of employees. Ironically, though, Weird West is a game which could have been so much better had it been made by a much larger team with the resources to make good on its ambitious design. What has been achieved here is laudable, good and occasionally great, but WolfEye may have been better advised to take on a project of a more manageable scale. There is real imagination and talent on show here, but Weird West is not the best way to harness it.
Niche Gamer (Mar 31, 2022)
Once I made my final choices and watched the end cutscene after about 20 hours of play, I immediately wanted to start a new playthrough and see what happens when I make the opposite choices and complete all the side quests. And to me, that seems like the sign of a good game; if you disagree, I’ll put you under snakes.
Kotaku (Mar 31, 2022)
Despite the AI hiccups, the early hours of Weird West feel like a momentous achievement in the immersive sims genre. There’s no shortage of scripted story content, but the gameplay systems also tell a uniquely generated story that feels incredibly personal. Weird West is a game that I can see myself replaying for years to come.
Washington Post (Mar 31, 2022)
There’s no escaping, however, that “Weird West” is crowded by its own ambition. No doubt, some glitches will be fixed — like mission objectives failing to update correctly — and some control issues are surely more applicable to the PlayStation 4 version rather than the PC. But other problems are more fundamental. It says something that by the end of the game, I’d killed 599 people, and as much as (almost) all of them had it coming, I had no such intention when I set out. The systems felt too brittle to warrant a more considered approach. In this Western, it doesn’t pay to be a master of the quick draw so much as the quick save, stopping to back up every inch of progress, in case your next move pulls the chair from under you.
Polygon (Mar 31, 2022)
Instead of doing what many, myself included, had hoped — converting the spirit of Arkane and the immersive sim into an inventive top-down form — Weird West has stumbled into a more mundane existence as a pared-down computer RPG that’s nowhere near weird enough.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Mar 31, 2022)
Where Weird West breaks away from its RPG forebears is in its rejection of turn-based fighting. Instead, it controls like a twin-stick shooter, asking you to aim and react under pressure. That might be a dealbreaker for some genre fans, but the messiness of open combat is balanced by three things: the ability to gather an AI posse about yourself, a hefty kick for knockbacks, and a Max Payne-ish dive that stretches out the seconds, giving you extra time to swing your shotgun in the right direction.

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