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Westerado: Double Barreled Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The character's brother and mother in a very early part of the game
Your ranch is burning.
A conversation with your uncle
These horses can be used to fast travel between locations once they have been discovered.
There are many areas to explore.
Inside a saloon
Playing a game of poker.
Clues about the killer are only revealed gradually.
Outside the bank, talking to a character that guides you around Clintville.
Continue screen after dying. There are three save slots for separate games.
A quest has been completed.
Parts of the map are revealed gradually. Exclamation points act as quest markers.
Draw a weapon in a bank and this will happen.
Two enemies have been killed, but the coyote to the left can still be a threat.
Outside the express station
Some quests in the journal
There is a love interest to pursue or ignore.
Inside a mine
Overhearing a conversation at the oil tycoon.
Arriving in Santa Anna.
A side-scrolling section where you need to protect a delivery.
Someone was killed in front of the bank, because you keep poking around.
At the military fort
An abandoned town
A shootout in the mountains
Outside a mine entrance
Cross the bridge to access a new area.
In an Indian camp
Visiting a military camp.