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What Remains of Edith Finch Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Interactive title screen
Reading a book at the start of the game, with a character who is not revealed.
A hand icon appears when interaction is possible.
Text is often superimposed.
Most of the rooms in the house are sealed.
This is the book where the different Finch stories are revealed gradually.
One of the few rooms accessible right away.
A girl's room
Playing in a flashback.
Chasing a seal underwater.
The story of the old house
The room of an old man
Many rooms have secret passages.
On a swing during a flashback
Barbara's room
Reading a comic book with interactive scenes.
Most rooms have these types of shrines.
Playing as Walter.
A hunting trip during a flashback
In Gregory's mind everything comes to life.
Flying a kite near the beach.
Milton's room near the top of the house
Different scenes are mixed together exploring this story.
The fish cannery
The throne room
Edith's old room
The book with the story of all the Finches
Edith and her mom
The house near the end of the game
A happy moment of the family (what remained of it)
Nice living room with a fancy table
Looking through a peephole inside one of locked rooms
A door handle cleverly hidden inside a book
Yes, we play as a shark. In the woods
That old creepy house is still not fully sunken
The family's cemetery for people and pets
Top floors of the house are built against all laws of common sense
Reading a flip book
Wonderland Turbo video game console