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The Wheel of Time Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen.
The heroine Elayna (from a cutscene).
Cutscene: a battle of mages.
Roasting a Whitecloak with the chain lighning Ter'angreal.
Spell combination: freeze enemies for convenient kills.
The majestic White Tower is under siege!
Enemies can be dropped into chasms with the Whirlwind Ter'Angreal.
An evil sorceress drains your energy with the Decay spell.
The mighty Bailfire Ter'Angreal will destroy most enemies with a single hit.
Elayna fights her mirror image.
Fighting a Trolloc inside a creepy cave (nice mist effects)
The darkened streets of the evil city Shadar Logoth are filled with twisted Minions and the deadly mist known as Mashadar
An Aes Sedai Sister and her Warder help you battle Legion, the embodiment of Mashadar
Your first boss battle against your nemesis, The Hound, deep within the bowels of Shadar Logoth
A Warder helpfully disembowels a nasty Trolloc for you
Elayne's evil reflection protects herself against your attacks with an anti-magic bubble
The scheming Hound and the traitorous Black Ajah Sitter Sephraem will oppose you throughout the game
Fleeing from the soul-eating cloud of Machin Shin inside the lightless Ways
The fanatical army known as the Children of the Light (or Whitecloaks for short) despise Aes Sedai (i.e. YOU) as much as they hate the Dark One's minions
The Whitecloak boss, The Questioner, is tougher than he looks as his shield can reflect your own attacks back at you
Black Ajah Sisters and the dreaded Myrddraal await you in Ishmael's Fortress
Up close and personal with the forces of the Forsaken
A magical duel against the traitorous High Sitter Sephraem
The Leader of the Children of the Light hates Aes Sedai so much he's even willing to use the One Power itself against you
Ishmael the leader of the Forsaken, the main villain from the book series, makes a brief cameo appearance. Quite appropriately he's a master of the One Power and a deadly opponent
Welcome to the Wheel of Time Dance Party! Those wacky Darkfriends sure know how to bogey!
Say Cheese! You have no idea how hard it was to get everyone together for a photo op without them trying to kill each other
Battle Royale! It's everyone vs. everyone else. Can't we all just get along?