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Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Credits

55 people


DesignerJohnnemann Nordhagen
ProgrammerJohnnemann Nordhagen
Concept ArtKellan Jett
3D look developmentLauren Cason
ProductionChris Dwyer
Art and DesignSerenity Forge
MusicRyan Ike
PRFelix Kramer
WritingGita Jackson, Cara Ellison, Jordan Minor, Mari Landgrebe, Claris Cyarron (and Silverstring Media), Leigh Alexander, Sydney Meeker, Anne Toole, Stuart Arias, Jolie Menzel, Austin Walker, Demian DinéYazhi’, Emily Short, Matthew S. Burns, Laura Michet, Duncan Fyfe, Nika Harper, Olivia Wood, George Lockett, Bruno Dias, Cat Manning, Kevin Snow, Elizabeth Lapensée
Additional Vignette ArtAnita Tung, Amanda Williams
Additional 3D and 2D artLysandra Nelson
Additional 3D artAlex Munn
Additional Technical ArtJonathan Topf
Initial UI ConceptsMackenzie Shubert
Trailer art and animationJackson Armstrong
Website DesignNick Splendorr
VoicesKimberly D. Brooks (as Althea), Mike MacRae (as August), Cissy Jones (as Bertha), Nicholas Saenz (as Cassady), Melba Martinez (as Dehaaya), Elizabeth Maxwell (as Dupree), Laura Patalano (as Fidelina), Arif S. Kinchen (as Franklin), Calvin Hooper (as Jimmy), Jason Liebrecht (as Little Ben), Jacob Burgess (as Mason), Melissa Hutchison (as Quinn), David Jennison (as Ray), Amparo Garcia-Crow (as Rocio), Sarah Elmaleh (as Rose), David Fennoy (as Shaw)
NarratorKeythe Farley

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rik Hideto (389779)