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The White Chamber Credits (24 people)


Designer/Programmer Richard Perrin
Artwork/Animation Paul Johnson
Sound/MusicZakir Rahman


Website HostingStuart Moore (Migs)


Trophis MonkeysMike Beanland, Lindsey Davies, Ioannis Gaitanidis, Chris Norman, Christopher Ward, chococat, Gareth Dineen (Psyks), Sakiko Honke, Melissa Royall (Yuriko), Ben Wood, Gemma Collinge, Matt Francis, Misaki Matsui, Yvonne Tsang


Special ThanksMnemonic of DEAD:CODE for the wonderful WME engine, Gackt; the pillows; Asian Kung-Fu Generation and, Akira Yamaoka (for inspirational music), Harrys Fish Bar for low quality food at reasonable prices, Scrubs; Futurama &, Chris Morris (for helping to keep our sanity during crunch)

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