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atari adventure

White Shadows Credits

130 people (98 developers, 32 thanks)


DirectorDaniel Wagner
DesignerDaniel Wagner
WritersDaniel Wagner, Timo Maier
AngryDaniel Wagner
Sound DesignerTimo Maier
Finance ChiefTimo Maier
QuestionableTimo Maier
ArtistHolger Schulz
Level DesignersHolger Schulz, Moritz Abeln
Yes, sirHolger Schulz
Gameplay ProgrammerMoritz Abeln
Pretty oldMoritz Abeln
ProducerJuniper Alves
QAJuniper Alves
DeveloperJuniper Alves
CriticalJuniper Alves
Systems ProgrammerFinley Ash Baguio
Character WranglerFinley Ash Baguio
OrganizerFinley Ash Baguio
Hell, yesFinley Ash Baguio
AnimatorNeysha Castritius
ListsNeysha Castritius
Audio ArtistArnold Nesis
AwesomeArnold Nesis
Vocal MagicianDavidavi Dolev (Vidi)
Also awesomeDavidavi Dolev (Vidi)
Motion Capture ActressMarie Blum
AdministrationMarie Blum
Old SoulMarie Blum
Technical ArtistMathew Varkki
Likes trainsMathew Varkki


CEO & Managing DirectorBrj√°nn Sigurgeirsson
CFOAnders Maiqvist
Chief Strategy & Investment OfficerAgostino Simonetta
Head of PublishingDieter Schoeller
Executive ProducersMarco Podda, Marcel Aldrup
ProducersDev Karnal Fridén, Mike Lamb
SubmissionsDanny Koch
Senior Product ManagerTyrone Walcott
Project ManagerVictor Grané
Head of CommunicationDirk Gooding
Senior Marketing ManagerAxel Berglund
Product ManagerTim Ahlert
Senior PR ManagerTom Davis
PR ManagerGregor Ebert
Marketing ManagerÇan Gani Çevik
Social Media ManagerAnnika Krusensten
Head of SalesJulian Broich
Sales ManagerKyle T. Johnson
Event ManagerJulian Reinartz
Art & DesignRobin Stjernberg, Emilie Björk, Hampus Melin, Lina Breuer
EconomicsHelen Neaves, Carsten Kaiser
ScoutingEd Valiente
Special ThanksPlan of Attack [Public Relations], Neon Hive [Social Media]
Office Administration GermanySunita Mustafa


Executive Producer & Director PublishingBenjamin Feld
ProducerRebekka Niederländer
Marketing, PR & Social Media ManagerAlexandra Palme
Platform & Sales ManagerFrieder Römmelt
Graphic DesignerJulia Herrmann
Accounting & ControllingRuth Mayer, Katja Pongracz
Managing Director Mixtvision MediengesellschaftSebastian Zembol


Supported by (Gefördert durch die)Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
Made with FMOD Studio byFirelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
Localization and Quality AssuranceRoboto
Shouter VoicesShai Amoyal, Juniper Alves, Patricia Cotrim, Daniel Herrmann, Robert Faber, Charly Krenn


'Now You're Light'Daniel Wagner (Writer), Shai Amoyal (Performer), Arnold Nesis (Composer / Post-Production)
'Ride of the Valkyrie'Richard Wagner (By), Recorded by Leo Symphony Orchestra
'Distant Sad Piano'Patrick Lieberkind (By), Timo Maier (Remix [CC BY 3.0])
'Flight of the Bumblebee'Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (By), Recorded by Leo Symphony Orchestra
'The Blue Danube'Johann Strauss II (By), Recorded by Leo Symphony Orchestra
'Wiegenlied (Lullaby)'Johannes Brahms (By)
'Aida, Act 2: Triumphal March'Giuseppe Verdi (By)
'Violin Concerto In D-Major Op.77 - Allegro'Johannes Brahms (By), Recorded by European Archive
'Ninth Symphony: Ode to Joy'Ludwig van Beethoven (By)
'Thus Spoke Zarathustra: Introduction, or Sunrise'Richard Strauss (By)
'The Magic Flute, Act 2: Papageno, Papageno!'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (By)
'The Internationale'Eugène Pottier (By), Pierre Degeyter (By)
'Die Gedanken sind frei'By many different people'
'Alouette'By many different people

A very special thanks

Our very wonderful, very patient partnersJenny, Pat, Sue & Tina
Mamas & papas in so many ways, friends & family who always had our backs. Especially when things got toughMonika Schumacher, Dieter Schumacher, Lothar Maier, Ulina von Saalfeld, Walter Makus, Klaus-Dieter Schulz, Robert Volkmann, Gabriela Volkmann, Micha, Ricard & Tarek, Natálía Alves, Marcin, Cama, Nax, Sif, The Pixel Gaming server
For trusting us, many times overDieter Schoeller, Benjamin Feld
For being the voice of calmRebekka Niederländer
For sticking up for us when it was hardestTyrone Walcott
For the team of the FilmstiftungTill Hardy
Our brilliant tax consultantMaxim Hauch
Our charming lawyerStephan Haase
Our friendsChristian Koschmieder (Koschi), Ralf Beninek, Daniel Herrmann
Our two cuddly emotional support petsBodi and Bonny
Our super-sied stand-up manager & submissive rubber chickenMono


PlaytestersShai Amoyal, Patricia Cotrim, Rocco Dorbach, Rbert Faber, Stephan Gosch, Alessa Heimburger, Michael Kirchberger, David Knodel, Charly Krenn, Marisa Lublewski, Ruben Meenink, Kolja Paulenz, Milan Pingel, Vincent Reybrouck, Ralph Schellekens, Jonas Schumacher, Laura Silva, Ann Cathrin Stoldt, Ede Tarsoly, Jonas Tesssraux, Quinten Veerman, Julian Viezens, Serjoscha Wahed, Christian Walter, Carolin Wedler, Susanne Wiebe, Ingo Wieck, Inghelis Wipfelder, Ing-Ing Yen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (790161)

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