Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Party Edition Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

When the game loads the player is treated to an animated sequence in which the camera flies around the virtual studio as the theme music plays
The title screen
The main menu
These are the action keys for a single player game. Games can also be played via the mouse but that's a bit awkward in multi-player games
After entering their name, limited to five characters, the player chooses their avatar's appearance
Each avatar has a choice of costume that must also be selected.
Before the game starts the player is given a summary of the lifelines available. This is followed by another tour of the studio and then it's game on!
This shows the player has asked the audience for their opinion
If the player successfully answers all questions there is an animated sequence in which the character shows off some special moves while the music plays
Confirmation of the win
Here a multi-player game has been selected. Each character must be named and given a face and a costume
In some multi-player options there are options to steal a question from another player or to double-dare a player.
A multi-player game in progress. The scary Geek lady had dared to challenge Moby
After every four or five questions the current scores are displayed
Here a player has got a question wrong. This triggers an expression of dismay or a tantrum. Three wrong answers and the player is eliminated.
A multi-player game ends when there's only one player left. This screen is followed by an animated studio fly-by and a view of the winner's cheque