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Written by  :  Chris Martin (1204)
Written on  :  Sep 17, 2000
Rating  :  3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
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My Final Answer? It could have been better..

The Good

The game is simple... It follows the award-winning show by putting you in the "Hot Seat" The gameplay is pretty straight-forward. You start out by answering questions, and the more you get right, the more money and the more risky it gets. You get three "lifelines" - Ask the audience (Which is actually the results from an internet poll), 50/50 (a random elimination of two incorrect answers), or the Phone a Friend (you actually hear one of Regis' friends)

The control is pretty simple. "A", 'B", "C" or "D" selects the answers, "P" phones a friend, "5" selects the 50/50, and i believe "Q" pols the audience (not sure on the last one).

The Graphics are top-notch. Jellyvision (the folks who brought us the You Don't Know Jack series) nailed the style and ambience of the game. It looks almost, but not quite, like the TV show.

The sound is good. Samples from the game, like the "thump thump" in the background gives it that ominous, I-just-might-lose-everything feel. But I feel Jellyvision and BVI could have done a whole lot more with the sound.

The Bad

OK... gear up for this one folks...

I had a lot of problems with this game. To me, it feels like (and probably was) BVI's idea to rush out a very tacky home version of the game, but didn't put a lot of thought into the process.

The graphics, although very nice, I feel could have been setup better. Instead of switching back and forth between the "Hot Seat" and the Scoreboard, I was surprised that Jellvision didn't opt to set it up like the online game at, where the Scoreboard is on the right hand side of the screen, and remains static, with all the action happening on the left.

I was also surpised that Jellyvision didn't have Regis speaking all the questions. In the YDKJ series, Jellyvision did a fantastic job cramming in so much speech on a CD. Instead of having only the "Phone a Friend" people have their voices recorded, they should have been able to do both Regis and the Friend. But then again maybe it wasn't in Regis' contract to provide all the voice overs. Either way, It detracted from the experience.

The fact that you had a time limit to answer each question was lame. On the TV show, they have as much time as they want, but you have to feel the pressure more by answering within 30 seconds? Sure, it's only a game, but the time limit was unnecessary. They should have at least hadthe option of turning it on or off.

700 questions was not enough. Sure YDKJ had 700 Questions, but the variety of questions and the fact you could choose your category pretty much helped out on the "No Repeat Questions". Unfortunately after only 10 games, I was getting repeat questions. I thought It would take at least 20+ games before I got repeats.

And for some reason, I think the High Score board was really screwed up on my copy of the game. It seemed that the Board reset itself after every game.

The Bottom Line

I believe that "Milionaire" is just a half-baked attempt to cash in on the phenomenon that the game show is.

The Bottom Line is that the game is repetitive, unpolished, and generally no fun to play. I expected a lot more from Jellyvision, because in my opinion, the Jack line is the best trivia game in the industry, and the have failed miserably in this effort. And shame on BVI for putting out a game that doesn't feel like it ws worth the money.

Unless you find it on the General Mills cereal boxes, I wouldn't pay full price. If you are a die-hard fan of the show, try it you might like it. Otherwise, steer clear of this one.