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Who Wants to Beat Up a Millionaire Credits

Hypnotix Inc.

Executive ProducerMichael Taramykin
Art DirectorJason M. Shenkman
ProgrammingThomas L. Kirchner, Michael Robert Hausman, Andrew Grabish
Lead AnimatorSteven Rivera
Additional AnimationYosh
3D ArtSze Chan
Ink/PaintPeter Sfat, John Patterson
Audio ProductionMichael Taramykin
Audio AssistantMelissa Fedeli
Written byJohn O'Donnell, John Telfer, Peter Elwell
Voices byJulian Rebolledo
Additional Voices byMarc Thompson, John O'Donnell, Nick Janik
Audio EngineerPaul Fowlie

Simon & Schuster Interactive

Vice President, PublisherGilles Dana
Vice President, Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Vice President, New BusinessPeter von Schlossberg
Business ManagerJohn Crowe
Publicity DirectorPeter Binazeski
Art DirectorSusan Daulton
Assistant ProducerLea Rekow
Production ManagerMeng Meng Lim

Havas Interactive, Inc.

General Manager, Havas Interactive/Simon & Schuster Interactive Joint VentureSue Kisla
Corporate CounselRod Rigole
Businesss Unit ManagerStephen H. Van Horn
Product Marketing ManagerJason Willig
ProducerJoey MacArthur
Associate ProducerCara Ely
Marketing Communications Account ManagerMelissa Farmin
Sr. Designer, PackagingShane Thompson
Designer, PackagingArthur Hagman
QA DirectorGary Stevens
QA Supervisor, Casual GamesLaurel Randall
QA Lead TesterSonya Rhen
QA TestersMegan Johnson, Mikhail Agadzhanov

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Credits for this game were contributed by Matt Neuteboom (989)