William Shakespeare's Hamlet: A Murder Mystery Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game has a complete text of the play with the on-screen commentary.
The game offers an ability to print two files investigating Hamlet's origins.
Books of Lore provide info on various topics covered in play and game, as well as providing clues to some puzzles.
The wit system the game utilizes has some background to it.
Your first location - The Court of Elsinore
Hints give you an idea as to what to concentrate your efforts on.
Map section in the beginning of the game gives an overview of the situation Denmark was facing in the 15th-century.
Horatio explaining the situation with Norway and Fortinbras to two sentries.
The State Hall - most of the action takes place right here.
First puzzle involves metaphorical chessgame with characters of the play substituted for chess pieces. Can you checkmate Cladius in three moves?
Horatio retelling Hamlet of an apparition he has just witnessed.
A hidden door in Hamlet's study. I wonder where it leads.
Some puzzles are not as plot-related as the others.
Map of the castle
Cladius sends a letter to Fortinbras' Uncle. You have to decide which one, basing your choice on your knowledge of the play.
In the forest, seeking spirits.
Hamlet's father spirit relaying the details of his demise to Hamlet.
The Renaissance Man - your guide to the game and narrtor of the story. Perhaps represents Shakespeare himself.
Uncle of Fortinbras demanding explanations.
Attach psychological attributes to each of the Hamlet's prominent characters in this interesting puzzle.
The maze sequence is appropriately short.
Hamlet - Prince of Denmark as portrayed by Kenneth Branagh.
The best puzzle in the game. You have to read the lines of the poem to determine the details of the occasion.
Collect all wits to revenge your father's death and save the innocent.
Choosing the protagonist of the upcoming play.
Sometimes you're given ability to brush up your knowledge on the subject before the puzzle itself.
Playing cards with Player King.
Nice 3D scenes recreate the feeling of Victorian age, as seen in the movie, opposed to the medieval setting of the actual play.
Connect the scenes into to play in attempt to make Cladius reveal himself as a murderer.
Hamlet questioning Gertrude, Hamlet's mother.
There is Polonius behind the curtain, try not to hurt him while killing all the mice.
A touching kiss between Hamlet and Ophelia, portrayed by Kate Winslet.
Ophelia requires you to collect flowers for her letters. Don't forget to read about them in the corresponding Book of Lore.
Ophelia's Garden. You're not allowed to leave it until you complete the puzzle.