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GameSpot (Nov 03, 2021)
Wilmot’s Warehouse is one of those games that has simple gameplay and graphics but is highly effective at what it does. It is a logistics simulator, where you arrange a warehouse and try to fulfil orders. I imagine it is like working at a company like Argos. Despite it being a game about manual labour, it is highly addictive, just like games like Papers Please.
Medium.com (Jun 10, 2020)
In short, Wilmot’s Warehouse could totally have been a reskinned training exercise for new Argos employees. The style keeps you focused and looks as cute as it is annoying when you realise you misplaced once of your dolphins again.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Sep 11, 2019)
So it's a game about space and there's this somewhat daunting, somewhat intoxicating roominess at its heart. In other words, Wilmot's Warehouse is kind of brilliant.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Sep 11, 2019)
It’s not my favourite play of all time by any means, and I may never come back to it after my fascination fades. Even so, if I’m asked to come up with an example of a genuinely unique experience that shows what games are capable of in 2019, this is the block my internal Wilmot will bring forward from the tangled stacks of my memory. What it is, is entirely up to you.
Polygon (Sep 17, 2019)
I have no in-game boss telling me the best way to do things; the only thing that matters is whether or not I can get to all the objects I need to as quickly as possible. Whichever organizational system makes it easy for me to group and remember objects is, in practice, the best one. My success in Wilmot’s Warehouse is all my design. If I set up my warehouse in a way that’s easy to remember, I can soar through my work space and grab items with ease. I don’t always have the opportunity to make everything perfect in real life, but in each round of this adorably designed warehouse management sim, I get to be the master among the madness.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 27, 2019)
Wie denkt over een ongelooflijk organisatietalent te beschikken en dat eens flink op de proef wil stellen, moet gewoon Wilmot's Warehouse aanschaffen. In deze real-time strategiegame moet je de organisatie van een opslagplaats van een warenhuis in goede banen leiden, geen sinecure aangezien er meer dan 500 verschillende producten worden geleverd. Aan jou om deze producten, die voor de gemakkelijkheid in overzichtelijke blokjes worden geleverd, op een ordelijke manier te schikken op de beperkte plaats die je hebt. Hoe pak je dat aan? Per grootte? Per kleur? Per symbool? Voorzie je plaats voor grote aantallen, want alles verschuiven kost tijd en geld? Heerlijk!

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