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Wing Commander: Secret Ops Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Sitting inside the launch tube of the TCS Cerberus.
Title screen
Dogfighting with a Moray.
A Moray under heavy fire.
An exceptionally close flyby captured with the Chase Cam.
A close-up view of an Artemis missile impacting a Manta.
The heat of battle.
A Wasp fires a cluster of swarmers at a Lamprey.
Swarmer missile impact as seen through the Missile Cam.
The pre-rendered interior of the TCS Cerberus that functions as an in-game menu.
The 3D wireframe mission briefing screen.
The heads-up display notifying the pilot that he must Eject or risk pulverization.
The program login screen. Upon close inspection, the developers comprise the list of names scrolled through until your persona is located.
A damaged Panther returns to the TCS Cerberus after a tough mission.
A Wasp in the middle of an auto-docking maneuver.
The post-mission debriefing screen.