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Wings of Prey Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title (demo)
Main menu (demo)
Attack balloons during training (demo)
One balloon down (demo)
Showing tree top rounds on ground impact (demo)
Low over water splash effect (demo)
Machine gun and Cannon firing (demo)
Close explosion of balloon during training (demo)
In cockpit hitting an HE 111 German bomber (demo)
HE 111 smoking and airmen jumping out (demo)
Leaving He 111 shoot down for major He 111 bomber stream (demo)
HE 111 taking full machine gun and canon fire the sky is full of them (demo)
Moving to dive on a HE 111 below (demo)
Tracer round streaming to HE 111 (demo)
HE 111 going down into the channel (demo)
Boats in the harbor with HE 111 shot down (demo)
Splash another HE 111 (demo)
Moving into strafe shipping (demo)
Showing water impacts and great ground detail low level (demo)
Even sun glare on the canopy ah little details (demo)
Demo include a couple of campaign missions (demo)
Scrambling from our airfield (demo)
Gear up, flaps up, now full power! (demo)